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Breast growth plot: use hops, water and moon

What is the representative of the beautiful half of humanity does not dream of a beautiful and lush breasts? Alas, nature does not bestow such a gift on every woman, but in order to slightly modify the shape of your bust, making it attractive, you don’t need to rush under the knife of a plastic surgeon — it’s enough to use such a simple way as a plot on breast growth.

In ancient times, women, who dreamed of finding attractive forms, resorted to such conspiracies.

Breast growth plot: use hops, water and moon

Dream of big breasts

Certain rituals that also help in solving the problem deserve special attention. If you comply with all the requirements provided for by these magical rites, then very soon the bust will begin to acquire the desired pomp.

Hops plot

Breast growth plot: use hops, water and moon

An old and long-proven means to increase the bust is a special conspiracy on the chest, which is read over the drink made from hop cones. Now this natural herbal raw materials can be purchased at any pharmacy.

A little dry hop cones are brewed like tea and the following words are read over the cup:

“Hops-father clear make my breasts beautiful. To me — to admire, to others — surprisingly. Let it be so!»

Hop broth drink, and repeat the procedure the next day. A week after the described manipulations, the breast will begin to grow.

Plot on the water

Breast growth plot: use hops, water and moon

In order to achieve the cherished goal, magicians recommend resorting to the help of water, namely — a contrast soul. Every day, take a shower, alternate hot and cool water, directing the flow of water to your chest, and sentence the following words:

“Water-water, I want you to wash, so that my face is white, so that my chest grows. So that sickness did not happen, so that she would not know the disease

To human envy did not happen over me. Amen.»

After these words, they shower themselves three times with a cool shower from head to toe, imagining the shape of the breast you want to have. A shower should be taken within ten days.

Ritual to the rising moon

Breast growth plot: use hops, water and moon

The magic of the growing moon

The help of this powerful ritual of old times was resorted to by girls wishing to purchase a magnificent chest.

In ancient times, magical properties were attributed to moonlight (namely, to the light of the growing moon), which could heal from disease, help in gaining health, and even assist in achieving the goal — acquiring a beautiful and resilient bust.

In order for the chest to grow by leaps and bounds, ancient magic recommends that you seek help from the light of the rising Moon. It is believed that «the moon’s ray, which fell on the girl’s chest, will make it more beautiful and luxuriant.» At night, turning her face (and, accordingly, breast) to the lunar serpik, the girl must mentally say:

“As the moon grows, so does my breast grow. As the moon wanes, so does the sickness take from me. Amen.»

The basis of this method is an old belief, which consists in the fact that with the growth of the Moon you can easily achieve the desired. For example, having shown money to a newborn month, a person will always have financial well-being.

And if you cut the hair on a growing moon, they will grow much faster.

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