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A conspiracy from a mistress will save the family

For each wife, the word «lover» sounds like a terrible sentence, indicating the possible destruction of family life. But, of course, not all spouses resignedly accept the unpleasant fact and let the situation take its course.

Many seek to save the family, using magic for this purpose.

A conspiracy from a mistress will save the family

Powerful rites against mistress

A conspiracy from a mistress is a very effective tool that allows you to restore a relationship with a spouse, eliminating another woman from his life. But it should be remembered that it should be used only if you are confident in your sincere love for your husband.

It is very important, suspecting that her husband had a mistress, not to throw hysterics and scandal. Such behavior can forever alienate a loved one, and in this case, even using magic, you are unlikely to be able to restore family relationships.

Incense ritual

A very strong ritual using incense is performed late at night in complete solitude. The rite is not simple, so you need to prepare for it.

A prerequisite is a visit to the temple immediately before the ceremony. There you need to defend the service and be sure to confess.

Before leaving the church should buy incense and a candle.

On the same evening you need to start the ritual. Having retired in a separate room on the table, freed from unnecessary things, you should install a candle and light it. Near you need to put an amulet and light it too.

Windows and doors must be opened, and all artificial lighting must be turned off.

After all the preliminary actions are completed, the following plot is read:

It is very important during the conduct of this rite and in the process of its preparation not to think about the bad. You need to remember the happy moments of life with your spouse and believe that you can still return.

A conspiracy from a mistress will save the family

Option with mirrors

In order to embroil her husband with his mistress, you must use a ritual with mirrors. This is a very strong ceremony, which gives, in almost all cases, a 100% result.

First, for the ritual should prepare a mirror in the amount of seven pieces.

Allowed to borrow mirrors from friends, but in no case can not let them know, for what purpose you need them.

In a room specially selected for the ceremony, the mirrors must be placed in a staggered manner near one of the walls, but the middle of the room must remain free. In the middle of the room should be placed all the pictures of your spouse that you have in stock.

After such preparations, you need to sit next to the photos in the pose of «lotus» and read this plot:

Words need to be pronounced very clearly, and not stammering. Each phrase should be filled with inner self-righteousness. After the plot, everything must be left intact in the room.

But to leave the premises for an hour.

An hour later, you should return to the room, collect all the photos and mirrors. At the same time, listening to the inner voice, select one picture and a mirror for further destruction.

The mirror needs to be broken, and the fragments should be buried in a deserted place. The selected image should be burned, and the ashes dispel the wind.

Almost immediately after the ceremony, the feelings of a lover for your spouse will begin to cool, and she will soon push him away. After that, your husband will understand that nobody is closer, kin and faithful to you.

And how well your future relationship with your spouse will develop is entirely dependent on the two of you.

Strong rassorka

A conspiracy from a mistress can help embroil lovers. It is very good to carry out such a ceremony at the beginning of their relationship, when no one from close ones understood that your husband is walking to the side.

That is, as soon as you become aware of the fact that the husband has a mistress, you immediately need to hold a strong razorka in one of Tuesdays during the period of the waning moon.

For such a ritual, the following additional attributes should be prepared:

  • A piece of dark linen;
  • White sheet of paper and pen;
  • A pair of church candles;
  • Mortar and pestle;
  • Broken glass;
  • Land gathered in the courtyard of the temple;
  • Scraps of dog and cat hair;
  • Vinegar;
  • Salt.

A conspiracy from a mistress will save the family

In the room selected for the ceremony you need to shut the windows tightly and open the window.

From the table you need to remove all items, spread the canvas, light candles and put a mortar on it.

It should be folded animal hair, glass fragments, salt, earth, and pour vinegar.

After that, on a white sheet of paper you need to write these words:

Words need to be spoken three times, and after that a piece of plot with the plot should be set on fire from the flame of a candle. It should burn to the ground, and the ash from it must be collected and added to the other ingredients in the mortar.

After this pestle you need to ceiling all the components in a mortar and rearrange it on the window sill, and put candles next. The rite is considered complete when the candles are completely burned.

After that you need to leave everything intact until morning and goes to bed.

The next morning, the mixture of the mortar and the remnants of the candles should be collected in the canvas and thrown under the threshold of her mistress. Soon you will notice that the husband has increasingly begun to stay at home.

Further development of relations depends only on your prudence.

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