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Conspiracies from drinking at home: the consequences

Alcoholism is a terrible problem that has tormented mankind since alcohol and beverages based on it were invented. At the moment, there are many ways to combat this habit, but not all of them promise a lasting effect. Even if at the very beginning it may seem that drunkenness was forever set aside, after a while the patient may again become addicted to a glass.

Conspiracy from drinking

To enhance the effect of traditional medicine and overcome drunkenness at the very beginning, you can use a conspiracy from drunkenness, which can be done very simply, independently at home without the help of third parties — healers and magicians. We learn about this magical method in more detail, namely, what constitutes a conspiracy from alcoholism and its consequences for humans.

A conspiracy from drinking is special words that are pronounced with the goal of curing a person from an addiction. It is very important to invest in them a maximum of strength and faith in the result, as well as, if necessary, to use additional objects.

It is very important not to joke with magic and not to use these charms in order to have fun. It should be understood that this is a certain effect on the human psyche. Without an understanding of this, it is not worth reading plots.

Since alcoholism can be classified by gender, the treatment of female, male and even child alcoholism will have some peculiarities. Thus, reading the plot will be done on different days of the week. Various additional items can also be used, since they have different strength and energy. We learn about the rules of conduct, as well as analyze the most frequently used rituals against alcoholism.

In order for the ritual to work, you need to follow some rules. They were developed by professionals who have been practicing magic for years and know a lot about it.

  • It is important to keep the ceremony in secret, nothing can be initiated into your plans. You can not talk about the conspiracy against drunkenness, even when it became noticeable positive result, that is, the ice was broken. If the plot is directed at another person, then it is worthwhile to hide from him what you are going to do, conduct everything without the patient’s knowledge.
  • It is recommended to choose the most suitable time, the decreasing moon is considered ideal. There is an opinion that it is best to read magic words on the eve of a full moon.
  • A female conspiracy against drunkenness is read only on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, all other days are suitable for men, the only exception is Sunday. Annunciation Day, good Friday, pure Thursday and other Easter holidays (including Easter itself), as well as Epiphany fasting are taboos for any magical actions.

Now it’s time to talk about the most common rites of whispers, which are aimed at combating alcoholism. Remember that a conspiracy from drunkenness at a distance will only help those who believe in it.

Probably, each of us heard more than once about the power of conspired water. So in the fight against alcoholism, holy water, to which special words have been read, has a powerful healing power. This rite is also called Siberian, as its author was a Siberian healer. Also in the literature there is another name — a strong conspiracy from drinking on the water. Indeed, this is the way many refer to as the strongest conspiracy against drunkenness.

All actions of the ritual must be carried out at night, before you go to bed. You will need:

  • Glass filled with water
  • Candle, bought in church or decorative black

The glass should be on the table in front of you, in your right hand, hold a lighted candle. Hand, in which there is a candle, christen thrice the water in the glass. After that, say the words of the conspiracy:

“I bathe the holy water, do good to heal. I will remove this moisture miraculous from the glass. When the fire of the candle goes out, I will disperse the clouds with the wind. The bad habit I cut down steeply on the vine. By this I take you off the post. ”

Half of the holy water you need to drink immediately, then cross and drink everything to the remainder. Already in the morning you will feel that the green snake no longer has such strong power over you.

This ritual is suitable for those who have taken an independent firm decision to get rid of the craving for alcohol, as well as a conspiracy from a binge, which is not so easy to deduce, but to remove its consequences and subversion. For this ideal period, when the moon is in the last stage.

Well, if the moon can be seen from the window, then you need to open the curtains and if possible open the windows and the balcony, these funds are auxiliary. Looking at the moonlight, say the following words:

“When the moon decreases, the disease will go away. In the morning the sun will rise, the disease will go away, the stars will carry it away. With the new moon, I will be different.

After the words are read, you can’t talk to anyone for another three hours. And five more days you can not look at the moon, it will cancel the action of the conspiracy.

