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A conspiracy to clean the apartment of the negative, the evil eye, damage, hatred and black energy

Today I will tell another strong conspiracy to clean the apartment from the negative, evil eye, damage, hatred and black energy.

Why is it important?

It is almost impossible to determine if the evil eye is in your home and if there is black energy in your apartment. This will require special knowledge and tools through which such energy is detected.

Our ancestors knew well that the negative, the evil eye, damage to the house can poison the life of a whole generation, and they annually conduct special rituals to cleanse their haven. Unfortunately, this magic somehow became secondary after the priests began to take money for the consecration of apartments and houses.

It was the priests who began to drive people into false information that supposedly, if they consecrated the apartment, the black energy would leave and no longer appear in the house.

Dear readers! This is a lie!

Nowhere damage and black energy does not leave after the consecration of the priests of your home.

In order to get rid of the above problems, you need to hold a special ancient rite, which was transmitted to us from our ancestors!

And I recommend everyone to do it!

After each guest, after each people who come to your house, energy remains. How do you know with what intentions people entered your apartment?

You will never know, and therefore the house should always be cleaned.

For the ceremony you will need 12 church candles and preferably incense. Wash the floors in the apartment and the threshold of the entrance doors. After that, light 12 candles and a little incense to smell and start reading the Conspiracy:

May God be resurrected, and Ero will be squandered, and may those who hate Him flee from His face. The smoke disappears, let it disappear, the wax melts from the face of the fire, so the sinners will perish from the face of God, and the righteous may rejoice, rejoice in God, and enjoy in gladness.

Sing to God, sing his name, make him who ascends to the west. The Lord is his name, and rejoice before him. May they be torn from his face, the Father of the sirh, and the widow’s judges: God is in his holy place.

God inspires one-mindedness in the house, tormenting the fetters of courage, also living in the graves.

God, always comes before You, Thy people, walk past You into the wilderness, the earth shook, for the skies have sunk from the face of God Sinai, from the face of the God of Israel.

Rain is free otlishi, God, to Your possession and exhaustion, You have done it by yourself. Your Animal lives on it, prepared it by Your goodness to a beggar, God. The Lord will give the verb to the gospel by the power of much. The king of the forces of love, the beauty of the house divided the greed.

If you sleep in the midst of the limit, the krill pigeon is in the heel and in between it in the flashing of gold. There will always be Heavenly kings on her, snowing in Selmon. The mountain of God, the mountain is fat, the mountain is damp, the mountain is fat.

Vsu nepuchete mountain usyrennyya? Mountain, yuzhe favored by God live in it, for the Lord will dwell to the end. The chariot of God is one of those thousands of them, the Lord in them at Sinai in the holy.

Thou hast risen to the heights, captivated by the thine captivity, thou hast hast been giving unto human beings, for he does not repent, he does not dwell. The Lord God is blessed, the Lord is blessed for the day, God will hasten our salvation.

God is our God, God of salvation, and of the Lord, of the Lord of the source of death.

Even so God will crush the heads of his enemies, the upper hand of the transient in their sins. Rech Lord: I will turn from Vasan, I will turn in the depths of the sea.

For thy foot shall be moistened in blood, your dog’s tongue, from the enemy. You can see your procession, O God, the procession of my God the King, likewise in the holy, before the princes near the people who sing, among the maidens of the tympanic. In the churches, bless God the Lord of the source of Israel.

Tamo Benjamin, the youngest of them, is terrified, and Judah, their princes, the princes of Zabuloni, the princes of Naphtalimli, horror. O commandment, O God, by Thy power, strengthen, O God, this, ye have made you into us. From your temple to Jerusalem will the king bring you gifts.

Forbid the reed beast, a host of youths in human fashions, shut up tempted with silver, brush your tongues while scolding. Prayer books from Egypt will come, Efiopia will preach his hand to God. The kingdoms of the earth, sing to God, sing the Lord, who hath ascended to heaven in heaven, will give voice to his voice of strength.

Give the glory of God, his strength in Israel, and His power upon the clouds. Divine is God in His saints, God of Israel: She will give strength and power in His people, blessed be God.

Read the Conspiracy very thoughtfully! After that, put out the candles and hide them in a secluded place.

They should lie there until next year. The plot must be read once a year and then your home will be filled with happiness and comfort.

After the first reading of the Conspiracy, you will feel how the negative will leave your home, and instead of the black energy will come light. You will definitely feel it.

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