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Plot for a new wallet — read at home

To increase their financial condition, people resort to various methods: someone arranges for several jobs at once, another seeks to organize their own business, and others desperately play in the casino — there are many options. But there is another sure way to become richer without much effort — this is a conspiracy for a new wallet.

Plot for a new wallet - read at home

What is a conspiracy

In ancient times, our ancestors actively practiced magic — it was popular to ask for help to various phenomena of nature, it was believed that they have great power. And the appeal itself was often carried out in the form of conspiracies.

Conspiracies were made in such a way as to attract the attention of entities that control these or other elements. In fact, the texts of the conspiracies were a set of sounds that associated a particular person with a specific egregore.

To better understand the action of the conspiracy, we give a concrete example. Suppose you are on the same bank of the river, and the other is your friend and is holding a basket with food.

If you want to get goodies, you will have to go over the bridge.

Conspiracies are exactly the same and act as this bridge, which is the link between the magician and the forces that provide him assistance. The building material for this bridge is the words along with the magician’s mood.

The texts at the same time allow you to directly interact with specific energy flows — specific egregors.

Then we take a closer look at the conspiracy on a new wallet and the rules, the observance of which will help you to always have financial wealth.

How to choose the right wallet

Follow the recommendations below:

  1. Refuse to purchase too economical options for wallets, because they are filled with the energy of poverty. In such purses will not be attracted and delayed bills of large denomination. Of course, it will not be a very prudent decision to spend all your savings on a new wallet — a stylish type of purchase will be enough.
  2. A purse must have different departments — for money of different sizes, to have a department for small items.Plot for a new wallet - read at home
  3. Give your preference to matter of natural origin and buy a purse of suede, leather. Purse, it is advisable to buy dark colors (black or dark brown) — these color variations protect money from the evil eye.
  4. When a purse is bought, a coin is dropped in it, which is forbidden to be changed — it is a kind of magnet that will attract finance to you.
  5. There is an opinion that a piece of dried horseradish will attract the energy of money into your life. For this purpose, it should be lowered into the same department where the unchangeable coin is located.
  6. In the case when the new purse has transparent inserts, it is desirable not to put anything in them — this will prevent the penetration of monetary energy.
  7. Once you have purchased your wallet, quickly get rid of the previous version. This is done by burning on a live fire, during this manipulation the following magic phrases are pronounced:

“Red flame, brightly blaze away and take my poverty with me. What was before you — three times more will be, and what was not — will arise.

Let it be so. Amen».

From the following video you will learn 10 popular signs that will allow you to always have enough material wealth available.

How to charge a new wallet for money

Would you like to have a lot of money? You will come to the aid of proven magic action.

First you go to the temple, get there the seven most expensive candles of a green shade. The ritual is performed when the moon is in the growth phase, at exactly 12 am.

Of the days, the fourth day of the week is more preferable.

A newly acquired item is put in such a way that it literally “bathed” in the rays of the moon. Lighted candles are arranged in a circle from him and a conspiracy is pronounced:

“The cash flow strives and runs into my magical new wallet. My profit multiplies and consumption decreases. Monetary energy caresses me, and poverty runs away from the holy fire.

So be it only. My word is strong.


At the end of the pronunciation of the plot, wait for the candles to go out and destroy the cinder. Always keep the purse with you, do not allow strangers to touch it and do not show others that they have money in it.

It is forbidden to tell anyone about the magic actions you have done, otherwise the power of the ritual will immediately disappear.

It is also important, after performing the ceremony, to always control the strict order in the purse, this will further enhance the effect of magic.

Ritual to raise money

It is quite popular, the only exception for the application are obsolete bills.

Plot for a new wallet - read at home

The time for performing the rite is morning hours. In their purse put coins with bills of different denominations.

Then utter such a conspiracy:

“As a coin for money is collected, so prosperity and happiness strive towards me and are collected; in my new wallet, money is flowing to the coin. And in my purse, it always rings and rustles, on a shiny ring, on a new dress, but everything is enough. My word is strong.

To them is earth and sky, lock and key.


For the next day you need to keep your wallet with you all the time, and only in the evening it is permissible to withdraw money from it. The most suitable time to perform the described rite will be the time of the lunar cycle, when the heavenly body is in the first quarter.

By completing the conspiracies in this article on a new wallet, you can improve your financial situation, and you will never suffer from a lack of money!

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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