Is it possible to speak a loved one from drinking on the photo? This method is suitable for those who do not want to get rid of dependence, the initiator in this case is the immediate family, usually a wife or daughter. The main thing to remember about the rule is that it is impossible for anyone to talk about the conspiracy being conducted, conduct rites without the knowledge of the patient. This is a very strong conspiracy to drink.

To plot from drinking on a photo, you will need:

  • Fresh photo of the patient (son, husband, brother, etc.), preferably in alcohol intoxication
  • Glass of holy water

When all the necessary things have been collected, proceed to reading the text of the conspiracy and immediately getting rid of the habit:

“The body is perishable, your illness is given, I want to relieve you of your ailments, make you free and give you the strength to live. God is with us».

After that, soak your fingers in the water and spray a very neat photo. Then put the photo under the pillow of the sleeping patient so that he does not find it and does not feel it. That water that remained will be needed in order to give to the one who is sick with drunkenness. The method described above is a strong conspiracy to drink from a photograph and a powerful tool.

There is a magic recipe in which the plot is read on a bar of soap. And it is important to take the soap, which the patient uses. It is important to choose the right time, the rite is done strictly at night. The ideal time is after 12 o’clock at night.

You must say the following words:

“I wash you from an illness, I rub it clean, I wash off alcohol. There is no longer a green serpent in life, you will not return to it. Amen».

This conspiracy will not work immediately, as it gains strength over time, as the patient washes up the conspiracy soap.

The strongest conspiracy of Vanga is used in cases where help is required of one of the closest relatives, that is, relatives. Usually, these are fathers, brothers and sons. His second name is a conspiracy from the husband’s drunkenness.

It is necessary to read the words of the Kazakh village spell, looking at the container with clean water. This water in small portions needs to be poured into drinks by a man (boy), only so that he does not suspect anything.

Say the following words:

“The water is clear, like the tears that I shed because of you. Make it so that in his mouth he never takes a cursed mouth into his mouth, let my husband (son, brother) be free from dependence. ”

On the eighth day, a person will be free from alcohol addiction, he will feel much better and freer. Thoughts will be sober and clear.

Is it possible to talk about drinking? This method works flawlessly, because here the fact that the person himself has come to the decision to get rid of alcohol dependence plays into the hands. You will be able to cure yourself, for this you do not need to turn to outside services. What does a simple conspiracy from drinking to yourself include?

To cure yourself, you need to pour a full glass of vodka, add salt, then look at it and say a prayer.

“Lord God, I am tired of the fact that I do not belong to myself, someone is above my thoughts. My thoughts are not mine, my will is not mine. May this drink never be owned by me again. Help me remove this burden, do so. Amen».

Then pour the vodka away from home. It is best to find a large sprawling oak, which will take its pernicious addiction into its roots.

In addition to the above, there are other conspiracies from drinking. All of them suggest that you must be cleansed, both spiritually and physically — take a shower or visit the bath. We learn what other effective conspiracies from drunkenness exist and what their consequences are.

This is a vivid example of the fact that popular conspiracies from drinking act. This type is made for any type of food that is intended for an alcohol addict. You need to whisper words of effective prayer on food:

«Eat, eat, but do not drink, vodka trash pour out faster.»

In order for the plot to start, you need to make a fire in a dense forest. Then, when the flames flare up, draw a circle around and start reading the effective people’s conspiracy:

«The throne is burning, the serpent is burning, he will not find you anymore, become free forever.»

At this time, look closely at the sparks of the fire and the ashes, then pour back a glass of vodka.

The peculiarity of the plot of Natalya Stepanova is that you need to read it, looking at the drink that is the cause of the patient’s addiction. It can be beer, wine, vodka or brandy.

It is necessary to read the magic words on the drink, and then give it to the patient. It is believed that the next day the addiction will be over, and in a few weeks you will have a new person.

Need to say the following:

“I call you, my friend, my God and my hope. Let this glass be the last one above us, and put an end to the attraction. ”

This is a pretty strong conspiracy from drinking. The essence of the Muslim conspiracy is that a person needs to slip into the food a small piece of crushed wax or egg shell, which was previously secretly spoken to you.

