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Another strong conspiracy for money from the Pechora healer

Women need to perform a ritual on even days of the week, men — on odd days.

In the evening, stay alone in the room, close the windows and doors. If the room has a large mirror, it should be hung with a thick dark cloth.

Light two thick red candles.

For the ritual, you need a large wallet, two small mirrors and three coins of the largest possible diameter (it is best to take dozens of modern, you can also use old coins). Place mirrors against each other to create a “mirror corridor”.

And put the coins so that they are reflected in both mirrors, which are reflected in each other. Get a cash mirror corridor. Say:

From mirror to mirror on the road

Walk me a servant of God (name)

Go to collect denyuzhku,

Damn and Tskov,

In the purse to lay,

Lord Jesus Christ,

Have mercy on me a sinner

Bless and save,

Do not convict for greed

And help denyuzhku fellow.

Now I praise Thy name and everlastingly to Marie.

After that, put both mirrors in the wallet, coins — between them.

Always carry a wallet with you.

Will you wealth.

Do not forget, after slandering money and a wallet before bedtime, to read nine times «Our Father».

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