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Taurus and Taurus: the compatibility of men and women in love

The near-perfect compatibility of Taurus and Taurus in love will help the couple create a wonderful relationship, the finale of which can be a happy marriage.

Compatibility Taurus and Taurus

Taurus is one of the most patient, balanced and thoughtful signs of the zodiac. His calm in some matters is amazing. However, it is not necessary to build illusions about the fact that representatives of the sign can be worn with impunity nerves. As with any person, Taurus’s patience is not infinite, but his “last drop” can cause such a violent reaction that the opponent will be horrified. It will not be easy to calm the raging representative of the sign, therefore, you need to think carefully before you enter into confrontation with it.

Taurus rather purposeful and persistent nature, which, combined with a strong will allows them to achieve a lot in work and business. In friendship, representatives of the sign are always ready to give a shoulder to friends and expect the same from them. In love, sign people are just as solid as in life. Their feelings are born slowly, ripen for a long time and do not disappear in an instant. The planet-ruler Venus makes Taurus beautiful family men, thinking primarily of loved ones.

The Chinese and zodiac horoscopes, overlapping each other, somewhat change the classical characteristic of the sign representative, smoothing out some qualities of character and adding others. Thus, the Year of the Rat adds sociability to his temper, while the Bull adds resilience, assertiveness, and sometimes adds a negative quality to the character of the sign, such as excessive stubbornness. The combination of Taurus with Tigris «gives birth» to people of action, and the union of Taurus and Kota or Rabbit — shy and cautious personalities. Taurus-Dragon is a dreamer and romanticist, and Taurus-Snake lives by the principle: “Patience and a little effort.”

Representatives of the mark, which appeared in the year of the “reign” of the Horse, know the measure in everything, which helps them not only in their personal life, but also in their work. Taurus-Goat can stand up for itself, and Taurus-Monkey is able to solve everything and agree with everyone. The tandem of the representative of the sign and the year of the Rooster «gives birth» to energetic and confident people. Taurus Dogs are cheerful and love to learn, and Taurus is Pigs or Boars — the most imperturbable of all representatives of the sign.

Male Taurus and female Taurus have excellent compatibility in love relationships. The reason for this is the similarity of characters, habits and aspirations of the representatives of the sign of the zodiac. The compatibility table between partners gives this pair a fairly high percentage, which will allow their union to be happy and durable. In Taurus and Taurus relations, there is no place for tumultuous romances, loud quarrels and emotional expression of feelings. Their relationship will be measured and down to earth.

From the very beginning of the relationship, partners understand perfectly well with whom fate brought them together. None of them has any illusions about his soulmate, understanding and accepting all its advantages and disadvantages. This approach to relationships is good because it protects partners from shocks and disappointments. Taurus girl conquers the guy with his balanced character, hidden sexuality and similar outlook on life. A man will like the young lady for his truly masculine virtues: strength of character, dedication and reliability.

The relationship between lovers develop rather slowly. Representatives of the sign are not inclined to make hasty decisions, therefore it will take a long time to get married or live together. However, if Taurus decided on the next step, then they will not turn back. The negative side of the relationship between representatives of the sign can be their mutual stubbornness, which is able to push their foreheads together.

The excellent sexual compatibility of the zodiac signs Taurus is male and Taurus is female is a big plus to the relationship between partners. Quite often, the bond of representatives of the mark begins from the bed. The first thing that attracts lovers to each other is their external attractiveness. And men like exactly the type of their sisters in the sign. Representatives of both sexes are quite sensual in terms of sex, so it will not be difficult for them to find mutual understanding in their intimate life.

The guy in bed behaves with restraint and somewhat conservative, which is not suitable for every woman. The indisputable advantage of a man of the sign in sex is his tirelessness, passion and respect for his mistress. These virtues can not fail to please the representative of the beautiful half of humanity, which is distinguished by demanding of the sexual partner. In bed, a Taurus woman likes everything to be “beautiful.” Romantic entourage with burning candles and silk sheets, attentive lover who whispers in her ear tender words of love — all this extremely excites a woman.

In men, the sign has another feature in sex that attracts the attention of women from the beautiful half of humanity: they are in perfect sexual form to gray hair. In bed, the boys prefer to give the reins to their partners, which makes women very happy.

Girls are prone to frequent changes of sexual partners, which they regard only as a search for new sensations. At the experiments, young ladies go only with those lovers who are trusted.

Spouses Taurus perfectly compatible in family relationships. Taking into account the fact that representatives of the sign usually approach the marriage responsibly, weighing all the pros and cons, they should not have any surprises in this regard. Together, husband and wife feel quite comfortable, and rarely quarrel. To outsiders, their family life seems like a “standing swamp” in which nothing ever happens. But, no matter how “boring” the family relations of the spouses may seem, together they feel good and calm.

Another nuance of marriage between Taurus — is the correct distribution of responsibilities. Having a complicated and stubborn character, each spouse can “rest against a horn,” considering his decision to be the most correct. Representatives of the sign reluctant to compromise, so the family need to distribute the sphere of influence. The husband must answer and make decisions in his sector, and the wife in his.

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