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How to read conspiracies

In today’s world, many use magic, and this applies to both women and men. The most common method of fortune telling is conspiracy. But not everyone knows how to read conspiracies correctly and how not to harm them. After all, an incorrectly performed ritual can not only harm, but also provoke the appearance of deadly diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to know a number of rules that can protect you from negative consequences.

How to read conspiracies

To read the plot you need to clearly understand what you want to achieve. After all, each of them has its own hidden meaning, which is worth exploring. If you have ever performed a similar ritual, you should have noticed that all the words and sounds are correctly combined with each other. Therefore, it is required to read in the correct intonation and clearly understand what you are doing. Before reading, you need to tune in, get rid of unnecessary thoughts and focus on your goal.

Experienced magicians say that such rituals affect not only the human brain, but also its body. But this happens only when the training was carried out. And this allows you to program a person to achieve the goal.

Also important is the extent to which people believe in the operation of the rite. The person who decided to perform the ritual, I am sure that he will act, then he will really succeed. Therefore, without faith, nowhere, and if in doubt, then there is no need to begin then.

To read the plot correctly it is not necessary to do it loudly. Any pronunciation can have the same result. To avoid trouble and your desires are fulfilled, it is important to clearly understand every word read. If the ritual is not performed on himself, then it is necessary that the one on whom the plot is read, is next. He is obliged to hear the words that are present in the ritual and clearly understand what they mean.

You can not read the plot on someone who is sick. Speaking is required to the universe, and not to the person who needs it. After all, she will be able to hear your words. The person on whom you conduct the rite is an intermediary between you and the universe.

If the one who reads the plot cannot be present, his name is indicated. After you have finished reading, you need to thank the universe for its help. It is necessary to strictly follow these requirements, because then it will not matter what kind of conspiracy you are doing to the water or love, it will be fulfilled. The main thing to remember is that the success of the ritual lies in believing in it.

Experienced magicians argue that it is necessary not only to have an idea of ​​how to read the conspiracy correctly, but also to understand that before that you need to prepare. After all, it will help make the ceremony as effective as possible. Before reading the conspiracy, you must read the prayer, preferably “Our Father” and be sure to end it with the word amen. This will allow all higher powers to pay attention to you and help.

It is also recommended to pray to one of the saints, it does not matter who it will be. They should ask for forgiveness for all your sins and slander. It is not necessary to argue a lot, you want to speak with a sincere heart and soul.

Basic rules for reading the conspiracy:

  1. To obtain the desired result, you must clearly understand what you want. No matter what you are aiming for, the main thing is to draw this picture in your mind.
  2. This question is often asked if the time to read a conspiracy plays a role. Experienced magicians say that this ritual is best done in the morning or in the evening.
  3. For best results, you need to be back to the west.
  4. Try to read the plot quietly, and pronounce the last words on the exhale. Then a little hold the air and release it.
  5. A person must read the plot calmly and with a pure heart and soul. Clear the mind of excess dirt and focus only on your dream.
  6. Carry out the ritual in a standing position, with a flat back and head bowed.
  7. There are many plots on the water, and so, after they are held, it is necessary to drink it little by little. After a few sips, you need to put water on your hand and wipe her face.
  8. Words will work better if you reread them at least three times. Just remember that the number must be odd.

If you comply with all the above requirements, you can achieve the desired result. But it is worth remembering that reading the plot is required clearly.

Natalia is one of the best healers and prophets. She has a lot of various conspiracies, it is love, water, career growth and much more. During her practice she managed to create a large base of the most effective rites. Natalia has a lot of experience and a pure soul that could do so to help people. She helped a lot of people who really needed help. Therefore, if you can not perform a ritual on your own, then seek help from her. Stepanova will not refuse a person who really needs help.

If the rite is carried out correctly, it will have strong magical actions. With it, you can get rid of the disease, to achieve the fulfillment of the most cherished desires and much more. Do not expect that you will achieve the result instantly and with 100% impact, because certain factors influence this. So that the plot was strong it would be tedious to read it correctly, clearly and with intonation.

