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Conspiracy from enemies as a way to eliminate detractors

A magical conspiracy from enemies is a powerful tool that helps to resist any adverse effects emanating from ill-wishers.

Conspiracy from enemies as a way to eliminate detractors

Appointment and use of witchcraft conspiracies

Alas, the time in which we live is such that absolutely anyone can have enemies. Ironically, sometimes the best friends once were turned into the category of detractors.

To make yourself sworn enemies, it is not necessary for someone to cross the road at the wrong time. Often, for the appearance of envious people and enemies, it is enough to succeed in any area of ​​life and be able to do something better than the people around them.

Envy and hatred are very powerful negative emotions: aimed at a person, they are capable of affecting his fate in the most unpredictable and destructive way. It is important to protect yourself in time and protect against undesirable consequences.

Just for this purpose, you can use various rites from enemies, including — from the field of dark witchcraft.

Nevertheless, it should be remembered that even plots of black magic will not be able to completely change the attitude of ill-wishers.

It, as negative was so negative and will remain.

A properly performed rite will create protection from a negative impact, and in the future the enemy will not be able to exert any bad influence on the performer of the ritual and harm any area of ​​his life.

Types and nuances of implementation

The main goal pursued by any adversary is to harm his opponent. Difficult situations, troubles at work, revenge — the methods by which ill-wishers are guided in attempts to annoy the person who did not please them. In any of the cases, a conspiracy from enemies, which has several varieties, will be relevant:

  • rites to eliminate enemies: conspiracies of a universal nature relating to white magic. They help to neutralize enemies and envious, to thwart their evil plans;
  • protective rituals from enemies: block the negative impact of ill-wishers and remove its consequences, act as a talisman for the performer;
  • rites used to identify the ill-wisher: they help to recognize secret ill-wishers who do their atrocities behind the performer’s back;
  • rituals, conspiracy vengeance and retribution of black magic: help the performer to take revenge on the enemies, to punish them. More often referred to black magic. This group of conspiracies should be used in the most extreme cases only, so as not to cause trouble.

Professional mages recommend performing rituals. Tuesday and Wednesday. These are the first three types of conspiracies listed above.

Rites performed for the purpose of punishment or revenge are held monday and friday.

A conspiracy from enemies, in general, is safe for the performer, but only if its execution is justified. Such rituals help to solve almost all the problems that are directly related to ill-wishers.

The best conspiracies from detractors

Conspiracy from enemies as a way to eliminate detractors

This ritual of the category of light magic helps to neutralize the enemies of the wiles, to resist their negative impact. The plot is read on jelly, which you need to cook from any black berries (for example, black currant, blueberry, blackberry).

A day before the ceremony, a small preparation is held, during which the performer must sit in a calm atmosphere, consider his further actions in relation to the enemy.

The ritual begins with cooking the syrup from the prepared berries. When it starts to boil, you need to mix more starch into it, saying:

“Kisel, I will remember your case, boldly, quickly and skillfully. As Yegorii fought and defeated his enemies, so did the enemy (name of enemy) and I will crush, I will destroy his cause in an instant.

Kiselek-kissel, boil you all day, get up and boil, strengthen my business and fix it. I am the first (th), and my enemy will always be after me, do not overtake me and not knock down my road.

The Lord is with me: it helps me, protects and guides. As said (a), so be it. Key.

Castle. Tongue. Amen (3 times)

A ready-made jelly singer should drink completely at his own pace (it is not necessary to rush).

From enemies at work

A powerful amulet that, if correctly executed, will protect the performer from enemies at work throughout his life. The text of the conspiracy should be learned by heart, as well as personally rewrite it on a clean white sheet of paper. Read three times, the words are as follows:

“Glory to the Father, glory to the Son, glory to the Holy Spirit. Lord, save and save me from any evil, from wiles and notions, from secret ideas, from poisons and swords, from nets of snares, from insidious and cunning negotiations, from conspiracies and dissuasions, from imprisonment, from enemy visits, from bribing and yes sword, from the word uttered rashly, from false promise, from the enemy meeting, from the floodwater, from the drowning wave, save, Lord, from the beast, from the fire, from the violent wind save me, from the ice, Lord, save me, save me.

Save, Lord, from the evil sorcerer, save me from a terrible illness, from an early vain death, save, Lord, from an inverted cross, save me.

My mind, my mind, my mind, my flesh, my mind, the living red is my blood, my mind, wild and dashing, my thought. My Guardian Angel, pray for my soul, everything that I said (a), that I forgot (a) and did not say (a), come to word from the evils of all sorts of evils, (own name), save money

Key, lock, tongue. Amen (3 times)

The performer should always carry a piece of paper with this plot.

See also the protective plot from detractors on the video:

To identify the detractor

This conspiracy applies when the perpetrator does not know the name of his secret enemy, but wants to reveal it. The words are read on the eve of a church holiday, in bed, before falling asleep. Plot text:

“I walk in rows, I look with my eyes. Among the holy ranks is Samson the Holy. In the name of God, the eternal, living, I say the holy word: “Holy Samson, who brings me sleep!” Let Samson, the Holy One of my enemy, will show me, through a prophetic dream, his face will show me to him.

Trinity, Holy and Living, help, Lord Jesus Christ, bless my sleep! In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen!»

The detractor must appear to the performer in a dream.

To revenge the enemy

Conspiracy from enemies as a way to eliminate detractors

Conspiracies to take revenge on the enemy are considered black magic and are applied only in the most extreme cases. They are dangerous because they act according to the principle of damage, therefore they can negatively affect both the detractors and the performer of the rite.

For the implementation of the ritual, you need to prepare some attributes: a few foe’s hair, scissors and 2 candles.

In the “witch hour” (from midnight to 3 am) the performer must be left alone, put the candles on the table, light them. Then you need to take the enemy’s hair, cut them with scissors into several parts, saying:

“I cut and cut, punish a slave (name of enemy)! Let all my troubles go to him, let all troubles follow him! Let all the evil that he did to me, he will return to himself and even more turn around, and everything will not pass quickly!

I cut and cut, the fate of a slave (name of enemy) on my like doing! Let the villain’s sins all unhappiness turn around! ”

After reading the plot, the foe’s hair must be burned in the flame of any candle, saying:

“Burn everything, burn everything, my word is strong!”

Candles need to extinguish, butt bury in the ground.

Thanks to the action of this conspiracy, the enemy of the ritual performer is fully responsible for the misfortunes, troubles and sufferings, a stable black line will come in his life.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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