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Death Spell: Black Magic

A spell to death is the most dangerous effect on a person from black magic. To perform this ritual will require a long search for a specialized, because not everyone will take up this work, fearing to incur the wrath of otherworldly forces. Payment for carrying out this ritual comes instantly, and can often lead to illness or death of the magician himself. Especially if the victim starts to take a plot.

Death spell

For this reason, experts who can defend themselves are taken for the performance of this rite. But, again, in the event of trouble overtake the customer. Learning black magic is quite complicated, and you should not even get carried away with it.

The spell on the death of a person belongs to the field of black magic. For its implementation it is necessary to prepare a number of attributes that will help to carry out the ritual and enhance its impact on the victim. Most often, as the main tools are used:

  • personal belongings of the victim or her photo;
  • genetic materials of a person who is being corrupted;
  • the insides of animals or birds;
  • sometimes you need to make a sacrifice to the dark forces.

The rite belongs to the ancient magic. It was often used by African sorcerers who practiced voodoo magic. The ancient Africans very rarely used conventional weapons in order to punish an enemy or win a war between tribes. Most often, they resorted to magic, and sent death to the enemy.

The doll was used as the main attribute of magic. Made it from wax. As a result, they called her the name of the most important enemy and glued to her a part of his genetic material. Thus, she began to symbolize this person, and all actions reflected on her were reflected on the object of the ritual.

In order to effectively carry out the ritual, you need to wait for the moment when the sky will have a waning moon or its total eclipse. To read the spell, you must go to the cemetery. You have to create a wax doll, and put it in the central part of the pentagram. On each part of the pentagram you need to put black candles and light them. After that, you need to take the needles and pierce them with all the vital organs of a person. As soon as you finish these actions, you need to rewind the black thread and put in a small box. The box will personify the coffin. It is necessary to bury the box with the doll, and make a gravestone over them.

After that, you need to read the following spell to death:

“I, a servant of God (name), ask for help from the cemetery spirits so that they take my enemy to their world. He does nothing good in this world, so let him go to his ancestors and not bother me more. Let the servant of God (name) leave the world of people and go to the world of spirits forever. Only there he will find peace. I called the doll by his name, rewound the black flight and broke all his bones. All his organs will cease to function and in a short time he will overtake death. You, servant of God (name), recover in the land. The grave awaits you. Sacred water can not save you. I read the plot — I bring trouble to you. I ask that my words reach the addressee and be fulfilled at a fast pace. My whisper will be heard and fulfilled instantly. My words do not change. Amen».

If you believe the ancient books, then all the actions carried out on the doll, immediately reflected in the victim. As soon as you read the cherished spell, the person will immediately feel a breakdown. The rite does not promise that a person will die instantly. It is necessary to wait a certain amount of time for the dark forces to take him to the next world. Experts in the field of black magic do not recommend using this method. Especially if you perform a ritual because of curiosity or short-term hatred, because it can lead to negative consequences that will affect your state of health.

The bottom line is that magic doesn’t allow to use it for no reason. Before addressing her, you must determine the exact cause of your anger at the victim. Next is to understand whether you need to conduct a deadly ritual and whether it is worth a person’s life. Most likely, after a certain period of time, you will forget about your offenses, and you will try to change everything. But, unfortunately, to convert the ritual is almost impossible.

If you still want to return everything back, then try to find an experienced specialist and conduct the ceremony until the victim dies, because otherwise you can’t change anything. And you will have to live your whole life not only with a burden on your soul, but also with great sin. There is a chance that your entire race will pay for your deed. Agree that this is an unpleasant prospect.

Since this ritual is one of the most effective, the result comes almost instantly. Recognizing a deadly spell victim is easy. She begins to look bad and her state of health deteriorates. If your loved one began to hunch, he has a dull look, and his attitude to life has completely changed, then he has been spoiled to death. It is necessary to urgently contact a specialist and remove it. Do not hesitate, because it is likely that you have a few days left to his death.

Statistics show that victims of a deadly conspiracy die under unexplained circumstances. At times, an accident could happen to them. In other situations, a person dies from suicide. Sometimes you can meet situations in which a person dies from an incomprehensible disease. It is impossible to cure it with traditional medicine.

Despite the fact that the spell to death has a powerful force, to remove them really. Only this is a very difficult and long process. You must find a specialist who can turn the plot in the other direction. That’s just not every sorcerer agrees to conduct such a complex ritual. Even if you turned for help to the magician who sent this conspiracy, he is unlikely to hasten to help you. The thing is that man is not given to control the dark forces. Only Satan is capable of this, so it is quite problematic to lift the curse to death on her own at home. It can stand you living.

Magic has a lot of death spells. The holy black book saves them all so that no one can use them without a reason. All of them are aimed at the destruction of man. First of all, its mental component suffers. A person begins to treat life with apathy and does not care about anything. Further, the situation is complicated. The victim begins to feel the effects of black magic on a physical level. She manifested diseases, changing physique. There may be large differences in weight.

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