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Conspiracies from the army, and about those who are there

Modern people have a strong sense of patriotism. That’s just patriotism ends at the moment when the mother sends her son to the army. She begins to worry about him, and she does everything to ensure that the child returns home alive and well. In most cases, parents read prayers. But the most emotional appeal to magic. Conspiracies for the army are particularly popular in those moments when fighting begins to take place in the country. Every mother is trying in every way to protect her child from danger.

Conspiracy from the army

At the time of the kings, military service lasted for a quarter of a century. This period of time took almost half the life of men. That is why the parents tried not to protect the child during the service, but to protect him from entering the military service. At such times, conspiracy on a spoon is an excellent option so as not to be taken to the army. In order to carry out this ritual, you need a spoon that is used by a person going to the army. Take this item of dishes, and go to the street. Find a place where the least flow of people comes. Go to the nearest tree. Near him need to bury a spoon.

While digging, you should read the following plot:

“No one can use this spoon anymore. It will not be intended for eating food or drinks. As no one can use this item of dishes, so no one can take away my son, the servant of God (name), from me. The army for him is not the way out. May he be constantly at home, and bring me, the servant of God (name), joy. I can never survive if anything happens to him. Here, if someone finds this spoon and uses it, only then can my son be taken away from me. The Lord God must help me, and protect my child from a negative situation. I hope that our father will come to our aid. My words are strong, and no one has the right to change them. Amen».

When you head towards the house, do not pay attention to anyone. No one has to see how you perform the ritual. Moreover, it is forbidden to talk to strangers on the street. Do not spread about the fact that you turned for help to magic. This may adversely affect the final result.

Nails and hair are an excellent energetic material for performing a magical ritual. After all, human energy is preserved on biological materials, which enhances the result of the magical rite. In order for the guy to stay at home and not go to the army, you need to cut a few nails from his right hand. This conspiracy from the army is quite effective. It is used by almost everyone who wants to leave a loved one at home, and to protect him from certain death.

Put the cut nails in a small handkerchief. It should be white or beige, because the light color always carries a positive energy, which has a beneficial effect on the desired result. The shawl should be buried in the place where people walk the least.

As soon as you start digging, you need to read the following plot:

“Only if the nails of my beloved begin to grow in the ground, as soon as their roots develop in the ground, it is at this moment that they can take it to the war. Until this moment, no one will ever be able to separate us, and we will always be together. His mother has many sons. Therefore, I ask the higher forces that none of them could leave her, and go to far places. God’s servant (name) will forever be in my heart. So let it be not only in my heart, but also in my life. I can never survive if any unpleasant situation happens to him. I hope that my words will reach heaven. Heaven must help me, and guide my beloved boy to the right path. Even if he himself wants to go to the danger, he will not succeed. Amen».

If your son has already been taken to military service, then you will be able to save his life and health with the help of magic. This conspiracy on the army is used when a man goes to a rather dangerous country for war. That evening, when the young man will go on the road, you need to sit on the threshold of the parent’s home, and read the necessary plot.

“I ask the powers of heaven for help. My child, my son, is sent to a terrible war that he can not survive. Therefore, I ask for help to protect him from negative actions and dangers. As soon as he sets foot on a dangerous land, cover his head with protective prayers. Let nothing threatens his life. I, mother, ask only that this guy come back to me alive and healthy. Otherwise, I just will not survive. The father is trying to hold on, but it is clear that nothing happens. We are no longer young and unable to survive the loss of a son. Hear my words, please. Amen».

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