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Black plots on wealth and other occasions

Rituals and plots of black magic to attract wealth

The desire of a person is a real effective force. What if the internal energy to achieve the goal is not enough? Black conspiracies and rites most people are deterred by only one name.

Black plots of wealth

Not every practicing mage is able to comprehend what the dark forces are. The black plot on wealth acts unconditionally, but what price will have to be paid for the use of ancient magic?

A conspiracy is a purposeful influence, which a person resorts to in order to achieve his goals. For magic, the motives of a magician or a beginner are not so important. The main thing is to appeal to otherworldly power and pay for its use. For fun, powerful rites are not held. A person who deliberately took up the development of ancient knowledge, is obliged to give an account of why he needs such strength. How strong is the desire to get what cannot be achieved by perseverance or willpower?

Black plots on water or other magical attributes will allow you to get rid of your rivals, achieve wealth and feel unearthly power, get love feelings of the object of sympathy. Rituals for all occasions are easy to do at home, but after consulting with the magician. Any misstep can stand a person of health or personal success. Mages advise not to invite love relationships in this way, because the truth in such feelings will not be, but to increase profits, wealth, black magic will help in a matter of days.

Black conspiracies can be dangerous both for the victim and for the person performing the ritual. There are many warnings about dark magic, and even more myths:

  1. To bring a properly done ritual is capable of severe illness, fatal failures and even death.
  2. The consequences of magical actions to predict in advance is difficult, and sometimes completely impossible.
  3. During the spell, magicians turn to demons, owners of dark spirits, and the devil himself.
  4. Donated forces do not go away irretrievably.
  5. Each ritual requires payment, and the price is not determined by the person.
  6. With the help of the patron demons, one can gain freedom from adversity, make a profit, lead a foreign man, or impose deadly damage on the enemy.

It is possible, but is it worth resorting to magic of this kind? What is dangerous black magic? For any desire is the energy to implement. If their souls of a person make a promise to take someone’s good life, to seize other people’s riches, or to destroy a family, the bright magical forces cannot help.

Love, caused by otherworldly force, will bring little joy, and will do harm with a vengeance. Choose a way to make wishes mindlessly dangerous and extremely stupid. Before you cast spells, you should make sure that the fee you are charging will not be a tragedy for a newbie.

Spells of dark forces cannot be used without protection. Only a person with the most powerful energy, impervious to another’s magical influence, can protect himself. Practicing magicians use special blocks, they speak amulets, water and amulets. Reading the words of a spell without preparation is also not worth it. Preparation for the ritual will reduce the negative effects of the rite. Even the most powerful magician needs careful study of all phases of future action. For the fulfillment of desires use different rituals, the essence of which is to attract events, people or circumstances. Thanks to black magic, a person changes his own destiny.

Cases of life, when to do without black magic will not succeed:

  • the man’s departure from the family, the destruction of a strong union (the husband contacted the harlot, the witch);
  • strong monetary losses, promising bankruptcy, ruin, loss of all property;
  • deadly or incurable disease;
  • rituals on malicious debtors (persuasions, threats and legal grounds do not work);
  • attraction of success or fame (change of fate);
  • black magic for winding thoughts;
  • enslaving the will of other people;
  • punishment of enemies and traitors.

Powerful rituals to attract money (incredible wealth) or the object of desire (the most powerful spell) are carried out under the strictest secret. If at least one living soul finds out about the commission of a magical action, the consequences will not take long to wait. Attraction is always a strong influence on someone else’s will and energy, so you should be prepared for the fact that an enslaved person loses the taste of life, becomes sluggish and weak. Before the ritual, it is worthwhile to once again consider the risks that will be difficult to avoid.

Black magic attracts women more than men. Love spells and love spells are very popular among the fair sex. Love spell aims to ensure that the beloved returned to the family or stopped looking for love adventures on the side. A young guy with such powerful rituals will help to attract, even if he does not feel mutual feelings. A woman is not afraid of the consequences or the price if unrequited love flour torments her soul day and night.

Money suffering soul to anything, the object of her desire — the relationship, mutual feelings, reliability. Make the ceremony best in the string with the love spell. The effect will be stronger, and the result will be longer. When resorting to magic, it’s worth remembering that there will not be a man’s eternal affection. Over time, the beloved will grow cold, and the ritual will have to be repeated again. Make one ceremony for life is impossible. The strongest effects work at a distance, but this kind of black magic will not give in to a beginner.

There are several types of rituals that use dark forces. The source of strength determines their effectiveness, duration. Rites are divided by the following features:

  • power exposure to other people;
  • according to the principle of influence (what happens to a conspirator);
  • on the technique of the ceremony;
  • complexity and multi-stage ritual.

To make a difficult ceremony without the help of a magician will not work in cases where the other person has a strong defense, or he is under the auspices of the light forces. Then, the magic message will return to the sender with a vengeance.

For good luck to make a dark rite every person can. It is not necessary to be a magician or practicing for many years esoteric. To charge the desired energy used dolls, clothing and coins. The purpose of the appeal to the dark forces determines the type of rite. Dolls make it harder, because for this you need a basic knowledge of a prolonged magical effect.

The money plot is repeated several times a year. The effect of such a spell is short-lived. The ceremonies with a mirror are the most dangerous, equivalent to a love spell on blood, rituals on a grave.

Having defined the desires, the person is preparing for the rite. Buys attributes, teaches spells, preparing morally. In order for the conspiracy to be effective, it must be carried out in a quiet, secluded place. The choice of ritual depends on the ultimate goal. Love spells are carried out with a mirror, in a photograph or through the blood of the victim.

For conspiracy to death it is best to find a thing charged with the energy of the enemy. Ritual for well-being does not require additional attributes, because most often they are made for their own benefit. If in doubt it is better to contact a professional who will give a guarantee of security.

Rites for eternal affection are reminiscent of the effects of love spells, but have a more lasting effect. Conspired dolls in this case will not be needed. Use this attribute to harm other people, through illness and constant indisposition. In order for the beloved to call, look for meetings and be obsessed with the idea of ​​closeness, you should do a “black wedding”. Dangerous love spell carried alone is not recommended. To marry with the help of a black wedding will not be any problem.

To favorite called a crown, you will need:

  • a photo of the beloved and a picture of yourself;
  • six candles;
  • holy water

Love spell is done at night in the cemetery. First you need to find a gravestone with the name of the deceased, which is also beloved. A photo of the beloved and his own picture is placed on the plate. A woman’s eyes need to close and present the appearance of the object of love. To the smallest detail, his smile, nose, lips are restored. Then candles are lit and the words of the conspiracy are pronounced:

“I speak the language of people and the language of spirits and want to get love (name). I can predict and know the secrets of the sacred, and love is always with me in my heart. And even when my mortal body leaves this world and dispel my dust to the wind — love will still be with me. Love will always be alive after my death and after all deaths on Earth. I also enter into marriage with a black one. Spirits are dark: never to part. Amen.»

After the photo is burned to the ground. From now on, two souls are tightly fastened, and no forces can take them away from each other. On the road from the cemetery, you can’t look back. At home, you need to wash with boiled water, wash your hands, face and feet. In bed, the woman once again pronounces «my fiance (the name of the beloved)» and represents the face of the object of desire. Her wish will come true soon. Black plots need a way out. They can’t go anywhere. If spell words were spoken, it will be difficult to return them.

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