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Folk conspiracies

People’s conspiracies — this is what our ancestors handed down. Most of the people of the modern world consider them useless and unnecessary. Only knowledgeable people are sure that such conspiracies will help a person to cope with any life problem. Such conspiracies are so universal that they will help with health problems, to attract love, and to improve the financial situation.

Modern medicine does not stand still, and is constantly progressing. Here are just some of the human problems, even medicine can not solve. But folk rituals and Russian folk conspiracies can even protect the house from damage and the evil eye. After all, the negative impact of magic progresses every day. Many people try to ruin the lives of their enemies, take revenge on their husband and his mistress, and also affect the health of their enemies.

This old Russian ritual helps to quickly deal with any bleeding. If doctors are not able to stop the large flow of blood, then traditional medicine will always come to the rescue. Put a hand on the bleeding wound and read the plot. It should be noted that actions are carried out only with the right hand. And after each reading, spit over your shoulder.

The words of the prayer are as follows:

“The bird flew for a very long time, and at the first free tree of the village. With her she had a miraculous thread that could stop the blood. I, the servant of God (name), ask the bird to give me this thread so that my native person will stop killing. I wish to save him, so I beg for help. Amen».

This conspiracy helps to get rid of any disease. No matter how strong it is, the cure will happen soon. Experts say that this is the most powerful and effective way to restore health with the help of Christ. Set an icon in front of you, and place it at the head of the sick person’s bed. It is necessary to read popular Russian conspiracies twice a day.

The words are as follows:

“I ask for help. The only Holy One who can help me is the Most Holy Theotokos. She wore Christ, and protected him from all diseases. Many people asked her for help, and the Virgin Mary always came to the rescue. I never asked for help, but my time has come. I ask the heavenly powers for the disease to leave forever the servant of God (name). May the disease not be able to destroy his body, and bring us trouble. Please hear my words, and take it with all seriousness. I no longer know what to do. I hope to help the heavenly mother. Amen».

This method is so universal that it will help not only in case of strong fright, but also help to cope with the damage or the evil eye that a child often undergoes. Take any stones that you meet on the way. They need to be washed and thrown into the pond.

The plot sounds like this:

“Let the stones save my child from damage and the evil eye. No one can read the slander on the baby and bring him restless sleep. His mother and father are so tired of constant crying that we turn to magic for help. We tried many methods to solve the problem, but could not do anything. Hope for the help of Heaven and Angels. Amen».

If your baby has teeth cut, then you can forget about normal sleep and peace. Therefore, parents are trying to find a way to solve any health problems. At such moments, most often, they turn to magic, because folk age-old conspiracies can help in any situation. A ritual against crying is performed in those moments when the child starts crying heavily. Cross the baby.

After that you need to read the following plot:

“I cross the child around with a cross in order to take the pain away from him. The teeth will grow very quickly, and will never hurt. Everyone will only envy what your servant of God (baby’s name) has, beautiful teeth. But, we will not say why they are. Only we will know about it. I ask the higher forces to take away the pain from my baby so that he does not suffer from it. He is still small, and will be able to cope with it. My words are strong, and sound sincere. Amen».

Many people, at least once, but buying their own homes. Traditional methods will not be able to help you in that the price of housing was low. They are aimed at ensuring that the house or apartment is energetically clean and does not bring you discomfort. If you want the result to come faster, you need to follow a few rules.

  1. Do not apply to the fact that you are going to use magical rituals.
  2. With all my heart believe that the plot will work as you need. After all, faith is the key to success.
  3. You need to read the hex long before you find a good option for a purchase. The reason for this lies in the fact that magic does not always bring instant results. In most cases you will have to wait some time.

For the ritual, you need to take water into the dishes, and boil it. The key is thrown into the water, and the prayer is read:

“I decided to turn to magic, the servant of God (name), because I had some monetary problems. Therefore, I ask the Lord for a blessing to make the purchase without loss. I ask that the higher forces send me the perfect option for life. Please do not let me be chased by constant failure. Only magic and higher powers can help me. Let the whole house smell sweet with positive energy. Amen».

Wait until the water has cooled. Do not touch the plotted water until you find a suitable housing option. Before you go to the conclusion of the transaction, wash your hands with conspired water, take with them charms. Beware that no one should see this. Your thoughts should be occupied only by a successful transaction, and nothing else. The rite acted, if you feel the flow of positive energy. Usually, people feel a flood of strength, and confidence in luck.

When the transaction starts, think only about your luck. If the seller turns his back on you, spit on your hands and rub your palms. This will only positively affect the final result. This method can be used in any situation, because it is universal, and will help in any case.

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