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Another strong conspiracy for wealth

This simple but powerful plot is done on a green scarf and wheat grain. Take a green plain head scarf or kerchief, a glass of wheat grains.

Grind wheat in a cast-iron skillet, read “Our Father” nine times over it, then cool it right in the pan.

At the corners of the table on the night of the new moon, light four candles of yellow wax. Put a handkerchief on the table.

From the pan on him shake off the wheat. Three times cross over the handkerchief with the grains, then yourself. Now say the conspiracy for wheat for money:

On the sea, on the ocean there is the island of Buyan.

On that island, Buyan is a land unknown.

They sit there on the throne of the golden Jesus of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, And his mother is together with the bed of Mary.

I will approach, the servant of God (name), closer, I bow lower.

Mother of God in the midst of Marie!

You lived on earth, You took bread in white hands, You paid for bread, You wore it in your bosom.

Give Jesus Christ and the daughters of Mary, I, the servant of God (name), so much money in the purse, How many grains are on this scarf. To be now and in the future.

Key. Castle. Tongue.

For ever and ever. Amen.

Then quickly you need to blow out the candles, wrap the cinder in a handkerchief and remove it out of sight, so that no one can see.

And take grains from a handkerchief, pour them into a saucepan, pour a glass of water and cook over low heat without salt. Eat porridge as cooked.

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