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A conspiracy on a superior will eliminate conflicts and bring the rise closer.

In today’s world, for many people, high-paying work can be a source of financial well-being. In this case, there is a boss at work and, unfortunately, there is not always a good relationship with him.

In order to avoid all sorts of misunderstandings with your immediate supervisor, you should use a conspiracy against the chief.

A conspiracy on a superior will eliminate conflicts and bring the rise closer.

Popular rituals on the head

This type of magical rituals allows you to normalize working relationships with your superiors. This can contribute to career growth and, as a result, improved well-being.

The conspiracy against the chief refers to the means of white magic, since it does not contain any coercion to perform a certain action. Such impacts will make your supervisor take a closer look at you and assess your abilities.

For the success of the rites, it is important to visualize the result. It is necessary to imagine that moment when all the negative from your relationship with the boss will go away and only sincere benevolence will remain.

Analyze how changes in attitudes to you from the management will allow you to raise productivity.

To find an approach to the head

A magical conspiracy will allow you to find an approach to your boss and establish a working, constructive relationship with him. Such a ritual is especially useful in cases when there are disagreements with the leadership on specific issues, and it is necessary to force the boss to make a reasonable compromise with you.

The plot must be read on the pen of the crow. It can be picked up on the street.

The magic words are as follows:

The conspiracy is blurted seven times in a row. After that, the enchanted pen should be hidden in the pocket of your work clothes and you can safely go to a meeting with the supervisor.

To achieve the respect of the chef

As a rule, a normal relationship with the boss develops if he respects his subordinates. Magic can contribute to this.

The ritual of this orientation is held on Tuesday in the phase of the rising moon.

On this day, you need to go to church and buy there the personal icon of your leader and three church candles.

Having come home, you need to install the icon in a separate room, install candles in front of it and light them.

After this, the following plot is recited three times:

The plotted icon should be taken with you to any meeting with the boss. She will create a strong defense and will increase respect from the head towards you.

A conspiracy on a superior will eliminate conflicts and bring the rise closer.

Conspiracy to increase

If you work in your position for a long time and can’t wait for a promotion, then you can speed up such an event with a magical conspiracy.

This ceremony is held on your own birthday. On such a personal holiday, you must wear a new thing and then wear it for the next three days.

Pre-garment speaks with these words:

After three days, the item should be rinsed in clean water and sprinkle your workplace with such water.

If you had any difficulties in communicating with your boss, you must try to erase them from your memory before conducting any ceremony. It is important to remove all negativity from the soul in relation to the person you are going to influence with the help of magic.

With this approach, the ceremony will be surely successful, and you will feel it very soon.

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