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A plot of acne at home

Compared to things like death, serious illness, or leaving a loved one, acne may seem like a minor problem to someone. However, in fact, for many girls and guys, and for some people in age, acne is a real disaster.

They spoil even a beautiful face, make a person ugly in the eyes of others and, worst of all, in their own eyes. And how many people are regularly depressed because of them, how many tears have been shed!

A plot of acne at home

Effective rites

Medicine offers a lot of money — from all sorts of ointments to surgery. However, these tools do not always help, and they are either costly or very expensive. But there is another way proven by thousands of years of practice — a conspiracy against acne.

Such conspiracies were used from ancient times and helped to cleanse your face and find love and happiness for a great many young people!

Magic offers a huge number of plots that help clean the face of acne. Most of them are simple to perform, so rituals can be easily performed at home.

At full moon

One of the most simple and common — a plot of acne with water. For its implementation, you will need clean spring water. Pour this water into a wide bowl or basin and place it in front of the window, from which the full moon is visible.

During the night, water absorbs purity and perfection of the heavenly body.

In the morning, rise at dawn and, putting water in front of you, say three times:

After each repetition, wash your face with conspiratorial water. This plot is most effective in clear weather, when the moon is clearly visible.

In rainy or cloudy weather, water absorbs lunar energy poorly and the plot is unlikely to be truly strong.

A plot of acne at home

With spring water

You can conduct with the help of spring water and another rite. In this case, you need to talk water for three days.

The magic words are as follows:

Each time after the ceremony, you need to take some water in your left hand and wash your face. The rest of the water needs to be talked again the next day, filling it with magical power. And so repeat three days in a row.

After that, the water should be used to rinse your face in the mornings and evenings until it ends.

Using fish

Another old-fashioned acne plot is done with fish. Buy fresh river fish, beautiful, with no visible flaws.

Thoroughly scrape the fish. Collect peeled scales and put them in one bag, and cleaned fish in another.

Tie the bags, take them to a deserted place and bury them under a tree — scales on the west side of the tree, and fish from the east.

Take a few steps and, looking at this tree, repeat twelve times:

With potatoes

Another popular folk remedy is conspiracy with the help of potatoes. It is done as follows.

Cut one potato in two.

And at the same time rub their face, repeating:

The potato pulls the negative energy contained in acne well. After completing the procedure, be sure to throw away the used potatoes away from the house.

Ancient ritual

Antique conspiracies are very effective, but sometimes they require special attributes, so not every person can decide to conduct a ceremony.

So, one of the effective ways is to catch a frog in a pond and quickly attach it to the place where there are acne.

Then say these magic words:

After that, you need to remove the skin from the frog and bury. But, of course, it is better not to do this, but simply letting go of the frog.

A plot of acne at home

With black cow’s milk

Another of the old rites against acne involves the use of black cow’s milk.

So milk need to wash, having said these words:

Prophylactic rite

As a preventive ritual, you can use the morning rite. All that is needed is to wash with clean water at sunrise.

At the same time utter these words:

Features of reading plots

Any acne conspiracy is inherently an oral magical effect. Therefore, it is important to spell correctly, fulfilling all requirements.

Namely, such:

  • The plot should be pronounced firmly without hesitation, but in a whisper;
  • From the sheet to read the magic words can not, you need to learn the plot by heart;
  • The rite should be held in complete solitude and silence;
  • Before the magic action it is recommended to adhere to strict fasting for several days, as well as to give up alcoholic beverages and smoking;
  • It is important to believe in the power of the conspiracy used and to absolutely believe that it will be effective;
  • For the healing plots of the light direction, the most appropriate days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday;
  • Absolutely not suitable for Sunday rites;
  • Before conducting any ceremony, it is recommended to first read the well-known prayer “Our Father”.

It should be understood that the beauty of the skin is entirely dependent on the spiritual attitude. It should learn to perceive the world around. It is important to love people, learn to forgive and not keep evil in your soul.

Professional magicians claim that there will be no flaws on a person’s skin if he smiles every morning, rejoicing at the day.

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