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Conspiracy on a new job: to find a decent job

Today I will tell you a strong plot for a new job in order to find decent and paid work.

This conspiracy is very strong and it helps to attract a powerful working energy. This conspiracy is widespread in the United States, but there it is slightly modified.

About 5 years ago I gave this Conspiracy to 5 people who had been hanging out for years and could not find a decent job.

It is remarkable, but all these people were with higher education and no small experience, but they could not find decent work. The result stunned me!

4 of them found a job a month later. The Conspiracy did not work only in one case.

One woman did not find a job. While searching and reading the Conspiracy, a young woman became pregnant and she simply did not need her job, but she found something else — family happiness and a child …

A promising, high-paying job is the dream of the modern man in the street. And given the current unstable economic conditions, such a place is a real gift of fate.

Most destined to engage in unloved things, complain about the hard life and do nothing to remedy the situation.

Sometimes the applicant passes several dozen monotonous interviews, obbivaya thresholds of different companies, not getting the desired position.

In order for you to be taken to a lucrative, interesting, promising, current position, we recommend using the help of heavenly forces, for example, a conspiracy to get work is ideal.

Thanks to an uncomplicated magic tool, you can achieve a successful career, go to the desired position, have an interview, gain the support of a manager, colleagues, and gain credibility.

Tips and features of the ceremony

To take you to work, develop the strongest dedication, especially with the help of magical powers. Conspiracies, carried out to get a good position, are executed in strictly defined time intervals. The most effective magical rituals turned out to be for a growing month.

Get the desired position is destined to more likely, if carried out witchcraft ritual on Saturday.

Enhancement on the career ladder, the ability to avoid reductions should be expected after the rites held on Wednesday.

Wishing you to be taken to a new job, with all your heart, believe the power of magic, a particular ritual. To carry out magical manipulations «just in case» is not worth it, otherwise the process will be delayed.

Great faith in the implementation of the plan increases the chance of prayer response. Doubts about the effectiveness of the plot create an energy block that does not allow the desired.

They read a conspiracy in private with them; full concentration on achieving the goal is of great importance.

The applicant will be taken only in that case when he clearly represents the upcoming work, an indicative salary. We advise you not to share your intention to perform the ritual with anyone, even if it has already been completed.

Practice shows that it is better to keep everything going on in secret, then the effect will be as tangible as possible.

Correctly chosen conspiracy — guaranteed employment

Finding a suitable position and wishing you to be accepted, it is recommended to conduct the next rite. For its implementation it is better to pick up a day off on a decreasing moon.

At noon, light a candle, carefully look at the flame, then you need to read the words of the conspiracy. They need to be repeated until the candle completely burns out.

Conspiracy «To get a new job» «I’m going to go on a forged chariot, on a golden mare. Where I go, they wait for me there, love and respect me, do not hurt me with refusal. There is no refusal to me today, nor tomorrow, nor the day before yesterday, nor the day after tomorrow, on any day, month or year, always glory and honor awaits me.

No one against me will say a word, no one will deny anything, open doors will meet me, everyone loves me, everyone believes me. Cross cross, deal with a good end! Amen.»

It also happens that a person simply does not know what kind of work he likes, because of this, he has to do an unloved job day after day, “just to get it”.But this problem can be solved with the help of the following plot.

Collect 30 coins as small as possible. From Monday to Tuesday, sew a red bag of any fabric with your own hands.

After, during the rising moon in the early morning, throw the prepared trifle into a bag, put it on the palm of your right hand, read the words of the plot 7 times.

The conspiracy «To get a new job» for the coins «30 talismans, 30 coins — find a job for me, but hurry, tell me the way now. I will be a servant of God (my name) getting on the road. Where I go, there I will find work and I will not get any refusal. ”

After reading, 10 coins are left in the bag and they are always carried with them, and the rest are buried in different places, as far as possible from each other.

If you want to get a good job you can create a plant-mascot yourself.

Plant any plant you like, it can be a flower, a bush, even a tree, the main thing is that you like it. It can be planted both in the yard and at home in a pot.

During the landing is very important to correctly read the words of the conspiracy. After the ritual, carefully care for the plant, while it lives, develops, grows, you will have a good job, profit.

If for some reason the plant died, it is better to plant a new one right away.

Expected outcome of the ritual

The result is directly proportional to the desire and accuracy of compliance with the rules during the ritual.

Practice shows that everyone who was serious about the ritual, really wanted to get a good job, took a highly paid position.

On the contrary — people who performed the ritual for the sake of entertainment, only risk exacerbating the situation. To avoid this, take the situation seriously. (open sources)

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