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A conspiracy to incredible appeal: so that everyone will be crazy about you

Today I want to tell you a very strong conspiracy on the incredible appeal.

This plot also serves to attract male attention. The essence of a woman is beauty. And it’s not about physical parameters: they can be anything.

Attractiveness comes from within; it reads in glance and slides in every movement. All girls are born beautiful, just some have no luck — and their charm is overwritten, trampled, destroyed in the process of education.

But there is a way to recover. There are powerful plots on female beauty and attractiveness that help to open up and improve their appearance.

If you approach the ceremony with full concentration and faith, the result will exceed all expectations.

I will tell you two conspiracies. You can choose any of them, since they are both very effective.

Conspiracy on female attraction with a rose

It is recommended to choose the day and time of performing magical work spontaneously. As soon as there is a feeling that it is time, you can proceed.

Focus on the moon phase or the date is not necessary.

You need to go to the flower shop and buy a red rose there. The main condition — the flower should like, attract the eye, fascinate. «Sa sa» rose will not cause doubts, and even the transcendental price for it will not seem high.

With the purchase should return home. In general, for the ritual will need:

You must retire to the bedroom and open a window or window there. It is necessary to put a flower in the water and three times to utter a conspiracy to drag beauty from a rose:

“The red rose blossomed in the garden of heaven, it gained strength, it fed on the sun, washed clean with rain, stretched to the light, was saturated with beauty, it pleased people’s eyes. As everything in the world passes, so let the beauty of the rose leave it, let it pass, let it remain with me, as the rose petal drops, so I become more beautiful.

Let the rose become obsolete, give the beauty of the water fresh to my face, give the grace of the stem to my body, do not ask for the beauty of its petals, but leave it to me. ”

That’s all. The flower should be kept in a vase near the bed.

With each fallen petal woman will become more attractive.

When a rose has to be thrown out, it is recommended to hold it under running water, then bury it away from the house.

Plot for female attractiveness before bedtime

The moment before immersion in the world of dreams opens up a lot of opportunities. One of them is enhancing attractiveness. The ritual does not require any attributes.

It is only necessary to thoroughly learn the plot in order to be able to repeat it without hesitation. Text:

“As all the stars in the sky cannot be counted, my beauty cannot be taken away, taken away, stolen, wicked away with an evil eye, not spoiled by bad thoughts, not destroyed in time, not turned into dust. Every moment I become more and more beautiful, everything is sweeter, more and more beautiful, more and more attractive, as the night always comes to my door, so my beauty always remains with me. ”

The plot must be read already lying in bed. The words are recommended to be repeated many times until the caster makes her fall asleep.

The conspiracy to appeal at all works at different times.

The average term is a month.

After this period, the woman will become much more beautiful and more confident. The main thing is not to give up the practice, no matter how bad the mood. If there is no power at all, you need to pronounce the words at least once. (c. open sources)

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