Plots Natalia Stepanova, like others, require faith in yourself. One cannot do without it, because if a person himself does not believe in what he is doing, how the universe can believe it. Moreover, such an attitude can lead to negative consequences. Before the ritual, be sure to talk to the saints and pray. God will surely hear and help you, because he is just waiting for you to ask for help. He does not leave his children in trouble, and you are his brainchild.

Try to calm down, forget about everything bad and focus on the plot. Tune in body and soul to the ritual. Natalia has a real gift from God that she wants to share with everyone. Therefore, take advantage of the unique opportunity to change your destiny. Follow all the rules and you will succeed.

For all the conspiracies have their own requirements, but there are those that are common to all. This must be done in order not to harm yourself and close people. Ritual by and large drastically changes the fate of a person. Therefore, take this seriously and remember rules such as:

  1. Those who just want to check the conspiracy make a big mistake. After all, it is used for changes in life, and if you don’t take it seriously, then don’t need to start.
  2. When reading the conspiracy you need to focus, jokes and laughter out of place here.
  3. Try to make sure that in the process of reading nothing distracts. You can read when no one is home and it is desirable to turn off everything that may interfere.
  4. Plots are made only on the achievement of the good goal. To read them in order to cause harm is not necessary, it can negatively affect you.
  5. It is necessary to read it in secret from everyone, then there is a greater chance that it will work.

Before reading, set a candle on fire and read out the following words:

“I call upon God’s servant to help, let go of Satan’s army back home. I only accept help from God and His saints, I reject His devil and agglov every day and hour and I do not accept his help. Amen, Amen, Amen. «

  1. Many conspiracies involve the use of different items. If something is not, then use another method.
  2. Read the plot is important in its original form, do not change the words in it or supplement your own.
  3. For the correctness of the rite, you need to clear not only your soul, but also your body, take off your shoes and jewelry, you should wear clothes of the same color.
  4. A few days before the ritual is not recommended to drink alcohol.
  5. Girls are not recommended to do a ritual during menstruation.
  6. Before the ritual, you must put the defense on yourself and the person you speak.
  7. For the ceremony to be as correct as possible, there would be two icons.
  8. Be sure to keep in your home candles of different colors, holy water and silver objects.

To read the conspiracy you need to know the penitential prayer. It sounds like this:

“Iszsa Christ. Son of God

And from the midst of Marie, the Mother of God.

Before your crown of gold

Az, sinful servant of God (name), I bow down

I worship you alone,

Forgive me, foolish slave Bijij (name),

Let go of my sins, both manifest and unrevealed,

Led and unknown.

Deliver me from death Lyutya,

From the evil man

From bitter grief.

I repent before you

  1. If you spend the ritual on another person, then take a fee for it.
  2. If while reading the plot something went wrong, then you should not continue it.
  3. Do not hold ceremonies in church holidays.

Absolutely all the prayers in the original are written in the Old Slavonic language, and not everyone can read them in this form. If this is done just like that, then the Almighty is unlikely to hear you. In order for him to hear you, you need to conduct prayers through the heart and soul. Therefore you should not try to read them in the language in which they are written. You can simply visit the temple and defend the service or turn to God in your own words.

  1. It is worth noting that the prayers will be conveyed to the Almighty, only if they are read from a pure heart. If, however, you decide to use the divine reading in the original, then first read its meaning. To do this, you can turn to the holy father, who will explain to you the essence of prayer.
  2. If you read them at night or even constantly at home all day, then create a peculiar corner, a place where you can put your emotions. There you need to install icons and church candles, and firmly decide: This is my personal world. It is necessary to light them during each addressing to God. If you have not had time to learn a prayer, then you can read it from the book.
  3. Those who have never read prayers are interested in how to behave during this process. If you come to church, then focus on the process and watch the behavior of people who pray. There are certain actions that should be done during prayer. First of all, you always need to bow to God, because he is our father and savior, thanks to whom we live.
  4. Remember that when reading the Orthodox prayer you should not kneel down. This is done very rarely. After you pray, be sure to cross three times.

During prayer and reading the plots you need to follow specific rules. This is necessary for the universe and our Father to hear you. If you do everything right, then there will be no consequences. Therefore, take seriously any ritual, prayer or conspiracy.

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