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Conspiracy from papillomas — we are treated by folk remedies

A conspiracy from papillomas and moles will help get rid of ugly formations on the skin. In the old days there were no surgeries and cosmetic procedures — the girls turned to medicine men and healers.

Let’s try and we understand the popular methods of treatment of papillomas.

Who is the plot for papillomas?

«Speak» papillo should try in such cases:

  1. You are afraid of surgery — not everyone will risk removing the papilloma, wart or mole with the help of a surgeon. If there is an irrational fear of doctors in your head — conspiracies and popular methods of treatment
  2. Remove papilloma from the doctor is expensive — the family budget will not sustain such costs. While you are saving money for an operation, try to read the conspiracies — suddenly you will be able to avoid surgery.
  3. In your village there is no good doctor who specializes in removing papillomas. Then folk remedies and conspiracies can be the best option.

But we still recommend that you first be examined by a doctor in order to be sure that the formation on the skin is not of a malignant nature.

In any case, conspiracy will not harm. And if he helps, you will greatly save on the services of doctors.

The plot of papillomas on the grass

This version of the conspiracy is well established in getting rid of moles, even if they are large enough. What you need to do to prepare for the ceremony:

  • Tune in Sincerely believe in the magical power of the plot — the placebo effect has not been canceled
  • In the mindset of peace and goodness, go to a forest or grove. The further he is from the city, the better
  • In the forest, find dry grass. Or narvite fresh herbs — dry it at home. Ideally, the grass should dry in the sun.

After that, you can proceed to the rite itself. Wait for the day when the moon will be in a decreasing phase.

During this period, lunar energy is aimed at healing, and the effectiveness of the conspiracy increases several times.

Wake up early in the morning, get harvested dry grass. Gently move the grass to a mole or papilloma and start reading the following plot:

Conspiracy from papillomas - we are treated by folk remedies

Magic words must be pronounced three times — clearly, confidently and without hesitation.

But this ritual does not end there — you need to go out and find a dry tree or shrub.

Next to the plant, dig a small hole, put in a hollow a plot of grass and throw it in the ground.

Important: You need to dig with bare hands, do not use any mechanical devices for this.

On this rite is considered over. When the plotted grass in the ground is completely rotten, the papilloma or mole will disappear.

The plot of papillomas on milk

This variant of the conspiracy is suitable if you have the opportunity to get fresh village milk. It should be a pair, preferably still warm.

The rite is held on the descending moon for three days in a row. Prepare the milk and pour it in a small saucer. Holding the pot in your hands, say the words of the plot, looking straight into the milk:

Conspiracy from papillomas - we are treated by folk remedies

Then wet the palm of your left hand with conspiratorial milk and gently wipe the papilloma with each finger alternately. After that, wait until the fluid on the formations dries.

Important: you can not take a shower after a conspiracy during the day.

It is allowed only to wash your hands.

Therefore, it is advisable to wash before the ritual.

If the rite did not work the first time, it can be repeated in a month.

Money plot from papillomas

This is a very ancient method of folk healing, for which you will need a small coin. The rite is held on the decreasing moon. But you can not do it on the night before the new moon — keep this in mind

Choose from the piggy bank the oldest and homely coin. Attach a metal object to the papilloma and say the text of the plot:

Conspiracy from papillomas - we are treated by folk remedies

Repeat the magic text three times. Then go outside, find a crowded place and give the coin to a random passerby.

You will be lucky if you meet a beggar who collects alms — he will not be surprised by the unexpected generosity of a stranger.

Healing magic will begin to work when the receiving hand touches the plotted coin.

Important: you can not give the coin to the child. The fact is that such a rite has the effect of a shift — you give your illness to the one to whom you are handing the money.

If you are not ready to «give up» the sore to a completely unfamiliar and innocent person, it is better to choose other options for conspiracies so that your conscience does not suffer.

Keep in mind — if you have several papillomas, for each you need to use a separate coin. In one day, it is allowed to talk no more than nine moles or warts. The next time the ceremony can be held only after forty days.

Repeat it until the ugly formations completely disappear from your body.

Watch a video on how to read the plot from papillomas and warts:

The plot from papillomas on potatoes

You can talk and cure papillomas with the help of ordinary potatoes. Folk healers believed that this vegetable has healing properties — it literally pulls the «contagion» out of the skin.

The ceremony is held three times — three days in a row. Therefore, you will need three large potatoes.

Ideally, they should be grown in their own garden.

Cut the vegetable in two halves. Be the first to lead on papilloma, while reading the well-known prayer “Our Father” at the same time.

Then get out of the house and bury the spelled potato in the ground. Cast the other half over your shoulder and say a conspiracy:

Conspiracy from papillomas - we are treated by folk remedies

Repeat the rite three days in a row.

When the potatoes in the ground rot, then your sores will pass.

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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