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Conspiracy to sell cars: SENSATION, How to quickly sell a car!

Have you ever wondered why sometimes people buy at all what they need? Why do annoying mistakes happen?

For example, I saw a great car, like there is enough money, and everything fits, and, in the end, it has acquired something completely different.

How can such strange things be explained, especially when they sometimes happen to very sober-minded people? Then the person says: “a clouding of the mind has happened”.

Conspiracy to sell cars: SENSATION, How to quickly sell a car!

It’s all about magic. Many sellers have resorted to its undoubted strength. Unfortunately, among the readers of conspiracies, people are dishonest.

Well, that’s not the point.

In order not to fail in the market of “running real estate” it is necessary to arm yourself with secret knowledge.

Since scammers use rituals and conspiracies, then a decent person, why not do this, too?

It is only desirable to observe certain nuances so that the buyer does not curse you afterwards for «closed eyes.» Everything in more detail.

Features conspiracy to sell: how to read and do

Let’s talk about when a person sells his own car.

It doesn’t matter why you came to that decision.

It is not so important.

Once you have decided to leave, do it in a good mood, with gratitude. Sale will be mutually beneficial and successful, if you tune in to the «good things».

That is, do not try to look for a «fool» who buys «this junk». In this approach there is a kind of deception, cunning.

It is advisable to proceed from the thought: a machine that faithfully served you will be loved by new owners. Let the machine completely suits him, brings only joy and pleasure.

If you come to the sale, as if to a gift to a good person (only for money), then you will not have to worry. Everything described, as yet, is not magic.

Rather, it is a psychological device.

Conspiracy to sell cars: SENSATION, How to quickly sell a car!

How much we would not try to cheat and dodge, but on the thin plane we see each other, like on the open palm.

The buyer will surely feel your attitude towards the car, he will begin to adjust his own based on sensations.

If initially a wave of love for the car, a desire to give joy to the buyer, will come from you, then they will even fly to a “stale” product, like honey.

Well, for a quick and successful transaction there are conspiracies and rituals. About them a little lower.

Conspiracy to sell cars: the rite to sell a car

It is recommended to perform the ritual on the growing moon. Buy a new deck of thirty-six cards.

  1. In the evening, light the candles, sit down at the table, covered with red cloth.
  2. Shuffle your deck, remembering pleasant occasions associated with your machine.
  3. Now lay out the cards in front of you in free order.

You need to choose the ten of spades and the ace of diamonds. These cards mean getting money.

Notice whether there were pictures next to them. If there was a lady, then focus on shoppers.

Most likely that your car will fall into the hands of women.

And if the king was near, the man will give you money for the car. But this is particular.

Place two selected cards in front of you. Cover them with your hands and read the plot:

“I will cover the goods with a hand, so that a tear will strike the evil eyes. That the sun beam freed the new owner from the clouds.

That the merchant come, the whole bazaar is well done. To leave my product, I left a fat.

So that the wheels of the century were spinning, and I was pouring money. I’ll take lots and lots of money from kind hands to close the circle! ”

Put the ace of diamonds in the car. You can put under the rug or in the glove compartment.

Conspiracy to sell cars: SENSATION, How to quickly sell a car!

It is desirable that no one disturbed the map. And carry the top ten in your purse before you receive money.

When the transaction is successfully completed, burn the card. Do not leave them at home.

How to quickly sell a car

There is a very old ritual for sale. The machine is the same product as everything else.

It is recommended to try honey — pepper mix to quickly get money for cars.

You will need:

  • a jar of natural honey;
  • black and red pepper (on a pinch).

In the first half of Monday it is necessary to add the specified spices to honey, stirring to repeat:

“As a honey bee, as a sharp fly, as a young lad, as a bird as the sun, so does the buyer want me! Just smear the threshold, like knocking, with a bag of coins, asks for my answer.

Yes, the second is running, he values ​​the goods. Oh, and the third on the threshold, interrupts the price and roads.

Do not fight, make peace!

Who will give a triple price will give, to that and the goods! Amen!»

The resulting mixture is necessary to coat the threshold in front of the driver’s door. This is done before the buyer wants to inspect the car.

No “confusion” from this ritual happens. Just comes the man who needs exactly your car.

He opens the way.

You can not hide the shortcomings of the car, he will buy in any case.

Conspiracy with water

But for high-speed sales, you can use a plot on the water. It is necessary to pronounce it at night, and in the morning it is necessary to wash the car with the received water (you can symbolically).

It is recommended, if there are nearby, to visit a natural source of water. A river or a spring is perfect.

Conspiracy to sell cars: SENSATION, How to quickly sell a car!

If there is none, or you have no time, then open the tap. Just keep in mind that a powerful natural source of power possesses extraordinary.

It is clear that the effect of it will be more.

Type in a bucket of water and read the plot. If you pour from the tap, then until the words run out, do not close. The plot must be pronounced with flowing water:

“Water is water, everyone seeks it. There is no life without water!

So without my car, there is no life for anyone. Open the way for him to water, let him leave the path of Judas!

Let the money bears, the whole bag, but the car will take, the joy will be shocked! I have the money, the buyer — the car.

Let the road be straight and not let the tire! As I splash water on my car, no one will pass by it! ”

Now you need to wash the car with this water. As a rule, if you can (in the opinion of the Higher Forces) part with this car, then it is sold within a week.

Otherwise, think about whether it is worth going against the Universe and giving back what, in its opinion, you will do an important service? This is quite a serious moment.

We often do not listen to the guardian angel, which we regret immeasurably later, but the river has flowed, nothing is returned.

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