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Tiger and Snake: the compatibility of men and women in love

Compatibility of the Tiger and the Snake is beyond doubt. This is a good combination, although according to many characteristics of the Chinese horoscope, these two people have different characters and do not interact well with each other. If we are talking about love relationships, then there are two options for the development of events: this will be either an all-consuming passion or platonic love.

Tiger and Snake Compatibility

In any case, the Snake and the Tiger have an excellent opportunity to build a healthy average family. We learn about them in more detail and try to understand in detail their relationship. What is the exact compatibility signs of the Snake and the Tiger.

As mentioned earlier, these representatives of the Chinese horoscope are the exact opposite of each other, which is manifested in their characters, views, ideas about family life. Most often, the initiator of the beginning of a relationship is the Snake, and it does not matter whether it is a man or a woman. Only after some time has passed, the Tiger will be able to appreciate what kind of person appeared next to it, and then a love spark can slip through the pair.

The snake is a very wise sign, distinguished by tranquility and the desire for harmony in everything. Only she can cope with the sometimes violent temper of the Tiger. Only when the representative of the cat becomes more submissive, especially when it comes to a man, can we talk about marriage and the further development of relations.

It is important for the snake to feel reliability, so that a partner waiting for her at home can support her and find parting words in everything. If the Tiger is not capable of this, their paths of representatives of the signs will certainly diverge. However, it is important for Tigger to ensure that his cold-blooded partner does not enslave him and does not break his will, because Snake likes to direct and subjugate someone too much.

The tiger is accustomed to living with emotions, so he feels fully chosen and never will tolerate even the slightest falsehood in his feelings, so the Serpent must be honest with him in order to win his position.

Depending on the circumstances of life, the horoscope for compatibility between the Tiger and the Snake predicts various options for the development of relations between partners, but usually it all comes down to one of the following options:

  • Tiger gets used to all the antics of a partner, and they live together only because they are used to and do not want to change anything.
  • The tiger completely ceases to take responsibility, shifting it to the Snake.
  • Over the years, both participants in the marriage are overgrown with grievances and a wall of misunderstanding, which endangers their continued coexistence.
  • Both the Serpent and the Tiger display wisdom and find a compromise solution to the problems that their marriage preserves.

There is a high probability that such a pair will develop, and the compatibility of the male Snake and the female Tiger will be high. However, all hope is here for a woman, since she, born in the year of the Tigress, will play the role of the keeper of the hearth. The snake, or more precisely the Snake, should take the role of a leader, this will be expressed not only financially, but also in love in general. It is worth noting that relationships will develop only if they are built on feelings. If even someone has selfish goals, the couple should not stay together.

The serpent will admire his wife to the depths of his soul, because in him he will find everything that he was looking for before in women. Woman Tiger will be an excellent keeper of the hearth, an excellent wife and mother. A man will always come home from work to a clean house, smelling like food, and his wife will look neat and attractive.

The girl in the Snake will be interested in a man’s inner core and self-confidence, she will be behind him like behind a stone wall. For such a man, she is ready to give herself to the maximum. As for the intimate side of marriage, everything is fine in bed, since both participants are happy to have sex, for them this is another opportunity to open up to each other.

In order for the Snake male and female Tiger compatibility to be higher, you need to work on relationships. A man may not restrain his emotions and thoughts concerning dissatisfaction with his woman. He will always set new bars for her, which she must certainly fulfill.

Of course, sooner or later she will get bored and the question of what will happen next will be raised. Judging by the reviews, if these two can survive the initial period of lapping, then and in the future their future will be practically cloudless.

Compatibility in love with Tiger and Snake in such a combination is the worst thing that can happen in their lives. Unfortunately, such a couple is doomed to break off relations and marriage. From the very first day, they may find that there are too many contradictions that simply cannot be reduced to a compromise.

What can attract a man? It is impossible to pass by the attractive and charming Snake, it simply fascinates everyone with its charisma and appearance, so the Tiger also cannot but fall into its network. However, when the relationship takes a step further and the matrimonial boat collides with life, Tiger will be disappointed in the chosen one, because she will see her lack of coherence and lack of readiness to become mother and wife.

Of course, the Serpent, not devoid of feminine tricks, will be able at first to keep her husband by her side, turning everything into a joke and exposing himself in a favorable light. But the Tiger man is not stupid, so the deception will be exposed sooner or later.

Regardless of which gender the participants in the relationship belong to, the Tiger man and Snake woman or the man Snake and woman Tiger, they have the opportunity to build the ideal relationship as they appear in their head. Compatibility in love between people born in the year of the Tiger and the Snake depends only on themselves.

The snake should be able to do something other than at home, family and work. This may be a joint hobby or just an hour spent on a good book with a cup of coffee, but this time should belong only to her. In addition, both the man and the woman, who were born in the Year of the Snake, do not want to deal with finances, so you should not hang up the solution of money questions for them.

It is also worth saying that intimate life in such a couple is given a lot of time, as it is extremely important for both. It often happens that the union falls apart after the birth of a child. This is due to the fact that Tiger and Snake are no longer able to give each other enough attention, that is, sex in their life becomes too little to satisfy their fiery appetites. In addition to all this, they must remain friends in any situation, because friendship is an excellent basis for building any relationship. It is after they become friends that the relationship will become more trusting and sincere.

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