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Conspiracy from loneliness: how to find friends and love

Our century is a century of development of various technologies, many of which allow making communication and information exchange between people simple and convenient. The Internet makes it possible to send messages over many thousands of kilometers, dating sites acquire new friends.

However, there are still many people who feel lonely in this world. There are many reasons for loneliness. This is the absence of people close in interests, the fear of despairing in a person, some phobias and many others.

For some, the form of loneliness is a natural habitat. People do not try to find someone with whom to share information.

They do all their business independently and sometimes live a life without a couple and heirs.

Conspiracy from loneliness: how to find friends and love

Another form of loneliness is the desire to find a companion, partner or anyone else, but the lack of any skills in this matter. Any experiences that were previously put a barrier to a new acquaintance.

If the usual methods fail, then the best option is to use the forces of white magic.

The conspiracy from loneliness is now used by many, and in a short time they acquire a circle of acquaintances, and subsequently friends.

What is convenient plot of loneliness

Conspiracy from loneliness: how to find friends and love

Why is everything so simple

The main convenience of this magical conspiracy is the absence of the need to establish contact in the usual way. A very unique chance for those who can not meet with it.

In this way, potential acquaintances themselves will try to engage in communication with the one who conspired and try to find common themes. It should be noted that acquaintance is not just a process of obtaining new information, but also possible prospects.

After all, it may be the case that a new interlocutor is the person who will help solve the accumulated problems, or arrange for a well-paying job, and possibly a future wife or future husband.

Gold plot

Conspiracy from loneliness: how to find friends and love

Gold plot

The easiest conspiracy to help get rid of loneliness is a plot for gold. Other precious metals — silver, platinum and others, will not work here.

It is advisable to have three coins.

The whole process of magic spells should be carried out alone. At any time of the day, take a candle and drop it on the gold product, attach another one to it and do the same with the third one. After that, say the following words out loud:

These words need to be repeated three times, after which cover the precious items with a small white cloth and put in a dark place. The next morning, right at dawn, separate them and put them on.

Due to their presence on the body, they will be connected. If everything was done correctly, then it will be possible to notice how people around you begin to show interest.

There is some inconvenience in this spell. In the event that at least one product is removed, the plot immediately loses its force.

Therefore, it is recommended to use gold coins. They can be put in a pocket, or carried in a wallet.

Plot on a certain person

Conspiracy from loneliness: how to find friends and love

Conspiracy per person

Sometimes for communication does not require a lot of people. I want to get rid of loneliness and at the same time to establish communication with only one person.

It is quite possible, but it will take some thing or human hair. It can be a button, pin, barrette and anything else that the object carries constantly with itself.

However, the loss of things should not excite him. At sunset, put any of your things on the saucer and next thing the object of the plot.

Take a candle to light it and drip wax on top. You will need to say the following words:

— let the wax hold me and (name) firmly firmly;

The resulting mass should be rolled up and carried. It will attract two people to each other.

The very next day, the one to whom the plot was addressed would suddenly see in the person a great interlocutor.

The convenience of such a conspiracy can be noted and the fact that it allows not only to establish communication, but also to achieve something more. If this is a person of the opposite sex, then a romantic relationship can be built with him and this will lead to the creation of a family.

Business opportunities are not excluded.

Elena 09/22/2014 4:47 PM

Tell me. Is there a headset worn by a loved one? Do you have a conspiracy?

Olga Nov 06.11.2014 20:44

For some reason, the conspiracy in gold does not work for me: people around me do not show interest to me, even relatives, although everything seems to have done the right thing, more than a week has passed, but there are no results. Why?

Natalia 07/06/2016 14:43

And if I do not have 3 gold coins, there are 2 gold pendants and a cross. What would you advise me? Thanks for the answer.

Dean 10/08/2016 2:47 PM

Natalia, I think it would be better to have three gold coins. Since the ritual is advised to take them.

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