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Conspiracy to sell cars

A conspiracy to sell a car can help everyone, because it’s not always possible to sell a car quickly and profitably. In order to speed up this process and make it more profitable, you can turn to magic.

Plots for the sale of cars — a bit of theory

Conspiracy to sell carsOf course, our ancestors had no cars. Conspiracies to sell cars arose much later than many other magical techniques. But trading magic, or, as it is called now, business magic has been around for more than one century.

Such plots have long helped to do business and get the maximum profit for merchants and everyone who had to deal with trade. Such methods were used in the sale of carts, horses and other types of transport that were in those days.

Over the years, almost nothing has changed. Nowadays, magic is still shrouding all spheres of our life and can help in any situation that modern people face.

What is capable of a strong conspiracy to sell a car? You can make the desired deal much faster.

Be sure there is a buyer who will agree on your price, and who will like your product.

You do not have to make a discount, but do not forget that the price should be fair. It is not necessary to call the initially inflated cost.

In addition, you still have to advertise in newspapers and websites, ask your friends if they need a used car. Magic will not do anything for you, it will only help in your business.

A conspiracy to sell a car quickly is not always aimed precisely at a bargain between you and the buyer. But you can use several plots, both to speed up the process and to get the maximum benefit from selling cars.

Plot for a quick auto sale

Conspiracy to sell carsThis plot will help you quickly sell your car. It will attract buyers to you, which fit your product.

You may have to bargain a little, reduce the price, but there will be no end-of-buyers. It can be used to sell other vehicles, but then in the text of the plot you will need to replace the word «car» with the name of what you are going to sell.

It is also well suited for selling other things, such as furniture.

For this conspiracy you need holy water. It is recruited after the Sunday church service, which is held in the morning. When you go out of service, buy regular salt.

It is best to choose small, «Extra». She will have to sprinkle your car, so coarse salt is not a good option. For a conspiracy to salt will need only a handful, so it is not necessary to purchase a large package.

The salt that you have at home does not fit. We need the one that you take from the new pack.

It will not carry any extraneous energies that may interfere with you.

So, type salt in your left hand. Directly in her hand pour a little of her holy water so as to wet it.

A lot of water is not required. Squeeze the fist of your left hand along with the contents and say:

As without the iron keys of people honest live can not,
As without iron castles, it cannot protect its own good,
So they can not live without a car!
Like food and water, let my car be needed for them!


Now salt, moistened with holy water, should be dried in the sun naturally. You can simply lay it out on a plate or paper on the windowsill.

It is not necessary to expose the salt to the sun’s rays and open the windows. Wait until it dries, and then sprinkle a car on it with these words:

As the food approaches the salt, so let the merchant come to me for the goods.

Do not sprinkle all the salt on the car, leave quite a bit in order to add it to any dish you eat.

Conspiracy on profitable sale of the car

Conspiracy to sell carsBefore selling the car usually the owner puts it in order. At a minimum, the vehicle needs to be washed.

If you want this procedure to bring you much more benefit, you should not go to a car wash. Wash the car by self-incoherent water. Take a full bucket or any other container that will serve for this purpose, and speak into it:

I wash off all the dirt from my horse, and expose myself for bargaining. Whoever gives more money for a horse, I will sell it to him, and let the merchants come each other richer, but for my horse they are bargaining.

If you need to change the water, then drain the dirty, and on the clean, read this plot again. When washing a car, you can work out visualization. Imagine what benefits you get from selling your car, how a rich person comes to you and buys it, etc.

This conspiracy not only helped profitably sell the car, but sometimes even allowed to sell used vehicles at a higher price than originally planned.

Old and strong plot to sell a car

Conspiracy to sell carsThis plot appeared much earlier than the first car was created. With its help, our ancestors quickly and profitably sold absolutely everything that was then considered a means of transportation — oxen sleds, horses, luxury carriages and carts for transporting hay.

Today, with the help of this plot, you can sell not only a car, but any other type of transport — a bicycle, a motorcycle or even a riding horse. It aims to quickly and profitably sell your vehicle only if you ensure that buyers know about you.

For example, placed an ad in a popular newspaper or on a special site. The plot forces the buyer to have a good opinion about your product and make a choice in the direction of its purchase.

The text of the plot must be memorized in advance. It is read before a meeting with a potential buyer, a demonstration of the goods, a phone call, the submission of an advertisement, and any other actions that are associated with the sale of your car.

If you learn it by heart, then the suddenly appeared buyer will not take you by surprise, and you will not miss your chance to call for magic to help.

The full text of this powerful car sale conspiracy is:

On a nebushku clear wagon carried,
A bird harnessed to her team.
Everyone who saw that chariot
Immediately take possession of her desired.
I looked for it in my dreams, I did not know peace in the afternoon.
So even if the people are honest, everything I offer,
I wanted, I wanted, I bought it from me.
For my heavenly bird, for the iron chariot.
Key. Castle. Tongue.


Peeling machine for quick sale

Conspiracy to sell carsEvery thing carries the energy of the one who owns it — be it a vehicle, clothing or another object.

No wonder many slander, the purpose of which is to influence a particular person, require the presence of his personal belongings.

The presence of your energy in the car that you are going to sell can significantly complicate this process. People feel alien to them energy, though not everyone is aware of this.

Many people noticed something similar when there was no desire to purchase a product that was suitable for use in all respects. Your car keeps all the emotions that it caused you, and that you experienced while on the road.

You may have spent a considerable amount of time driving this vehicle.

Conspiracy to sell cars

Conspiracy to sell cars

To start, take out of the car all that is connected with you. Do not store any more items in her trunk.

Remove the freshener, mats, covers and everything else that can not be in the new car and what is connected with you. You also need to carry out wet cleaning inside the cabin, but wash the outside of the car better in advance. When you clean the cabin, read continuously, throughout the entire cleaning process, the plot:

Dirt and rubbish from the car and pick it up, the spirit and the smell of it I will bring it out of it. And as a merchant will come to me for her, then immediately the smell and his spirit will go inside the car!

After that, you should not use this machine anymore. Even approaching her without a reason is now undesirable.

No need to regret selling, missing transport if he was loved by you. Emotions can also interfere.

The better the machine is cleaned in terms of energy, the faster it will have a new owner.

Strong conspiracy to sell cars can literally help you get extra money from nowhere. It is enough to follow all the rules, believe in the result and really make an effort to sell.

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