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Tiger compatibility with other characters

Bright, not dependent on anyone — these are people born in the year of the Tiger. “Struggle is one of the foundations of their life” — it is this statement that permeates the entire fate of this sign. To reshape all the circumstances for themselves, not accepting other people’s rules of the game — the main credo of these big cats. That is why on their way of life, there are often disagreements and problems with which they have to steadfastly cope. Tiger compatibility with all signs of the zodiac can be different.

Tiger compatibility with other zodiac signs

Some they love and understand, with others, on the contrary, all the time they quarrel and conflict. Creating a good family relationship, Tiger helps his ability to organize everything. In the event that a person is prone to compromise, the family will be happy, and the union will last a very long time. People born in the year of the Wood, Fire, or Water Tiger are always leaders by nature.

A tiger loves to rule and cannot stand when he has to give in to someone or make compromise decisions. Management and power — this is his main characteristic. In his actions, he can be absolutely radical. Sometimes he makes decisions, follow honor and high principles, and sometimes succumbs to selfishness and the desire to be higher. This applies equally to both female and male.

Homework this sign does with reluctance, they practically do not interest him. Therefore, building relationships in a marriage is difficult for him. In his second half, he is looking primarily for an extraordinary person, a competent interlocutor and an attentive listener. The tiger does not like when it opens without question and in this case the partner will get tired of it.

  • Strong-willed and strong sign.
  • People born in this year are distinguished by great perseverance and desire to achieve goals.

Waiting for the Tiger woman to become a housewife, and also goes into the background to the family. Young years are filled with various bright events, including a lot of love. However, after a woman marries a loved one, she becomes faithful and rarely can change. But from the second half waiting for the same.

After learning about adultery, women can simply tear to pieces her man.

Housekeeping representatives of this sign are able to, but it will never be their main occupation. They make good teachers. Representatives of the sign give their children the opportunity to make decisions themselves, very quietly correcting their actions. For a woman of Tigris, a successful union will be a partner who has a strong character, for example, Gemini, Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo.

Tigers men are accustomed to taking risks in everything. This also applies to work and personal relationships. Often cutting and petty. They often get involved in disputes with other people and don’t trust any of those who are close to them. Not often find happiness in love. Their mind is ruled by passionate temper and sensuality. They quickly light up, but also soon fade out.

The possibility of marriage arises when a man meets a woman who understands and accepts him, but retains his independence. In addition, the Tiger man can earn good money to provide prosperity for his family. Male Tiger is well compatible with such zodiac signs as: Libra, Capricorn, Virgo. The main thing for a Tiger man is a calm and understanding nature.

Compatibility Tiger with other signs on eastern horoscope

The horse will be the perfect partner for the Tiger

Who is most suitable for Tigers in the eastern horoscope? The most appropriate sign is the Horse. Horoscope compatibility of the Tiger with the Horse has almost no negative points. Tigger likes Horse’s mind, openness and kindness. The horse is ready to recognize superiority in marriage. A horse with its intelligence and tact can tame the unbridled temper of the Tiger, without inflicting moral insults on it. The friendship between these characters is also good. They argue tirelessly, being close by and madly bored when they part.

Also good compatibility signs such as Tiger and Dragon. This fire sign will add to the relationship of care and diligence, protecting the beloved from unnecessary risk. In addition, when two strong people go through life together, it is much easier for them to succeed on the way. Tigra Dragon is needed to time to help their common sense. These signs complement each other very well. It gives results in the life of both. Labor union is also promising.

Good compatibility of the Tiger sign with the Rat (Mouse). That’s just both partners will have to properly adjust their behavior. The tiger must learn to give in and be patient. People — mice should not cheat, deceive and allow their companion to be more independent. Only under the condition that they both can do all of the above, their marriage will develop happily.

Acceptable and even good compatibility of the Tiger with other characters, may be in a combination of Tiger-Dog. People born in the year of the Dog, have an innate sense of justice, which they feel in life very acutely. Coupled with the representative of the mark of ever entering into battle, the dogs will make a wonderful pair. After all, both partners follow the same principles and will follow the same path in order to achieve the implementation of ideas. Sometimes the Dog can go into the shadow of a partner and forget about their ambitions.

The Tiger-woman is better with the Monkey than the man. The woman is much better endurance and not so pronounced aggression, so it can condescendingly refers to the tricks of the Monkey. In general, such a union is strong as long as both signs behave with dignity. But someday one of them will cross the line, and then enmity cannot be avoided. The monkey is always afraid to enter into an open struggle with the representative of the mark. So it turns out that Tiger imperceptibly just disappears from the life of the Monkey.

