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Tiger and Dragon: the compatibility of women and men in love

Good compatibility of the Tiger and the Dragon in love is not a guarantee of a happy and long-term union. In order for the relationship of partners not to fail, representatives of the signs have a lot of work to do on themselves.

Tiger and Dragon Compatibility

Tiger and Dragon are two strong signs. People born under them have complex qualities of character, they are resolute, uncompromising and freedom-loving. These features can both unite partners and become fatal for relationships. If the Tiger and the Dragon manage to agree, their union will be strong and happy to the envy of everyone.

People born in the year of the Tiger, characterized by great willpower and independent character. According to the eastern horoscope, each of its signs refers to one of the symbols yin or yang, whose images, like black and white, bad and good, when added together, complement each other. As for the Tiger, its symbol is yang. Representatives of the mark are easy to take risks and love rivalry. In love, they are passionate and temperamental, and in friendship they are generous and responsive.

According to Eastern beliefs, the nature of people born under the sign of the Tiger is influenced by the control element. Thus, representatives of the sign born in the year of the Water Tiger are mysterious and inconstant, and those born in the year of the Wooden Tiger have a good sense of humor and easily come close to people. The Year of the Earth Tiger «gives birth» to ambitious aesthetes who do not tolerate outside interference in their affairs. The period of the «reign» of the Metal Tiger brings calculating and perseverance to the character of the representatives of the sign, and the year of the Fire Tiger — optimism and changeability.

The dragon is another symbol of the yang sector according to the eastern horoscope. Representatives of the mark are distinguished by a capricious and unpredictable character. They tend to do impulsive acts, love risk, and are often incontinent in words. Dragons love to criticize one and all, and often do it rather unceremoniously and rudely. In love, they make excessive demands on a partner, and in friendship they are selfish.

The classical characteristic of the representative of a sign undergoes changes depending on the sign of the zodiac and the impact of the elements on the year of birth. Thus, people born in the year of the Water Dragon are reliable and require loyalty from their partners. Earth Dragons are solid and extremely thoughtful people, while the Wooden Dragons are open to communication and faithful in the family. People born in the year of the Metal Dragon are lucky and adventurous, and those who came out into the world in the year of the Fire Dragon love to compete and always achieve their goals.

The combination of a female dragon and a male tiger is quite favorable for building strong relationships and creating a happy marital union. Both representatives of the signs are rather strong personalities that brings them closer, but the same circumstance can also become a separating factor if the partners start a power struggle, figuring out who is stronger and more important in the pair. Often, the love of the Tiger and the Dragon is not enough to overcome the contradictions between the lovers. In this case, the girl needs to show wisdom and give the palm to the guy who, being invested with power, will do everything for the union to flourish.

The male tiger and female dragon have good compatibility in marriage. Their family union can be exemplary in which spouses live happily ever after. In the relationship of spouses will always be present love and respect for each other, there is a place for romance and common interests. If the wife passes the control of the family boat into the hands of her husband, everyone will benefit from it. A woman will get a reliable shoulder, and a man will become more confident and decisive.

Compatibility horoscope Tiger men and women dragon warns the spouses about the dangers of fighting for the primacy of marriage. For this union, the classical structure of the family will be optimal, where the husband is the head and the final word remains with him. Another problem of marriage between representatives of the signs can be the husband’s freedom-loving nature and the desire to control his wife. In general, the good compatibility between the male Tiger and the female Dragon and their willingness to make mutual compromises promise a strong and happy marriage to the spouses.

In sex, the man Tiger and the Dragon woman have excellent compatibility. Temperamental partner and ready-to-experiment partner in bed will find complete harmony. The desire to dominate each of the lovers will make their sexual relations acute and unpredictable. However, everything should be in moderation, do not overdo it and bring piquant showdowns, who is more important in bed to the point of absurdity.

The male Dragon and the female Tiger may well be happy together if they learn to make mutual compromises. The thing is, these unknown forces are steadily drawing on each other, and similar traits of character make it necessary for partners to find “points of contact”. The only, but rather impressive spoon of tar in these “honey” relationships can be the ambition of each of the partners. A dragon who loves to command and a tiger who does not love to obey can go into open conflict and thereby destroy the relationship.

As for compatibility in marriage between people born in the year of the Dragon and the Tiger, here everything will depend on the ability and willingness of the spouses to negotiate. The ideal option for a couple of women Tiger and Dragon man — to entrust the duties of head of the family to her husband. And the Tigress should go to this step voluntarily, with the understanding that she will have to be on the sidelines and provide her husband with a reliable rear. Such a distribution of responsibilities will make the marriage simply impenetrable.

The husband, having felt the fullness of the obligations assigned to him, will strive to do as much for the family as possible. His wife, with her innate intuition and prudence, will help her husband’s advice, which they will gratefully accept. In material terms, representatives of signs are usually lucky, so financial difficulties should not arise for the family.

It remains only to say a few words about the extreme jealousy of the Tigress, because of which the wife can simply plague her husband, arranging for him to parse about and for no reason.

In bed, women Tiger and Dragon men will reign in love, peace and understanding. Sex is a field where partners are compatible just perfect. Their sex life will be filled with passion, romance and insane mutual attraction. All conflicts and misunderstandings in everyday life will be smoothed out by excellent sexual compatibility. It is said about such couples that they never get out of bed during the day or night.

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