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A conspiracy of human envy

Today I will tell you the strongest conspiracy from human envy. You yourself can not even imagine how human envy affects your life.

Envy destroys family, business, happy future, relationships between family and friends.

Envy has a crushing effect on a person’s life, and therefore I want every person to do this conspiracy protection against human envy.

I assure you that after you put yourself a defense, human envy will bypass you and will not concern you and your family. I will note the important nuances:

  • The plot refers to white magic and has no reverse effects.
  • Anyone can read and do the plot, even those who do not have magic skills.
  • when reading the Conspiracy it is very important to read the text thoughtfully, without stammering

Conspiracy reading rules:

  • Read the conspiracy alone
  • Don’t tell anyone you read the Conspiracy
  • You must surely believe in the power of the Conspiracy, otherwise it will not work!

There is an old saying: “Envy sharpens the soul and eats eyes.” This means that even the most envious person does not live too sweetly.

Who does not know this?

Yet people continue to envy each other.

An old proven way to protect against envious people is to carry beans in your pocket. You can also hang a bunch of the trefoil over the front door in the house or in the office — envy “stumbles” on the threshold.

Can you read over the water and a special conspiracy. Then drink this water. The plot words are as follows:

Not myself, the servant of God (name),

I added Jesus Christ,

He made from all the wrong forces:

From the witches and sorcerers,

From heretics, heresies, heresists, heretics,

Chernetsov and Chernitsy, from the youngsters, the youngsters

And red girls,

From envious, condemnable

And vraslinnyh people.

Who is me, servant of God (name),

Wants to condemn and spoil

And with all kinds of wrong forces to get it,

That of the same witches and sorcerers,

In heretics, heresies, heresists, heretics,

In chernetsov and chernitsy, in young men, young ladies

And red girls,

Have envious, condemnable

And vraslinnyh people

When the legs fall off the knee,

Hands on the elbow and head on the shoulders,

Then me, the servant of God (name),

Condemn and spoil

I promised Christ to worship him.

I believe in one God,

Father and Son and Holy Spirit.

Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen.

(At this point, bow three times to the ground and continue reading the plot.)

As in the first law of the Virgin

She hid Her Son Jesus Christ

Crucified on the Cross with His rim

By its veil and cover

So cover me

Mrs. The Most Holy Theotokos,

With his covering and covering

From all the unkind forces

From envious, condemnable

And vraslinnyh people.

Exalt the hand of God

His forever and ever.

I wish you all good luck! Be sure to share the Conspiracy on social networks with your friends to increase your karma!

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