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Conspiracy from laziness: use the rite and the guardian angel

Laziness is one of the main enemies of all our plans, which impedes the realization of desired events and the achievement of goals. Often, laziness manages to take us by surprise, and then to everything that happens around a person, interest is lost, replaced by apathy and inaction. Is it possible to get rid of this condition, and with even greater zeal to take up the job?

You can, if you bring to the problem of ancient magic rites and a powerful conspiracy from laziness.

Conspiracy from laziness: use the rite and the guardian angel

From where laziness is taken

Mages claim that the so-called “cause” of inexplicable laziness is «Lyarvy» — energetic entity-parasites that settle on the astral body of man. Particularly vulnerable to these parasites are people with a weakened biofield (which often occurs as a result of a shock, emotional breakdown).

If an inexplicable attack of laziness had previously been preceded by a similar disruption, then obviously the person has become the object of attention of the harmful energy entities that have settled on his astral body. In order to be cleansed of these parasites, magicians recommend resorting to the following ancient rite.

Ancient rite

Conspiracy from laziness: use the rite and the guardian angel

It is necessary every day to get up at sunrise (you can determine the exact time of the rising of the heavenly body by the calendar), having prepared a bowl of water in the evening. Capacity must be left on the balcony or in the open air, so that the water is charged with the energy of Nature.

After waking up, magicians are recommended, you need to scoop a basin of water from the pelvis, stand with both feet, and pour the charged water into the palm of your hand, pour it on top of your head. Water should be poured carefully, making sure that it does not spill past the pelvis.

It is believed that the water thus charged purifies the energy body from the creatures parasitizing on it. Water from the pelvis should be poured under any tree, and the ritual itself should be carried out daily, for one lunar month, starting from the day of the new moon.

It is advisable to read any known prayer during the procedure.

Help guardian angel in getting rid of laziness

Conspiracy from laziness: use the rite and the guardian angel

During this period, it is useful to appeal to the guardian angel, which helps in resolving all difficult life situations:

“My angel, my guardian, protect me with yourself, save me from laziness, protect me from laziness, protect me from idleness and teach me to work. Amen.»

It should be noted that at the time of attacks of laziness and loss of interest, Orthodox people can turn in prayers to Rev. Arseny the Hardworking — devotee of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, whom no one has ever seen staying in idleness, as well as to Seraphim of Sarov and Macarius the Great.

The most important condition that will allow a person to avoid attacks of laziness as a result of astral body damage by parasitic lyarvams is not to allow yourself a single day to be idle, not to succumb to despondency and try to enjoy every day. Care should be taken to strengthen its bioenergy field, the weakening of which, as is well known, contributes to gluttony, the abuse of intoxicating drinks and fornication.

Spiritual work, asking for help from your Guardian Angel and observance of religious positions, in turn, will avoid the temptation to succumb to idleness and, as a consequence, the occurrence of attacks of inexplicable laziness and inaction.

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