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Taurus-Cancer Compatibility: General Qualities, Friendship and Partnership

Taurus and Cancer are both sensitive signs of the zodiac, driven by emotions. Taurus is patronized by Venus, the goddess of love; Cancer is the changeable Moon. What is the compatibility of Taurus-Cancer in different areas of life?

Can this union be harmonious, and what are the differences? Consider in detail.

Taurus-Cancer Compatibility: General Qualities, Friendship and Partnership

General qualities

Despite belonging to different elements, these signs have a lot in common. Taurus and Raki can even have similar thoughts, and the desire for peace and harmony connects them with quite strong ties.

Earth Taurus needs to be filled with water, and the Water Cancer needs a reservoir to hold its sensory perceptions.

Solid and mundane Taurus have a beneficial effect on impractical Cancers and are a strong support in life. Purposeful Taurus, always ready to fight for their happiness, can pull impressionable Cancers out of depression and give a sense of the joy of being.

Taurus often has to drag Rakov out of difficult life situations, for which the latter remain grateful for a long time.

Astrologers consider this union ideal and indestructible and advise signs to look at each other.

This concerns not only the personal sphere, but also the business one.

Taurus-Cancer Compatibility: General Qualities, Friendship and Partnership

Taurus Woman and Cancer

Despite the mystery and Cancer nebula, the Taurus woman will be able to find attractive qualities in it. This is a reliable person, sensitive and attentive.

Cancer will never touch anyone for the sake of delicacy, which is especially important for Taurus, who do not tolerate any criticism and quibbles. Both signs seek rest and constancy.

Cancer understands that it is Taurus who can give him a feeling of confidence in the future.

The periods of depression and melancholy inherent in the water element, Taurus are little annoying and are perceived as the inherent quality of the representatives of this sign. Impractical Cancer admires the rationality of his chosen one and the ability to take care of his needs.

Spouse Cancer admires how his charming wife can manage her family budget and housekeeping. This couple looks in the eyes of others very respectable, because the spouses never arrange public scenes, and at home they do not find out the relationship on high tones.

A Taurus woman will never give cause to an impressionable spouse for jealousy, treating her chosen one with love and respect.

In his youth, Cancer may decide to betray his wife because of the surges in his emotions. But at an older age, such actions are unlikely, since Cancer appreciates family harmony and comfort too much.

In addition, it is very afraid of losing a great spouse because of stupid tricks.

Male Taurus and Cancer

This couple will find a common language without much difficulty, since they are attracted to each other by a community of interests. They are both compassionate, full of tenderness and sensuality.

The woman Cancer finds in her chosen one a reliable partner, feels completely protected from the hardships of life and adversity. She is fascinated by the gallant delicate Taurus, who is ready to give her gifts and romantic meetings.

To create an ideal union, Taurus and Raku do not need to put any effort — they feel spiritual closeness on a subconscious level.

Taurus does not need to seek the position of a woman of Cancer, and she does not need to fascinate him: everything happens by itself.

In relationships, Taurus and Cancer behave naturally, because they do not need to wear a mask and pretend — both have developed intuition and understand each other without words. Both partners do not like noisy companies and few familiar people, and therefore there is no disagreement on this basis.

Lovers prefer to spend time alone with each other or in the company of familiar friends.

Taurus and Cancer do not hurry to enter into a legal marriage, as they are so good together. However, the relationship will formalize over time. Family life will be different measured and calm.

Cancer woman is able to bestow care and attention on her husband, to provide him a comfortable rest at home and to feed him deliciously.

The Taurus man is able to earn well and provide for his family, for which the Woman Cancer appreciates him very much and feels “like behind a stone wall”.

This union is almost impossible to destroy, as the couple found in each other the ideal of their dreams.

In bed, Cancer and Taurus are very harmonious, as they know how to give each other sensual and emotional pleasures.

The technique of sex is of little concern to them, because both revel in feelings to the full dedication.

Betrayal in such a union is possible on both sides, but Taurus and Cancer will never put a family lifestyle on the line and will not bring the matter to divorce.

Taurus-Cancer Compatibility: General Qualities, Friendship and Partnership

Friendship and partnership

Taurus and Raku are comfortable in each other’s company, there are always common topics for conversation. Both signs prefer privacy to noisy companies.

Taurus and Cancer have a beneficial effect on each other: Cancers teach Taurus flexibility in dealing with issues, and Taurus teach Cancers to be more practical and not to build castles in the air. Both of them are responsive and ready to help at the first call.

In business, Raki and Taurus also get along well — Taurus likes the honesty of Raki, and Cancers admire Taurus’s business acumen. They are especially lucky if they open the restaurant business — Raki is well versed in cooking, and Taurus will be able to provide them with comfortable conditions for creating masterpieces.

If Cancer and Taurus take Aries to their company, this business union will never need new brilliant ideas.

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