Attraction to each other passes very quickly and the union of two people turns into a constant rivalry. Their quarrels are not dangerous, but vindictiveness does not allow both of them to relax. They will not revenge each other, but each quarrel settles firmly in the head. And decisions are made by such couples quickly. If one day one of the partners arrives home, notices a suitcase containing his things, he will take it without hesitation and leave, without trying to figure out the reason for this turn of events. The hot temper of one and the pride of another will forever destroy this union.

Tiger and Pig can build a strong alliance

Not bad Tiger with Pig. Peace-loving and cautious Pig will appreciate the strong-willed and indomitable character of the Tiger. It is only important that the partners do not strain each other with their temper all the years they have lived together. Durability for years and the strength of this partnership fully rests on the diplomacy of both. But this will only help if there is no lie and falsehood between the spouses, as this leads to a wild irritation of both.

With the Bull, things are not so simple. Despite the fact that these two signs are experiencing an inexplicable mutual attraction, in this alliance there is often a strong confrontation in which the Bull easily defeats the Tiger. However, when spouses can agree on a clear limitation of territories and personal space, the relationship will survive even very difficult times. In case these agreements are not respected, such a marriage will hardly last more than a year.

With the Cat (Rabbit or Rabbit) is also not the best relationship, neither in sex nor in work. Both partners are extremely independent and self-willed. No one listens to each other’s desires. A cat suffers most from such carelessness and does not understand its spouse even more. They perceive the world differently and play different games. The tiger wants to impose its views, and the Hare informs about the decision, as an event that has already happened. And while the terrible Tiger growls for all to hear, the smart Cat thinks how to smack him more painfully. In some cases, such a marriage can happen, but it will be difficult to call him happy.

Unsuccessful union will have a tiger with a rooster, which is too prideful. The rooster loves to shine among people and is not able to accept suspicion and the desire to be first with his partner. The rooster will not be able to understand in any way for many years, as if leading such a measured way of life, you can feel like a king. Different views and irreconcilability of the principles do not allow this pair to develop a single spirit. These relationships usually become competitions for the right to dominate.

Goats should not contact the Tigers in any years, because such relationships are extremely unfavorable for both partners. The compatibility of the Tiger with the Goat is possible only if both change their characters, principles and thinking, and this is practically unrealistic. However, in the case of Goat obedience, the relationship should turn out to be quite good. Another plus in their relationship is that they understand each other perfectly as friends.

A couple of waiting for a lot of difficulties

It is better not to start a relationship with Snake Tiger, because he is not able to understand her wisdom, and the spouses will tirelessly fight for the title of the main person in the marriage. And neither love, nor friendship, nor working relationships, they are by any means worth it. The relentless struggle for the first positions are constantly present in this relationship. One partner applies cunning and an extraordinary mind, the other — the strength and assertiveness of their life views. In the end, all this will necessarily lead not only to parting, but also to hatred towards each other. However, despite all their incompatibility, they are drawn to each other with incredible strength. It also happens that such a marriage turns out to be very good.

Speaking about the zodiac compatibility of the Tiger, the best in this list with whom you can live for years — are signs of Fire. Such couples can turn the whole world upside down. This — Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. Especially carefully it is necessary to treat Tigers to the Lions and Aries. On the one hand, one is stubborn, the other is proud. These qualities can cancel all the good things that develop in their relationship. Another thing is the ease that can be in Lviv, Aries and the good Streltsov, which attracts the representative of the mark. Especially if there is a coincidence in both the years and the characters.

Compatibility and characterization of Tiger signs with Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn can be quite successful. Not conflict and the pacification of the second half will help Tiger calm down and restrain his passion for unnecessary risk. However, these couples also have enough trouble. Hot-tempered nature is difficult to understand the homely excerpt of the Virgin or Taurus. Therefore, the signs of Earth need not to force the Tiger to adhere to their principles, giving complete freedom of choice and action. In the correct distribution of rights and obligations lies the success of the union.

The tiger is not compatible with representatives of the water structure. Even the best relationship with Scorpio, destroy the mutual distrust of partners. Humility and humility of Cancer will get tired very quickly. And Pisces’ closeness in general will infuriate itself. Such behavior at the beginning will intrigue the Tigris, because it loves all sorts of secrets, but later on it will oppress it, arousing in it excessive vigilance. As a result, such a union will not be strong. Signs of water can not tolerate constant suspicion and pressure.

People of the elements of air are simple for the Tiger. The union between Gemini, Libra, Aquarius is not rare. Mutual attraction is growing due to such qualities as love of freedom. In such a marriage, neither partner forces anything else. Moreover, these signs have a rather strong mutual attraction in the intimate sphere. However, as simple as this relationship begins, it ends just as easily. Love to the grave and sincere friendship for centuries for these partners will not work.

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