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Conspiracy from evil people ⇒ get rid of bad and envious

Often, we fall into a black or gray strip because of someone else’s envy or malice. Agree, this is not fair, you don’t want anything bad for anyone!

And here comes a conspiracy from evil people and detractors.

And why is their negative impact on your life? The question, by the way, is not idle.

As a rule, like is attracted to like.

In other words, the corruption does not bother the angels.

Therefore, before defending yourself, inspect your thoughts and beliefs. Are they harmless to neighbors or enemies?

Conspiracy from evil people ⇒ get rid of bad and envious

Of course, we cannot achieve an “angelic” attitude towards ill-wishers on this earth. Only to strive for this is necessary.

Try to think less badly of others, forgive, or at least understand them. Then less malice will be on your way.

Yes, and people will seem kinder and nicer, check on experience, this fact is known.

But, of course, you should not neglect the magical conspiracies, as long as you cleanse yourself of the negative. It does not interfere.

Take it as a rule, to invest in any rituals not hatred “for enemies”, but love for yourself and your relatives.

It is, in fact, simple.

Regardless of the words that you say, think about the wings of the Angel, that you have separated you from the whole world with an invisible wall. They are light and transparent, but so strong that even an atomic explosion will not harm them.

Plot from evil people

You can say words at any time and in any situation. They do not harm anyone, they only strengthen «your Angel.»

They are not even to protect, but rather the activation of personal shields, that by nature they are invested in any.

Imagine your aura. She looks like a giant egg.

So, the conspiracy you make it «shell» is much stronger, without affecting others.

Just their anger through such a barrier does not penetrate (if it exists). And when it seemed to you, that’s okay.

Practiced «protective mechanisms» and all.

Conspiracy from evil people ⇒ get rid of bad and envious

“By an order, the angel of the wall, the Lord by the wave, the Holy Spirit closes at once. From the evil people, from the full envy of the eyes, from the enemy adamant, from slander and slander, from every devil and Satan.

Don’t punch them with my armor! Amen!»

Learn these simple words and use whenever you feel something is wrong.

Conspiracy Protection

And if you see for sure that an aggressive (in the energy plan) person is near, then you can use a plot – attack. He will not only strengthen your “armor”, but also “give” to the evil eye, so that it will defend a good person in good faith.

By the way, this plot is recommended to know by heart the young moms. Children often become objects of the evil eye, but they cannot protect themselves.

They definitely need Mommy’s love and care.

Speaks need at the moment of danger the following:

“The serpent of fierce Saint George conquered, he freed the way for believers George the Victorious about the protection of pray! Put a barrier to evil eyes, envy and damage, so as not to leave the devil for a visit!

Spear your direct to black eyes, let an evil tear run through them! Victorious Saints myself (child) is laying! Amen!»

When you know for sure that an unkind person who has a habit of spoiling life is working or living nearby, you will have to put up more serious protection. It is recommended to go to the village, to work in the garden.

Conspiracy from evil people ⇒ get rid of bad and envious

And at the same time and conduct a ritual to protect against evil people.

  1. Grasp the weeding.
  2. Put the grass crosswise in a pile.
  3. As it grows up big, then set it on fire and say this:

“I burn the grass, I burn out all the black worms. I free the land from the enemy. Smoke come out, evil goes!

As everything burns through, the enemy will turn into ashes. A friend will appear from it, and it will always be around! Amen!»

Now do not worry about anything.

From evil neighbors

It would be nice to isolate yourself from unkind people living in the neighborhood with a mirror. Direct the reflective surface in their direction.

And when this does not work, then conduct a rope ceremony.

For him, prepare a piece of black harness, preferably from natural materials. At midnight, imagine your enemies and speak the words of a spell, tying knots:

“The rope winds, but it is not eternal. Between me and the neighbors durable wall.

I knit knots, bind, and moat the moats for the sorcerer and the witch, for the porchun and the wicked one, so as not to be near them for a single day! I knot the knots of my eyelids and eyes, so as not to look towards my yard, to cover my eyes with veil, to burn in hell, to sink into the pond.

How to fix the nodes, put the wall! Amen!»

Place the plotted rope on the wall that goes to the neighbors. Do not worry about the «secret of the ritual.»

If they see your harness, they will either change internally or move to another place. Despite the evil words, there will be no harm to people from a conspiracy.

Is that they deserve this.

But not you decide, but the Lord.

From evil tongues

So sometimes it happens that unkind and envious gossipers just do not give the passage. They grab hold of their perverted thoughts and evil tongues and do not want to lag behind.

It comes to the point that I want to beat them in order to shut their mouths!

But there is no reason for such an attitude. But will you explain?

Here a dry ritual will help.

Conspiracy from evil people ⇒ get rid of bad and envious

  1. Go outside, pick some weeds.
  2. Bring it home, lay it out on the windowsill or balcony, so that the sun shines on it longer.
  3. Say these words:

“Drain, grass — ants, eat hot sunshine, remove moisture. How do you dry, so dry the evil tongues, do not speak nasty words, do not mow my side, Drain the grass, survive evil, gossip dry!


From the evil boss: read at work

Such a misfortune as a leader is a fool, and even with ambitions, you can also get rid of it. You should not even doubt it.

Once he leads you with his nagging and aggression, he knows that he feels weakness and stupidity against your background.

Feel free to read the spell, and then let him decide whether to urgently elect, or make room for a person more suitable for the position.

  1. Buy a candle in the Temple. Bring to work.
  2. Light up when you are alone with yourself.
  3. Walk around the room where you work, repeat six times:

“A month of God dawns, I turn around the light of God, I shield myself from evil and misfortune. That grief is not nameless, it hangs over me, stinks and threatens.

Slave (the name of the chief) Lord forgot! Not praying, not baptized, with the devil found, evil does! Only the Lord of the forces of all will win!

Falling cross! Do not revenge please, but justice! Amen!»

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