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A conspiracy on her husband: to return, on the photo, on things on the former

Creating a family, people hope that they will have something “not like others.” There will be harmony and peace, happiness and love.

Just where does it go? At first, some disagreements come, then quarrels, then it all accumulates, giving rise to the most terrible thing — alienation.

And why should strangers live together? What is a divorce?

Naturally, it is impossible to bring this up.

Our ancestors have long figured out how to return the fret to a good family. They listened more to the laws of energy.

After all, quarrels and disagreements accumulate in the family field, do not disappear anywhere.

A conspiracy on her husband: to return, on the photo, on things on the former

Winds and storms will not remove them. This “black cargo” will put pressure on members of the gens and push them towards new aggressive actions.

But the magic with this «good» calmly deals with. Removes all cleaned.

Love again shines like new, giving birth to the very “harmony” that was dreamed of.

A conspiracy on her husband for peace and quiet

Make it a rule to cook, for example, a Sunday lunch. Previously, the restaurants did not go, they ate at home.

Here is the mother of the family and sometimes he made a “conciliation cake”. And bequeathed to us, why not take advantage?

Pie, of course, the oven is not necessary if you do not know how. And cook what you like.

Above the dish, forgive the special plot, so treat everyone who lives in the house. The field is cleared of accumulated aggression.

“In the forest lodge where the paths are not walked, I will settle the trouble, let me take it from home! You trouble, close to all bolts, hang the shackles on yourself, hang zami on the windows, and hang on from the melancholy! We do not bother to live, get into your barn! «

Husband’s return plot

If you failed to keep the peace, the husband left you, then do not be sad. There is no such right to take your husband from anyone if you do not give it away.

Return the proud stubborn «in the stall.»

And this should be done not by power, but by kindness. That is, you must imagine how good you are together again.

Remember the best days.

You are related to each other. The husband feels your emotions on the field level.

Try to pass on to him what you treasured, what connected you.

A conspiracy on her husband: to return, on the photo, on things on the former

Only after such “artillery preparation” proceed to the ritual. You will need any thing your husband has contacted.

It is desirable love.

Maybe the sweater was lying around the house, which he did not take off in the winter or his watch remained. No, you can at least take the socks, as long as they are not washable.

Dress up like on holiday. Pour a glass of wine (if you do not drink, you can use compote).

Put the thing in front of you on the table.

Say once:

“Happiness has tied us up with you (name), but it has not kept it. I will return the past, my wine blame. Fly home, my faithful husband!

I will divorce a kruchin, I will never leave! As the sun does not shine through the clouds, so you are sad in this world!

God united, yes forbid to disperse! Amen!»

Drink from a glass, drip on the subject. It must be placed at the door. And every time you leave the house, read “Our Father” as if you are blessing your husband.

He will definitely come back.

Just keep in mind that they will not apologize, but “test the ground”. Do not scare him with a scandal of complaints.

Try to understand.

Conspiracy on ex-husband

There is a way to bring back the person with whom the Lord connected you. It is very important.

Since you lived with him, then do not hesitate, it was precisely by the will of the Most High.

If you are long gone, and now regret it, then get down to business.

You need on Friday (women’s day) to buy slippers for a spouse. New, beautiful.

Do not spare money for a loved one.

Bring the purchase home, but read the plot immediately from the doorway:

“Mother the Most Holy, Nikola the Wonderworker, help, return the spouse to the family! So that his legs would go only home to the threshold, so that his heart would be bored, he would be depressed about returning to his family.

To leap blood, but led to my bed. Forever and ever! God help me please!

That Your Slave (name) returns your soul to me! Amen!»

Now unpack the purchase. Install slippers as if their husband just took them off. Remember how he scattered them?

Maybe neatly put on the shelf? So do it.

A conspiracy on her husband: to return, on the photo, on things on the former

Read another conspiracy:

“(The name of the husband) ran through the woods, jumped through the fields, but found no happiness anywhere. Come back home!

Slippers waiting warmly cherish! Amen!»

Plot on husband on photo

To the spouse did not change, but did not look to the left, you can influence him in the image. Especially when you are apart.

  1. Take a photo of a spouse, sit in front of a mirror (you can use a little one).
  2. Attach a photo so that you can see your reflection and his face at the same time.
  3. Looking at the mirror say:

“An old grandfather walked along a wooded road, groaned, puffed, and looked at the world with anguish. There is no old peace, the back is sick, the leg is hro, the head is gray.

This is a betrayal of a Slave (name) such, trudges, barely moving his legs. That grandfather has no place on earth, it’s time to rest in the shroud.

You stray under the Moon, never go back home! Amen!»

In order for the husband to return to the family, the photo is also used. It is necessary to take the most recent image and red marker.

A conspiracy on her husband: to return, on the photo, on things on the former

On the back of the photo write a short plot:

“In the name of love, return home your heart and soul! I will not break the oath!

And you (name) keep, honor and love, so as not to blot blood! Amen!»

The photo should be placed near the Icon of the Virgin. If you do not have this at home, then be sure to buy it.

The icon should be lit.

Put it in a prominent place, and attach a photo with a plot behind it. Light a candle every day and think about your spouse with love.

Plot on husband’s things

Such rituals are used to perform various tasks from creating a protective talisman to a love spell.

If you need your husband to stop being angry, then say a word about his thing, which he often uses such words:

“The wolf is angry, but the foxes of cunning flow away, you (the name) caress and love leave. We live in harmony, we will overcome any misfortune! Amen!»

In order for the husband to earn more and not be greedy, say the following words on his thing on Monday:

“Nikola Ugodnik The slave (name) gave talent, but ordered to use for good. So that in the family money, peace and quiet.

So that happiness was with you and me! Amen!»

That the husband did not walk, such plot on a thing slander:

“Lord Jesus! Teach your slave (name) a lesson, loyalty and love, so that it is tight in the chest! Amen!»

This conspiracy on the husband is recommended to slander whenever he starts a quarrel or just sulking. Everything will be corrected slowly.

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