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Conspiracy from enmity between relatives: Conspiracies of the Pechora healer

This conspiracy will help to find peace in the parental home and where you build your happiness with your loved one.

And there, and there family quarrels — a terrible thing. There can be many reasons: maybe someone envied and jinxed the world in your family; maybe you are just too tired of each other.

Whatever the reason, the plot will help.

It is done on the young moon. First, you need a week (you can eat bread, boiled vegetables and cereal without milk and butter, drink only plain water).

As this week goes by, pierce your ring finger on your left hand at night, and then leave three drops of blood from it under the threshold of your house, from the outside, and say:

Eat in the valley land

without windows and beds,

without any doors

Watching her blueberry,

not a woman and not a widow.

She weaves, knits.

Who will curse my family

he will punish himself.

How not to give birth to an egg,

The cat will not give birth to a mare,

The mare will not give birth to pork,

That to not touch the damn sorry

Neither me nor my family.

I speak with seven locks,

I lock the family keys.

The key is a fish in his mouth.

Who promise me a coffin,

That will take him away.

Then close the door, turn the key in the door lock seven times and burn it over the church candle, reading “Our Father” over it nine times. After this, peace and grace will reign in the house.

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