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Conspiracy against jealousy and energy attacks

One of the deadly sins is envy. But despite this, this negative does not become less.

A powerful stream of external negative energy can destroy harmonious relationships in the house and harm health.

You can protect yourself from the envy of enemies only with the help of magic. A special plot of envy allows you to create a protective energy field around you, which will become a reliable barrier against the negative emanating from the envious thoughts of other people.

Conspiracy against jealousy and energy attacks

Strong rites of envy

Any conspiracy from the envious will be effective only if you are a man with pure thoughts and do not wish evil to other people. You should know that if you have envy in someone in your soul, then the rite being held may even become dangerous.

You can use the envy plot to create a protective amulet. If you carry this item with you, any energy attack will be neutralized in a timely manner and will not harm you.

Ritual of envious

A strong ritual should be carried out if you are sure that there is an envious person in your environment.

For the ceremony will need to prepare:

  • Icon of the Blessed Virgin;
  • Seven church candles;
  • Sanctified water.

The plot must be uttered in a whisper in a secluded, quiet place at midnight. Before the start of the ceremony, you must wish good luck and good to your enemies, and pray before the Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos.

The ritual is performed with lit candles, magic words are spoken seven times, looking at the flames.

After the last conspiracy is said, you need to drink the cooked holy water. After that, you need to sit in silence and wait until the candles burn out naturally.

This plot refers to the means of white magic. The rite can not harm you or your enemies.

Its action is based on the fact that your positive attitude towards everything in the world around you will make your enemies take a different look at you. They will stop spreading evil rumors about you and become neutral about your success.

Conspiracy against jealousy and energy attacks

Protect your own home

Of course, harmony and harmony in the family is important for each person. But the envy of enemies always represents a serious threat to your family well-being.

Therefore, in order to be protected from external negative, a special ceremony should be held.

The ritual is performed on the street, in a place where there are many crows. There you need to become and alternately bow low to each side of the world.

After that, turn to the east and say the following words:

After pronouncing the magic words, you need to pick up a small pebble from the ground.

Holding him in the palm of your hand to cast such a spell:

The spell on the pebble needs to be pronounced very loudly, you can even shout the words. It is important that the noise of the birds does not drown out the spoken magic phrases.

Conspired pebble after the rite turns into a protective amulet. It should be brought home and put in an inconspicuous place, he will be the reliable protection of your home from envy. Soon you yourself will feel who did not wish you well.

Envious people simply stop entering your home, and they can be neighbors and even friends.

To protect against an accidental envious look at various responsible events, you should wear jewelry with red stones.

Well protects against negativity and red clothes.

Also, in order to protect against envy, you should wear dried oak leaves in a purse next to a small mirror.

To protect your own home from envy, it is recommended that each year during the flowering of wormwood, a bunch of grass should be dried and kept in a hidden place in the dwelling. Every year, a new bunch of wormwood needs to be dried, and used wormwood should be burned under the open sky.

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