“The light of God, my God, is wise, let his spirit be pure and the mind clear. Save his soul, do not let him out of the way. ”

This Slavic method came to us from the distant past. Usually, it is used not with a simple ring, but from the hand of a widow. And the death of a spouse should be fresh, no more than two months. In the period of the waning moon, you will need to put a ring under the moonlight, wind your hair on it, and say these words:

“Lew I am tears, like a woman is a widow, I do not want to repeat her fate. Do not let your husband (son, brother) lose their way and go down, give them strength and faith. ”

After that, put the ring in a glass of water, then let the man drink the water. On this plot against drunkenness of her husband is considered to be over.

Often used methods that are directed directly to the drink, which became the cause of addiction, that is, to alcohol. They are considered quite strong conspiracies from drunkenness.

To do this, pour a glass or a glass of your favorite alcoholic beverage on your own, then say in a whisper:

“Do not drink, do not drink, never drink this. For evil clean drink. «

For the ceremony will need a new towel, which later can be presented to her husband (brother or son) as a gift. It is natural to say that any manipulations were carried out over the towel.

What words need to say?

“You wash your body, make it clean, even if darling becomes lighter and the serpent green crawls away.” Give the towel to the man.

This method was used even in ancient Russia, in order to save the young people from craving for the cursed. It is worth saying that it was considered quite powerful and effective, as there were no other methods, such as coding, hemming or hypnosis.

In order to perform an old ritual, you will need a padlock and a glass from which the patient likes to drink. It is important to conduct the ritual strictly during the waning moon, on Friday. Pour into a glass of alcohol, which the man likes to drink, then pour the contents into the key hole, saying the following:

«I close your mouth on the lock so that not a drop of vodka can fill it.»

After that, use the key to close the lock three turns, and then throw the key away from the house as far as possible.

This method is also called a cemetery love spell, as well as a conspiracy against drinking at a cemetery. To hold it you will need a new non-printed bottle with your favorite kind of liquor. Take it and go to the nearest cemetery. It is advisable that you witness a real funeral, or at least meet someone who is in mourning for a deceased relative. When this meeting happens, say these words:

«With death, your craving will die and never come back.»

Then go back home and give your man a drink. As soon as a glass or glass is drunk, the craving for alcohol will gradually decrease.

If the patient does not express a desire to be treated for drunkenness, only one conversation on this subject infuriates him, it is worth trying such a conspiracy. You need to personally collect a broom from a variety of branches. If you need to save a woman from drinking, choose the names of female herbs, in the opposite case — male. After that, carefully notice the house, while saying these words of prayer:

“I am sweeping away any dirt, but pain, so that neither me nor you should bother you anymore. Become free and strong, free yourself from the chains that bound you. ”

After that, collect all the rubbish and throw it out. It is necessary to dig a medium-sized hole in which both the garbage and the broom that was used for cleaning are placed.

Children get acquainted with alcohol quite early for the first time, this affects the fact that addiction also develops early. The fact is that the younger generation is used to imitating adults in everything. And if there is no common sense of alcohol in the family, there is a high probability that the child will become addicted to alcohol. What if such a problem already exists, how to wean a child from alcohol? It is not necessary to try on the child effective conspiracies and rituals from drinking for adults. The magic plot from children’s alcoholism can come to the rescue. It is worth saying that a conspiracy from drinking from a photograph for a child will not work, just like a conspiracy in a cemetery.

For the ceremony will need a colostrum of the cow, it can be bought in the public domain in any of the markets. Be sure on Thursday at dawn, pour the colostrum into a transparent container and say, looking at it, the prayer addressed to the Mother of God. It is desirable that in the immediate vicinity with you was the icon «Inexhaustible Chalice», because it helps to cure the craving for alcohol, along with a forty-strong amulet. After that, go on to read the plot:

“I am your mother, gave birth to you, gave you the air and the earth under your feet, the whole world is in front of you. I will not let you fall so low and lose everything, he will not be above you. Not wine, but milk will henceforth flow from your lips. Amen».

After that, on the same day, give the baby colostrum, no matter how old it is — 7 or 17. There is information that the conspiracy helps not only children but also adults, but in most cases, judging by the reviews, it helps those not yet 18.

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