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Conspiracy from the evil forces in the house: how to recognize and how to expel

Today I will tell you a very strong conspiracy from evil forces in the house. I will also tell you how to recognize evil spirits, the evil eye and damage to the house.

You did not even guess, but in fact most of the sudden problems that appear in your family can be associated with the evil eye or damage to the house. In the worst cases, this may be due to the fact that an evil force has “settled” in the house.

Such phenomena are very dangerous, since in most cases they lead to death, serious illnesses, divorces and poverty. Today I will show you how to get rid of it and how to recognize it.

I advise skeptics to also read the Conspiracy, for it has no counter-effects and refers exclusively to white magic. I assure you that if you have spontaneous problems, they will disappear in an instant.

How to recognize?

“It is necessary to know that any evil force will spoil and actively show its aggression when the inhabitants of the house are most vulnerable. In such an unprotected state, we are in a dream.

Attention should be paid to disturbing, terrible dreams or nightly abnormal movements or sounds in the house, ”said Yana Pasynkova.

“For most people, evil spirits are mythical mermaids, demons or devils. But in reality this is far from the case.

Otherworldly forces, manifesting themselves in real life, can bring a lot of misfortune and misfortune. Pets read well the information — they behave strangely or aggressively, ”the psychic added.

According to the clairvoyant, having felt something wrong, you should take a church candle and prayer around the apartment three times. This will help to neutralize the negative influence of otherworldly forces.

How to get rid of evil spirits

This magic ritual must be held in the evening when it is already dark outside. In the left hand, take a handful of ordinary salt, it is better that it was coarse, and, slowly, go around the whole house. During this, reading the prayers and conspiracy: «Let all the bad, dark, witchcraft go to this salt: diseases, curses, unhappiness, and leave my house forever.»

Then you should pour the salt used for the ritual onto the road, away from your home. The ritual must be repeated three nights in a row.

To get rid of the evil forces, you can also use herbs. Best of all poppy or weeping grass.

The above herbs should be put in front of the doorstep. If you use a poppy, it must be wild.

Sanctify it beforehand and scatter it around the house.

So that evil spirits do not disturb you and your relatives, you can make yourself a talisman. A good talisman can be a grass pillow that will drive away evil spirits. Take the leaves of thyme, birch, mint, plantain, and cornflower flowers and place them inside your pillow.

She will not only protect you while you sleep, but also calms your nervous system, because no one will disturb your sleep.

The conspiracy to get rid of the unclean

I recommend reading the Plot for a month every night at the same time. For the Conspiracy, you will need 30 church candles. Light one candle every night and start reading the Conspiracy:

Eternal God, deliver us from the capture of the devil, deliver Thy servant (name) from any act of unclean spirits, and they will deviate from the soul and body from Thy servant (name), and may they not continue, are hidden in it, or they are attacking him, but let him run away in your name the only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ and the Life-giving Cross, and Your Holy and life-giving Spirit from the creation of Your hands, be cleansed from all devilish actions, slander, reverendly and righteously, and piously live, reassure and the life-giving secrets, the only begotten Son and Lord Our God, Jesus Christ, with him is the blessing of you and pre-praised, with the most holy and good and life-giving Ti Spirit — always, now and forever and ever and ever.


Let them run away and depart from this house and from this place!

And the yak of the entry of every good and journey, in poisoning and drinking, from the servant of God (name) — of all the devilish circumstances and sorceries magic action by sprinkling prayer and water by sprinkling disappear all the devilish forces. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


The plot must be repeated 3 times with an interval of 3 minutes.

Every evening you need to light a new candle, even if the old one has not yet burned down. When all 30 candles are used, collect them in one place and keep them in the house at all times, do not throw them away.

Hide in a secluded place.

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