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Conspiracy to stop loving man

Many girls have situations when they begin to idolize their chosen one. It seems to them that they have found the man of their whole life, and will be with him for the rest of their lives. Each of them begins to represent a white dress, a wedding and many guests. After post pictures of family life. And here the unexpected happens. The man simply ceases to reciprocate. How to proceed? Perhaps a conspiracy will help to stop loving?

Conspiracy to stop loving man

The reasons may be the most diverse. It is likely that he just got tired of seeing the same woman next to him. The second reason lies in the fact that he found himself a new object of desire, with which he is more comfortable. As a result, he simply begins to mock the girl, who then suffers a long period of time. The third reason is that the man wanted to be alone with himself. If you are faced with at least one of these reasons, then use the conspiracy to stop loving the villain.

There are situations when a man reciprocates, only a desire to ridicule a girl interrupts love. You should never take such a position. No need to torture yourself with the feeling of love for such a person. Every girl should fight for her place under the sun, and for her happiness. And this does not mean that you should spend all your efforts on returning the former man. It is better to do everything possible to stop loving a person.

As the statistics show, after similar receptions, the man begins to regret about the deed committed, and asks to return the relationship. You can assume that love is a sensation sent from Heaven. That’s just not a reason to endure all the negative in his address, and try to re-educate a man. This is a rather difficult process that does not always end in success.

In order to achieve the maximum effect, you must follow some rules.

  1. A conspiracy to get rid of the senses should be carried out only during the descending of the moon. It is believed that in this way all feelings contained in the depths of the soul decrease.
  2. The best days are the last few days of the waning moon. So she can pick up all the feelings, and you do not have to worry a few extra days. It is clear that if you have suffered for several months, then a couple of days will not save you. But, you see, even a couple of days of freedom plays a huge role.
  3. Believe what you want. The stronger the faith that is stored in your soul, the more effective will be the result achieved.
  4. Remember that a few days before the ceremony, you should minimize communication with the person. It is desirable, of course, if these few days you will not communicate at all. Do not even think about it. This way you can bring down the whole attitude.

Before the ceremony, prepare fresh leaves of lemongrass. It is also called «melissa.» One of the parts should be stored in your own home. Take the second part with you and head for the clean pond. This can be both a spring and a well. If you have the opportunity to go to a place where healing water flows, then this will only enhance the result. If this possibility is not observed, then use any reservoir that is convenient for you. The only condition is that you have to drink this water.

Make sure that there are no unauthorized persons near the pond. Sit by the water and think about how much it hurts you now. You have to remember all the bad things that the young man did to you. The more emotions you throw out, the easier it will become. Leaves of lemon balm must be thrown one by one. Imagine that each sheet is part of your pain. Imagine that water takes away all the negativity from the last parting with your loved one. Do not even think about returning home until a feeling of calmness and tranquility envelops you. As soon as these sensations come, wash with water, capturing the chest area. Now you can get water in a pot, and go home.

Upon arrival home, pour the typed water into the cup, and lower the rest of the leaves there. The infusion should be stored for about three days near your bed. With this water, wash the heart area. Every time imagine your feelings near the reservoir, when you feel better. Every morning, and every evening, take one sip of water from a cup. After three days, if the water remains, then take it to the spring and pour it out. By this you only strengthen the sense of freedom, and get rid of residual feelings in your heart. It is likely that for the first time the ritual will not work very well. If relief did not come, then after a few weeks the ceremony can be repeated.

If you urgently need to forget your beloved man, you can use the following method. As the moon wanes, place a handful of poppy seeds in a bowl. Now all this needs to be poured boiling water, and read the following plot:

“I associate my feelings with boiling water. My dear servant of God (the name of a man), I am sure that feelings will soon become quieter. Each time the water will cool. Likewise, my feelings will calm down towards you. Soon, I will feel better, and I will forget you. No need to disturb me anymore, and remind myself. I have already suffered enough. Now we each have our own way. And never again will we not cross. Amen».

Place the bowl on the windowsill, and wait until the water is at room temperature. Find a nearby dried tree and pour it with this water. At the same time you need to read a certain conspiracy.

“My feelings burned me from the inside. My love for you, God’s servant (the name of a man), did not give me peace for many years. Over time, I became a little smarter, and realized that you are not worth my suffering. Thank you for the need of my Guardian Angel, who took pity on me. This he gave me a farewell, that it is necessary to forget you. Weak God that it happened before I lost my mind. I have now no pain and longing. Thank heavens. Amen».

You need to read the plot at least five times.

Place a photo of the person you need to forget in front of you. Look at the photo while keeping your arms crossed across your chest. Place the photo in such a way that the person’s head is at the bottom and the legs are at the top. Before the photo on a platter, put a small piece of rye bread.

Now you need to read the plot:

“Let the man I loved stand only in that position. Bread cannot disappear anywhere. Thoughts about you, a servant of God (the name of a loved one), do not come with a feeling of love, but with a feeling of chills. I was finally able to forget you. I remember very well how I learned to walk at a small age. I remember how my first teeth fell out, and new ones grew. I remember everything, only I will not remember you now. Each time the birds will eat up some of my feelings for you, the servant of God (the name of the beloved). They will never return to my heart. There is no more room for your love. Amen».

Magic ritual is performed daily, during the week. Every day, the bread must not be thrown away, but given to the birds to be eaten.

You need to go to the steam room. It can be, as a sauna, and a bath. It is important that the temperature is very high. When you pour water, you need to speak the following strong conspiracy:

“I ask the healing water to wash off all my feelings for the servant of God (the name of a loved one). Let all the misfortunes that for a long time do not give me peace will disappear from my heart. Problems and pain are sent to uncharted lands, from where it is impossible to return. In return, I ask you to illumine me with happiness, and with the mutual love that I deserve. I suffered it. Amen».

You need to read the plot at least nine times. During the rite, change the temperature of the water, from hot to cold. When you return home, turn off all gadgets, because it is quite possible that the person will decide to call you. And then all your actions will go down the drain.

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