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Conspiracy to sell cars — read independently

Car sales are now commonplace. Each seller wants to sell his vehicle as profitably and quickly as possible, and the buyer is eager to buy such a car so that both his soul will be pleased, and he will be of high quality, not broken, and at an attractive price.

It can be seen that the two participants in the transaction pursue completely different goals, because of which the car can be on sale for a long time and remain unclaimed.

Conspiracy to sell cars - read independently

Significantly speed up the process can help special magic plots to sell cars. The owner of the vehicle who decided to find a new owner for his “swallow” must read them.

Features of the use of conspiracy to sell a car

Plots for the sale of cars are considered relatively young ritual. They began to be used only with the advent of cars, and since then have helped a considerable number of car owners.

However, there are prayers that can be considered a prototype of these conspiracies (some of them will be given below). They were used in ancient times for the purpose of selling any means of transportation (carts, sleds, carriages and even riding horses).

Old prayers are by their nature more universal and suitable for selling not only a car, but also everything that can be considered transport.

Riutals for sale cars are a safe form of magical effects. They do not suppress the will of the potential buyer, they do not force him to buy a sold car.

The purpose of the rituals of this nature — only to attract paying customers and, thereby, speed up the transaction.

In order for the conspiracy to sell the car to work properly, the seller must read it subject to certain conditions:

  • effective ritual is obtained if it is carried out when the moon is waning. Reducing the moon contributes to the speedy realization of the car being sold;
  • a bargain will be for the seller, if he reads the plot on Wednesday — this day is considered the most favorable in terms of money;
  • the conspiracy will be powerless if the performer (seller of the machine) doubts the power of the magical effect and does not believe in the successful outcome of the transaction;
  • any ritual is a sacrament, therefore confidentiality is a prerequisite, even with a positive result.

In addition to all of the above, it will be useful to sprinkle the sold car in advance with consecrated water. When potential buyers appear, the car needs to be shown to them only in daylight.

And even if the first customers refuse to buy, the seller should by no means lose the positive attitude. The first failure is not a reason for despair.

It is imperative to maintain confidence in the success of the transaction, and then everything will certainly work out.

Special plots and prayers for selling a car

Simple plot

Go around the car for sale 3 times, moving clockwise. At the same time, utter the magic words given below, repeating exactly as many times as required for 3 complete detours. Text:

“As I walk around my car, buyers will walk around it, crowding and wanting to buy. The owner of the new year and the money. ”

Vintage plot before meeting with the buyer

Conspiracy to sell cars - read independently

This plot is one of the most ancient and powerful. With it, you can sell any vehicle, a car — including.

Magic words must first be memorized and read in any actions that are directly related to the transaction (submitting announcements, telephone calls with customers, meeting with a potential buyer, etc.). The text is as follows:

“On a clear sky the wagon rode, the bird harnessed to its team. Anyone who had seen that chariot wanted it immediately. In my dreams I searched, I did not know peace in the daytime.

Let the people be honest, whatever I offer, wish, want, and buy from me. For my heavenly bird, for the iron chariot.

Key, lock, tongue. Amen!»

A strong conspiracy on the keys

In this video, you can see another powerful way to plot on car keys:

Old rite for sale

This ancient ritual can be used when selling any product. For its implementation, you need to prepare in advance a little natural honey, ground red and black pepper. On Monday, before lunch, in honey you need to add a pinch of both types of pepper and mix well, pronouncing a plot:

“Like a bee to honey, like a fly to a sharp one, like a good fellow to a maiden, like a bird to the sun, and a buyer aspires to me.

Just smear the threshold — as I knocking with a bag of coins, asks for my answer. And the second is already running: he values ​​the goods.

And the third is on the threshold: the price is interrupted and expensive. Make peace, do not fight. Who will give a triple price, to that and the goods.


This mixture smear the threshold at the driver’s door — before the client comes to see the car. Ritual gives quick results, attracts the right buyer.

Conspiracy on water for selling cars from Vanga

Conspiracy to sell cars - read independently

Water starts to talk, and then you need to wash the sold car yourself. Text:

“From a horse I wash off all the dirt, but I expose myself to bargaining. Whoever gives a horse more money will be sold to him.

Let each other richer merchants come, for my horse are bargaining ”.

If in the process of washing the car it will be necessary to change the water for clean, a new portion of water should also be spoken. It is useful to call visualization to your assistants: to imagine how the car will be sold, how the buyer will like, what a good deal will be for the seller’s wallet.

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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