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Conspiracy from enemies: get rid of envious people and punish them

Many people are worried that sometimes not quite friendly people, and often outright enemies, turn out to be close by. This is an everyday matter.

Few people can behave this way, so as not to make a terrible envious.

Believe me, anger and hatred live as if by themselves, they do not know logic and compassion. These feelings have the only goal — constant reproduction, capture of all new souls.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to hide from them. Be sure to overtake in one form or another.

But to be afraid of enemies means to produce their black energy.

Conspiracy from enemies: get rid of envious people and punish them

We are normal people. We understand: evil begets only the same evil.

Fear or hatred — these are only parts of this negative egregor. Why should we feed him?

There are methods of building protection on very different energies that eliminate blackness, preventing our forces from increasing their power.

A conspiracy from enemies is one such recipe.

How a conspiracy from enemies works

A bit of theory to understand: those who use such rituals, in principle, have nothing to fear.

The fact is that at the time of performing the ritual, a person calls on good forces (except for those ceremonies that relate to the punishment of enemies, but about them separately).

They do not just put protection around the person, they also feed his bright side, strengthening it. That is, a person gets rid of fears.

By the way, if you begin to read the plot from enemies, but you cannot get rid of this unpleasant feeling, then boldly repeat the ritual.

The criterion for its proper conduct is your sense of security. While it is not, the ritual can not be considered effectively carried out.

If, for your own reasons, you wish to punish someone, harm the enemy, then consider: you will have to turn to the dark forces.

They, one way or another, will affect your personality, infecting with negative.

It is recommended not to get involved in the game of mandatory vengeance. In any case, the Higher Forces will do this for you.

Just trust the universe.

Remember the words of the Lord: «Be like children …». This is from the point of view of working with the forces the best position.

Although you choose.

Conspiracy to protect against enemies

Light a candle, look at its fire and imagine that black ribbons come out of you, burning in its little light.

You can imagine that on the contrary, the flame enters your aura, filling it with life-giving energy.

So until you “find yourself” in a fire egg that fills all the space around. At this point, say these words:

“I’m filling up with light, getting rid of my enemies! Wrap the smoke, turn to the spirits! What did you cook for me, then you will take it yourself; you won’t spend Holy Fire!

Angel sees the malice, take offense, wash away tears, warm the soul. All that is said will not destroy me!

I cleanse myself with light, I feed on love! Amen!»

If you know someone who wishes you evil, you can give specific names. Be sure to be careful and fair!

This plot brings balance to the world. If you make a mistake and designate an innocent person as a “villain”, you can harm an innocent person and bring righteous anger to your head.

It is better to do without names than to offend a kind person with suspicion.

Conspiracy how to get rid of enemies

You need to buy a black and white thread. Be sure to new and natural!

For example, wool.

  1. Tear a thread half a meter long from each skein.
  2. Connect them together.
  3. Fold in half and tie into seven knots at approximately equal intervals.
  4. Every time read this conspiracy:

“Mother Mary fell asleep about the eighth day in March, but she could not open her eyes from tears and breathe freely.

Her son woke her up and asked: What did mother do?

And she replied: «I saw a dream that You, My Son, were crucified on the cross and terribly tortured!»

«Do not be sad, Mother» — Jesus said. “There is no such force that can kill me. I make this prayer to all.

Whoever reads it, no enemy is frightening or dangerous. To be in my goodness and faith imperishable. Amen!»

A thread with seven knots must be worn with you. She will protect from the evil eyes and thoughts of bad people.

And if fear or anger again rolls on you, then pull it out and read the plot again.

Do not be lazy, strengthen your soul, charge it with light and good!

Strong plot from enemies

The rite is performed with black berries. Any suitable. Put them in pottery, wrinkle with a pestle and repeat these words:

“I’ll turn in black jelly, remember and crush it. As Georgy won, no one dared to stop him, no one could resist him.

So no one decree to me. Black is a matter of mine, I boldly, under the Lord’s wing, that protects me, directs and guards!

We will fight the black evil together, we will not harm anyone with our anger! Enemy — enemy, friend — friendship! Amen!»

The resulting gruel must be taken out into the yard and buried in the ground. See that neither animals nor people touch it.

Harmful is very.

From enemies and envious

Take thirteen golden coins. Follow the road and throw one behind the back, reading this plot:

“I block the road. I turn him away from myself with gold!

Let evil go the other way, it does not find mine! Amen!»

From enemies at work

To prevent anyone from harming you at the place of service, perform such a rite.

  1. Take a photo of your team and a thread of black.
  2. Wrap a picture and read the plot.
  3. It is pronounced thirteen times:

“By my will and by the power of the Lord, I bring away the black evil of the enemies. I confuse and twist, I want to start a dead end. Angel is with me, with them (with him) the devil.

He does not win, do not trick, the bright cause to win!

Let the thoughts of the enemy be confused and afraid, do not bring harm, carry away the legs! Amen!»

Punish your enemies

For punishment you need a photo of the enemy.

The ritual is performed only after midnight.

Each must be read separately (if you have several enemies).

You will also need a black candle and a black dish. It can only be used for magical rites (that is, the usual plate from which they eat is not suitable).

Conspiracy from enemies: get rid of envious people and punish them

Light a candle, take a photo of the person you want to harm, cross it out with a cross in black marker or paint and say the following words:

“Cara came, brought you what others wished, but took it to yourself!”

Now set fire to the image of a candle from four sides, put it on a dish and read until one ash remains from it:

“By the power of hell I punish, by the power of the Lord I forgive!”

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