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Conspiracy on Wednesday: do not miss

Plot on Wednesday for good luck on this day. Read in the morning, or at lunch Wednesday.

I will stand in the middle early, go, blessing, go to the church of God, come in, crossing myself, pray to the Lord God and all of His angels and archangels.

O holy Heavenly Principles, pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to enable us to make a good beginning! I pray to the Great Archangel of God, Raphael: O God, the great Archangel, Raphael, receiving a gift from God to heal ailments, heal the incurable wounds of my heart and many diseases of my body.

O great archangel Rafaila of God, you are a guide, a doctor and a healer, guide me to salvation and heal all my mental and physical illnesses, and take me to the Throne of God, and pray His grace for my sinful soul, may God forgive me and save from all my enemies and from evil men, both now and forever. Amen.

Holy Raphael, since God’s will is done, make gold flow into my bins, flow, not expire, flow, not run out.

Subcontracts and negotiations be all my words in full, and do not attack my words neither on land, nor on the sea, nor on dark forests, nor on violent winds, but attack my words on the golden husband, on the golden sword, on the golden tree.

As a fish cannot live without water and a child without a mother, so the gold from that tree cannot exist without my bins. To all my words in the sea is the key, the lock in the mouth, — I lock it, I lock it for ever and ever.


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