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Conspiracy to sell cars: we sell a car quickly

Magic penetrates all spheres of life, because more and more people are beginning to realize that with the help of this power one can achieve success and desired results. In magic, there is even such a thing as trading magic or business magic, which is becoming more and more popular every year. Every day is filled with constant movement for material wealth, which is why a wide variety of conspiracies are increasingly interesting for those who believe in the power of magic.

For example, a conspiracy to sell a car will help to quickly sell a car at a desired price, and a conspiracy to trade will not only revive trade, but also improve the welfare of entrepreneurs.

Conspiracy to sell cars: we sell a car quickly

With the help of magic you can sell cars

Most often, conspiracies in the sphere of material goods are aimed at large purchases or sales, such as the sale or purchase of a car. And if buying a car is quite a simple procedure that depends on the preferences and financial capabilities of the buyer, then selling a car can be significantly complicated, because every buyer tries to bring down the price, find defects in the car and can even negatively respond to it, which accumulates negative energy.

Who conspires to sell a car?

Conspiracy to sell cars: we sell a car quickly

Conspiracy rules

A conspiracy to sell a car will help you quickly and successfully, and most importantly it’s profitable to sell a car. This plot is made only by the seller of the car, and not by the buyer, because in the interests of the seller-owner for a short time and at a good price to sell the car.

The objectives of the seller and the buyer in the purchase and sale transaction are significantly different from each other, so it is important to choose the right conspiracy to achieve the desired result.
How is the plot for the sale of cars?

A conspiracy to sell a car can be represented simply in the form of a prayer near the car, or it can be done with the help of additional means, such as salt, water, a candle, money, etc. Significantly among the conspiracies to sell cars should be divided into two main groups: for a quick sale of the car and for the profitable sale of the car.

These two types of conspiracies do not exclude the use of both in relation to one car.
You can use a simple conspiracy to sell a car, which involves reading the prayer before the sale begins, i.e.

before the car will be put up for sale. In prayer, you can ask Christ and all the Saints to quickly sell a car for its full service to the new owner.

Plot for a quick car sale

Conspiracy to sell cars: we sell a car quickly

Accelerate the sale of the car

To sell a car quickly, conspiracies using holy water are most often used. To enhance the speed of sale can also be used table salt. Holy water is collected in the church after Sunday morning service.

On the way home from the church, ordinary table salt is bought, preferably fine, as a car will sprinkle in the plot. At home, in your left hand, take a handful of table salt and pour some holy water on it. Salt is clamped in a fist and the words are pronounced:

“People cannot live without an iron lock, people cannot live without an iron key, and people cannot be without a car. Just as people cannot be without water and food, they cannot be without a car. Let it be so!.»

After reading the prayer, dry the salt in a convenient way for a person, but it is better to give preference to the natural method simply by spreading the salt in the sun and fresh air.

When the salt becomes dry, it is necessary to sprinkle the car with it, while the words are sentenced:

«Salt will have to food, and the merchant will come to the goods.»

The remaining salt is added to food on the same day. The plot to sell cars is very fast and efficient.

It is only important to tune in to the procedure itself and go through all the steps thoughtfully and in the specified algorithm.

Plot for a profitable sale of cars

Conspiracy to sell cars: we sell a car quickly

We get the maximum financial benefit

To sell the car profitably, the plot can be carried out while washing the car before it is sold. Above the water that the car was washing, read the plot:

“I wash the dirt from the car, and I bargain for the car itself. To sell, who will give more.

Let merchants bargain and come one second richer. «

It is important to concentrate on the main purpose of selling a car — a profit, and then the seller will be offered an even higher price for a car than he was prepared to receive for his car.

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