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Conspiracy to sell an apartment: rites for a bargain

For a long time, magic has been a faithful helper of knowledgeable people not only in matters involving feelings and human relations, but also in matters of purely practical, material. It is impossible to count how many people with the help of magic managed to improve their affairs, increase revenues, and crank out extremely lucrative deals.

One of the means of such business magic is a plot to sell an apartment. This rite is not as famous as love spells or money plots, but at the same time it is no less useful and effective.

This conspiracy applies in cases where you decide to sell an apartment and want to attract potential customers and force them to agree to a transaction on favorable terms for you.

Conspiracy to sell an apartment: rites for a bargain

Options for simple rites

There is a huge variety of ceremonies that will speed up the sale of an apartment. They can also be used in cases where buyers are available, but you need to conduct a transaction at the most favorable price.

With wheat or rye grains

The most popular plot to sell an apartment is as follows.

Take in the palm of wheat or rye grains.

The number of grains should exactly match the number of angles in your apartment.

Bring the palm with the grain to your face and say:

Having spoken these words, gently place the grains in the corners and make sure that they stay there until the apartment is sold. After that, collect the grains, thank them sincerely for their help and sow in the ground.

Conspiracy to sell an apartment: rites for a bargain

Water plot

Another popular plot to sell an apartment is using the power of conspiracy water. Water generally has a very strong ability to transfer spiritual energy, therefore it is used in a large number of plots and other magical and religious rites.

Type in a transparent bottle of spring or well water.

Say these words above this water:

After that, gradually pour water from your doorstep to the exit from the porch and beyond. The farther you go, so the better. If you are selling a private house, pour water from your gate to the nearest busy street.

Water will attract potential buyers and show them the way to you.

With a new broom

This rite is particularly popular, as its effectiveness is time tested. For the ritual, you need to use only a new natural broom.

It is impossible to use an artificial whisk in the rite. You need to take a broom and go to the apartment that you plan to sell.

There you need to sweep up all the rooms and constantly say the following words in the process:

Such a conspiracy will not only accelerate events related to the sale of an apartment, but will also necessarily affect the amount of the transaction in your favor.

Conspiracy to sell an apartment: rites for a bargain

Attracting buyers

If a long time fails to find a buyer for an apartment or the proposed price does not suit you at all, then you can carry out the next powerful conspiracy. Having retired in a separate room in the evening you need to stand in front of a large mirror.

Looking at the display to pronounce such words:

Ritual with key

To attract buyers, you can hold a ceremony using the key to the apartment you want to sell. To do this, throw the key to the apartment in boiling water.

And while he is going to boil the next magical conspiracy:

After that, the water must be removed from the heat and left to cool naturally. Then you need to drain the water in a jar, close it with a tight lid and wrap it with white paper or foil. A jar of water should be put in a dark place and wait for the buyer.

He will appear soon, before meeting with him you should rinse your hands with water from a can. If the proposed price does not suit you, you should wait for the next buyer.

In order for the rites for the sale of apartments to be effective, you really need to really want to sell housing. You can also enhance the effect of any magical rite by visiting a church.

Where to put a candle near one of the icons and ask God for help in your business.

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