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Plot for happiness and happy life

In order to fully enjoy life without suffering from negative thoughts and doubts, a person needs happiness.

Plot for happiness and happy life

Finding inner harmony

Such a fragile substance determines the quality of human life, but does not depend on its capabilities or character. It has nothing to do with money abundance, or with power, or with personal ambitions, as many mistakenly think.

A conspiracy for happiness allows a person to find inner harmony and an indescribable feeling of balance in life.

What is needed for a successful conspiracy

Plot for happiness and happy life

What is needed for the plot?

In order to attract happiness in magical rituals most often used personal objects of a person with whom he can be in constant contact, or his things, which are charged with the energy of conspiracy.

Even a self-conducted magical rite will have incredible power if the person conducting it faithfully believes in what it does and sincerely wishes to find happiness.

For greater efficiency, it is recommended to conduct any conspiracy for a happy life in the period of the rising moon.

Before the full moon, the moon has the power to increase intangible concepts, that is, a conspiracy to attract happiness, spent at this time will contribute to the growth of positive sensations of a person and bring him closer to the ultimate goal of finding happiness.

How to plot yourself

Plot for happiness and happy life

For those people who do not have the opportunity to turn to proven real witches, there are ways to attract happiness on their own. For this ritual, you need three keys that need to be strung on a strong woolen red thread or ribbon and tied with three knots. At the same time you need to pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

“What I need to take away, what I need to lock, so that it is done, I wish once and for all. Amen».

A bunch is best removed after the ritual at the head of the bed. It is not recommended to use the keys found for this ceremony, especially at intersections.

Usually they carry prints of destructive conspiracies. Another ritual that is completely subservient even to a person absolutely not tempted by the magic of conspiracies.

To do this, go to church and light candles 12 apostles. The plot must be pronounced like this:

“Give me the Mother of God happy to become from this day and forever. I want to take happiness with my own hands, leaving the church with my feet.


The text is pronounced three times: at home, in front of the church and after returning from the temple. After this, it is necessary to observe the forty-day fast, do not sin, do not use bad language, do not eat the skorum and purify your thoughts.

What are the «happy» conspiracies

Plot for happiness and happy life

What could be conspiracies

They may be of personal interest, or they may be directed at a family or close people. According to another classification, conspiracies are divided into returning lost happiness and those that attract him.

Rituals with the aim of attracting happiness can be carried out even when everything in life is going well enough to support this state in the future.

But conspiracy to return lost happiness requires considerable effort and sometimes the intervention of these hereditary witnesses, because very often happiness is “taken away” by other people’s envious people.

But even in this case, conspiracies on one’s own happiness should in no way cause pain to another person.

How to spell conspiracies

Plot for happiness and happy life

There are conspiracies that attract happiness with a half-whisper, as if melodiously and emotionally. It is very important to fully concentrate on the meaning of words spoken aloud, to penetrate them, to believe what is being said.

No matter how difficult the situation seems, in the world it is not the first and not the only one. And if happiness plots have already helped countless people, why not try to believe in the magic of the word for the sake of your own happiness and well-being ?!

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