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A cold plot for a speedy recovery

Such a seasonal disease, like a cold, can seriously damage life if it is not cured in time. Today, traditional medicine offers many effective medicines that allow you to remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease in a short time.

But, unfortunately, many potent drugs can cause allergies or lead to other disruptions in the human body. Therefore, you should know that as an alternative to traditional methods of treatment, you can use special magical effects.

Almost all of them came to the modern world from antiquity, so it can be argued that they are all time tested.

A cold plot for a speedy recovery

Medical rituals for colds

All rites are very simple and effective, but only if you truly believe in the power of magic. A cold plot must be pronounced clearly and in every phrase you must feel your confidence that the disease will soon recede and you will return to normal life.

A cold plot can be directed at oneself, but it can also be read on a sick person.

Very often, folk remedies are used as additional attributes in rites against colds, the effect of which is enhanced by magic words.

Rite of passage

At the first sign of a cold, you need to hold a rite with salt, which will allow in the shortest possible time, get rid of unpleasant signs of illness. For the ceremony, it is necessary to use coarse salt, also spring or melt water.

It is necessary to pour water into a glass, throw a pinch of salt there and say these words:

After that you need to moisten the middle finger of the right hand in the plotted water and apply it drop by drop onto the forehead, chest, to the area of ​​the right and left shoulder.

In the process, other words are spoken:

Conspiracies to strengthen the people’s means

As is well known, folk remedies help with colds. Their effectiveness can be increased by magical plots.

If during a cold the fever has risen, then it is necessary to knead the head of garlic in a slurry and say the following words:

After that, gruel is necessary to grate a slice of black bread and eat it.

To treat a cold at the initial stage, rub the chest, feet and palms with vodka and roll into woolen shawls.

Then lying in bed, say these words:

A cold plot for a speedy recovery

From a cold

As you know, one of the most unpleasant manifestations of a cold is a runny nose. But at the same time, it is rather poorly treated with drops and other medication.

Therefore, you can help get rid of the cold to a sick person with simple magic plots.

For one of the effective ways, you need to give the sick person a red rag and ask him to blow his nose into it.

After that, it is necessary to wrap a nail and shove it into any gap, pronouncing these words:

It helps well from the cold and conspired infusion made from dry birch buds. To prepare it, you need to pour half a teaspoon of the kidneys with a glass of boiling water and put it on for an hour.

The filtered solution must be spoken in these words:

After this, the infusion should be drunk by a sick person who should immediately be put to bed. This rite is recommended to be repeated for three days before bedtime.

Plots for cold belong to white magic, so you can use them without fear of harming yourself or another person. But at the same time, one should not neglect the first medical aid, because other serious diseases can be masked under the cold symptoms.

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