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Plot for a new wallet: attract cash flow

A new wallet should be solid, attractive, expensive and have several compartments. A cheap product will attract poverty, and the emptiness inside is fraught with a long lack of financial income. Wallet bills should never be spent to the end, otherwise there will be no use for a thing purchased for the last money.

Careless handling of paper notes and disrespect to them is costly for the owner. When buying a new purse, you need to read the relevant conspiracy on the wallet and in the future to follow the basic rules for handling finances.

Monetary energy dictates its own laws.

Plot for a new wallet: attract cash flow

How to buy the right wallet

So that they do not run away, the bills must be properly distributed in descending order and turned back inwards. The purse must be free from foreign objects: notes, photos, recipes, tickets, receipts.

If money periodically falls to the floor — this is a bad omen.

The storage for money should not be less than 18 cm and should be changed at least once a year.

The best period for this procedure is New Year’s Eve, and the most appropriate day of the week is the first half of Wednesday or Thursday.

In this case, the moon should be in the growing phase, but not reach the first quarter. Having paid for the purchase, you need to take it in your left hand and mentally say:

“Be a decent house to my money and multiply it. The Lord will bless, and the Guardian Angel will help.


No one is told about their purchase, and they return home silently from the store.

Money storage magic

Plot for a new wallet: attract cash flow

What can not be stored in your wallet

In the new wallet can not be stored «dead» bills and fines (out of circulation). It is possible to put all the samples of money (including foreign ones), which are in the house, into it. A plot is read above the wallet:

“The coin to the coin stretches, and wealth with happiness hurries to me. In the new wallet money is constantly ringing and rustling.

They are beautiful clothes, shiny rings are bought and enough for everything. According to my key, lock, language.


This product should be at the owner until the evening, and the next day it can be used.

If the purse is bought as a gift, then a coin falls into it, so that the new owner always carries money. When buying a «money house», you need to give preference to beige, brown, red or green.

Money talisman in wallet

Plot for a new wallet: attract cash flow

To improve the financial situation, a financial talisman is made, which can be mint leaf or clover (or a bag of mint tea), Chinese coins with a red ribbon, red paper, tea, a sprig of heather, aspen leaves or horseradish root.
Our ancestors also knew that in nature there are plants that attract love, luck and well-being to a person. It is customary to keep peony root, mustard and wheat seeds in a green or red bag, acorns, leaves or oak bark in a purse.

A powerful monetary talisman is the American currency worth one dollar, which attracts wealth to its owner. This phenomenon is explained by the presence on the back of the dollar image of the all-seeing eye on the Egyptian pyramid — a symbol of success.

It is folded in a triangle and stored in the smallest compartment.

To attract cash flow and protect it from unauthorized infringement, images of magical runes are used — “Feu” and “Otal”. Signs on the carved squares are applied with a marker or gold paint.

Cash flow rituals

Plot for a new wallet: attract cash flow

Attract cash flows

An old wallet is just not thrown away. He, along with a small bill in a good mood, is placed in the eastern part of the room, and a month later the bill is changed to a larger one.

A purchased purse with “silver coins” should be left on the windowsill during the growing Moon (up to the first quarter) and conspire 3 times on a new purse:

“I start talking to myself and my wallet for a constant cash wealth. So that money constantly multiplies in it, like stars are in the sky.

To increase their number, as the moon arrives. Whoever steals my wallet, let him take with him 33 misfortunes with deaf lack of money, which I will never see.


On the third day, any bill is placed in the wallet, and from then on it can be used.

Plot for a new wallet: attract cash flow

To make money in the house always, you should listen to the experience of ancestors:

  • — there should always be a trifle in the wallet;
  • — so that during the week large sums of money appear in the house, on Sunday you need to distribute all the small things from the wallet to the poor or spend it with benefit;
  • — money must be in the pockets of clothes hidden for storage;
  • — It is not recommended to exchange large bills into small ones, this brings additional expenses;
  • — regular recalculation of bills (especially written) is the key to wealth;
  • — if there is a lot of money in your wallet, you need to bring it to your lips and say 3 times:

«As there are no stars in the sky, there is a lot of water in the ocean, countless grains of sand, there is so much, a lot of money.»

Strong conspiracy for material well-being

Plot for a new wallet: attract cash flow

In the period of the growing moon you need to dissolve your hair, take off your shoes and sit down, facing the window. A new wallet needs to be crossed over 3 times, put in it a gold product to light a church candle and pronounce the following magic plot:

“Give the Month, silver horns, gold-silver to my wallet. The way it grows, pours, saturates with money.


Psychics also advise to write the magic formula on the largest fixed paper bill stored in the wallet (the required amount is x 27 = ∞). Financial luck bring money donated by a man with good intentions.

To improve the material affairs of the purse lining should be periodically moistened with mint oil, which serves as a magnet for monetary energy.

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