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Conspiracy from thieves: how to find and punish

Theft exists just as much as a man lives on earth. For some, theft is a kind of entertainment option, for others it is a type of income, and for others it is a disease that is extremely difficult to get rid of.

Conspiracy from thieves: how to find and punish

Magic against thieves

There are many traditional ways of dealing with thieves, but most of them, unfortunately, are not effective. Do you know that a conspiracy from thieves is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from such problems and punish people who have no good hands who have already managed to clean the house (land, cottage, etc.).

Power in magic

Conspiracy from thieves: how to find and punish

Magic is capable of much

Surely you have heard more than once that magically accomplished acts (rituals, rituals, love spells, etc.) help to achieve the desired goal. So, with the help of magic you can:

  • bewitch your beloved;
  • open the mistress;
  • attract wealth, success, good luck;
  • bring the thieves to clean water;
  • protect your money and property by protecting you from thieves;
  • return stolen;
  • punish intruders.

But at the same time it is important to know and remember that you can resort to the help of magic in cases when the thieves really were in the house (cottage, garden).

With the help of witchcraft will not be able to return the thing that was lost.

Moreover, if you perform rituals or rites in case of loss of things, then this can turn into a lot of trouble for the caster himself. Believe me, the consequences can be most unpleasant.

For this reason, experienced sorcerers and magicians are advised to think carefully before using the power of magic for their own personal purposes.

Rites against theft

Conspiracy from thieves: how to find and punish

Stolen items have great energy

If you are sure that missing items are the work of robbers, then rituals and ceremonies should be carried out as soon as possible. Every thing is capable for 7-10 days to preserve the energy of its owners, with which it is possible both to find the thief and make him return the stolen goods.

Magically carried out actions affect objects in such a way that they bring unpleasant person all kinds of trouble.

When the rituals (rites) are performed in a timely manner, the thief will try not only to get rid of the good acquired by illegal means, but also will try to return it to its rightful owners.

The person who committed the crime, subconsciously realizes that only such actions will help him to break the curse and return the life benefits that «leave» from the thieves when imposing on him a magically made rite.

There are also frequent cases when a thief, in order to get rid of the ill-fated «catch» as soon as possible, throws out the loot. In this case, the good will still come back to you, even if it takes several weeks, but things will be with you sooner or later. The thief himself will be haunted by fears and various kinds of trouble for a long time.

In the world of thieves, there is even such a sign: get rid of the stolen, not giving things to the owners themselves, then wait for trouble in the form of arrest.

Rules of conspiracy from thieves

Conspiracy from thieves: how to find and punish

Conspiracies and rites from thieves are very simple.

Conspiracies from thieves will not work if you do not adhere to the main rules of magical acts:

  1. Do not resort to magic to check if it exists. If you make a conspiracy from thieves, but at the same time there were no robbers in the house, then the consequences could be the most terrible. At best, spells will not work, and at worst, you can harm your family and lose your happiness, money, success, luck, and other worldly goods.
  2. Only by believing in magic can one achieve the desired result. If you do not believe in acts of this kind, then it is better not to waste your time and energy.
  3. In effecting a conspiracy from a thief, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you are asking from a higher power. So that the spells work, you should concentrate on the problem as clearly as possible.
  4. To read the conspiracy, so that the thief returns the stolen, you need in all seriousness, as in principle, other magic spells. Drop jokes, chuckles, fun. You must remain neutral serious.
  5. While conducting a magical act, no one should help and distract. It is best if you read the conspiracy in proud loneliness.
  6. Do not divination if you want to harm someone, guided by a sense of revenge. The conspiracy should help exactly the conjurer. And how this act is put into action should not concern you. Even if the thief suffers.
  7. Magic does not like publicity, so it is better not to spread about your intentions among your relatives and friends.
  8. Before reading the conspiracy against thieves, turn to the Lord God. Prayer will help achieve the desired result. And even if you make a mistake somewhere and do something wrong, then the family and children will not suffer, as is usually the case if you violate the rules for performing magic rituals.
  9. Speaking a conspiracy from a thief you need to focus on his words.
  10. When a plot involves the use of an object (a photo, a strand of hair, the personal thing of a person to whom the plot is read, etc.), but there is no such thing in the house, it is best to resort to using another rite for which everything is needed.
  11. It is believed that in order to strengthen the rite of action, it is necessary to exclude alcohol from your menu (three days before the act), to put on monotonous and non-colored clothes and not apply makeup.
  12. It is forbidden to resort to magic during menstruation.
  13. When putting into action the plot of “how to punish a thief”, be sure to put “protection” against opposition, otherwise the forces directed towards the thieves may come back to you and cause harm.
  14. The prayer that must be read before the conspiracy is pronounced must be spoken before the icons of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Kazan Mother of God. It would not be superfluous if there are other icons of God’s holy helpers in the house.
  15. During the act of conspiracy to ensure that the thief returns all the stolen, try to have in the house were church candles, silver objects. And yes, do not forget the holy water.
  16. It is necessary to read the plot from a thief clearly, slowly and without hitches. Therefore, it is best to memorize the magic text.

Conspiracies against theft

Conspiracy from thieves: how to find and punish

Every thief will have to answer for their actions.

Unfortunately, today there is practically no reliable protection against thieves. New methods of restricting access to their apartments literally in a matter of days “get through” the thieves, and they easily operate in the house, taking everything that they like.

And if there is a reliable protection against thieves, a modern security system or something like this, then you will have to pay a lot of money for it, which not everyone can afford. What, then, should be done in this case to people who cannot afford expensive protection? How to protect the territory of your home from intruders?

There is a way out — you can drive a thief away with a strong conspiracy. If you have already become a victim of dishonest people, then with the help of magic you can find out who stole the money and how to find the thief.

Also, using a strong magic ritual, you can punish the thieves who carried things out of the house.

Conspiracy of this kind is quite simple, but they have an amazing effect.

Lock the doors of the house on the magic lock

Want to get rid of thieves forever?

Thanks to this magical ritual, you can protect the territory of your house from all sorts of encroachments from the unclean.

In order to trigger this magical act, you will need several old keys, the number of which must match the number of locks in the door of your house. Further, standing near each lock in turn, touching the keyhole with the corresponding key, we pronounce the following words: “I lock the key, close it with words.

From the dashing fellows I hide all the doors, all the good, all my-mine. So that anyone who encroaches on my property, passes by.

Let everything turn against unclean people! ”

So, having carried out a similar procedure around each door, we collect all the keys together and tie them up with a red ribbon. After, we hide the magic bundle in a secret place inaccessible to all.

Security magic castle, which is superimposed on the house, once and for all discourage thieves from the house.

The simplest magical rites from thieves

To protect the territory of your house from a thief, leaving the apartment, linger on the threshold and, holding the doorknob, say these words three times:

“Give up the pens, legs of the thief in my house. Let him pass by my door, let him not be able to enter the house. ”

This conspiracy creates an invisible veil against theft.

The second way to scare away unclean people. Before you leave the house, put an empty glass and salt shaker on the kitchen table, and then cast the spell:

«The thief will go to my house, I will treat him with salt, but I will not offer water!»

Conspiracy on valuables from Natalia Stepanova

Natalia Stepanova is a Siberian healer, for the help of which a huge number of people with problems of various kinds turn. Someone goes to a healer in order to return a loved one, to someone she helped to find happiness and good luck.

Natalia Stepanova has a conspiracy that helps protect this or that valuable thing from the encroachments of dishonorable people.

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