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A conspiracy from a wen (lipoma)

A wen or a lipoma is nothing more than a benign tumor. Such a mobile subcutaneous capsule does not cause any pain to a person.

A conspiracy from a wen (lipoma)

A conspiracy from Wen

A hundred years ago, healers were saved from the wen by special plots. The conspiracy from the wen is carried out at home.

How to pronounce a conspiracy from a wen?

A conspiracy from a wen (lipoma)

We follow all the rules of the ritual.

  • The first important rule is to believe in the power of conspiracy. Magic loves when it is believed and respected. If she does not feel this, then she will not help you for anything. So, if you start talking about a wen and think that you will fail, then you can not even try.
  • It is better to combine conspiracies from a wen with some popular recipes.
  • If you want to get rid of, in this case, a lipoma, then it is best to speak it on a decreasing moon. With the decrease of the moon, the wen will leave.

Conspiracy from the wen and tincture of Indian onions

A conspiracy from a wen (lipoma)

The conspiracy will strengthen the action of popular methods.

If you treat the wen by the folk method in combination with a strong conspiracy, the effect of the treatment is greatly increased.

Tincture of Indian onion is easy to prepare. From onions take its roots, leaves, as well as green arrows onions. These ingredients are passed through a meat grinder.

Before you do this, be sure to wear gloves to your hands so that your hands do not burn and itchy. Then such onion stuffing is placed in a glass liter jar and fill it up with vodka.

In this state, the tincture is held for two weeks in a dark cool place.

After this period, you can smear lipomas on the body with tincture, and when you do this, say the following conspiracy:

“Layer, I smear from the body I take away. As the spirit of the onions you smell, so all out of the body of the servant of God (your name) you flee.

You do not live on me, you do not live at the expense of me. They gave birth to me, and that’s enough, it’s time to squeeze you with light, to surprise everyone with the purity of my body.

I will get up tomorrow, but you are not. Amen. Amen.


Lubrication procedures are best done at night. Of course, this tincture has a specific onion smell, so in the morning you will need to take a shower.

The plot on the black thread

A conspiracy from a wen (lipoma)

Choosing the time of the ceremony

How to talk wen? There are conspiracies for the implementation of which do not need to simultaneously use popular recipes.

For this ritual against the hypodermic wen, only a new spool of black thread will be needed.

Take the black spool of thread in your hands, wind a small piece on your finger and tear off, continue to do so and pronounce the words:

“A string of black tears, tears, breaks, the same fate awaits and subcutaneous wen, lipomas tear themselves, they do not grow, they don’t want to grow. You will never be on the body of a servant of God (your Name), do not feed on his tissues, but fall torn.

As there was no thread left on this coil, there was no subcutaneous wen on my body. ”

The threads need to break everything so that the coil remains naked. Dangling threads need to be folded in an ashtray or on a saucer and burn.

Ash must be flushed down the toilet.

Silver Plot

A conspiracy from a wen (lipoma)

Different objects can be used for plotting.

It is believed that a metal such as silver helps to get rid of the subcutaneous wen.

It is even better if it is a silver cross.

Such a cross should be applied to the lipoma and sentence such conspiracies:

“The noble metal silver, consecrated in the holy church, help the servant of God (Your Name), serve him in good stead. So that your power and strength would help to remove all lipomas from my body, to everybody. Cleanse my body, as God’s faith cleanses my soul.

Deliver and help. Amen.

Amen. Amen».

Such plots need to be read on every lipoma. If the lipoma is on the arm, then you apply a cross to it, if on the leg, then you attach it to the leg.

By the way, with the help of the same conspiracy, you can get rid of acne and black spots on your face.

A cross can also be thrown into the water at night, and then washed with this water to get rid of the flaws on the face.

Conspiracy on celandine

A conspiracy from a wen (lipoma)

Conspiracies are very effective

From the wenders, the sap of the celandine helps the plant well; This procedure can always be strengthened by conspiracy:

“A pure place without lindens, the whole body is pure from the wen of God’s servant (your Name). Prizhgu-take care, I’ll clean the body.

I will get up tomorrow, but they are not on me.

Amen. Amen.


A conspiracy from a wen (lipoma)

Choosing the right conspiracies

It is always interesting to get feedback from those who have already conspired from this disease. Here are some of them:

Katya, 27 years old “I had one big lipoma, which was shaped like a small lump. Very unpleasant phenomenon.

The most unpleasant thing was that all the time I was afraid to tear off this lipoma somewhere. She was on her shoulder. Because of this, it was necessary to think about her all the time while playing sports.

She decided to find a conspiracy from the lipoma, but in combination with a popular recipe. Indian onions helped me. I made applications from it every day for two months.

After a couple of months, the lipoma completely dried up and disappeared. Now, with the help of Indian onions, I get rid of small wen and it is very convenient. ”

Vladislav, 46 years old “a very ugly wen was on my nose. All the time I am complexed because of him. And when a couple of times I almost tore it off accidentally, I decided to remove it by conspiracy.

I started with silver plots. But it did not help much.

But Indian onion conspiracy is very helpful. Thanks to those who invented it. ”

Valeria, 56 “Lipomas began to appear with me with age. Ugly such hanging.

She remembered how my grandmother spoke to me from illness as a child, and decided to speak to wen from wenders. Did a ritual with black thread. The first time did not help, but I did not give up.

And after the third time, the lipomas began to go away. Apparently for the first time there was an insufficient energy message. ”

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