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Plot for the night ⇒ on the guy, love, weight loss

Night, in fact, is a magical time. It frees the spirit from the bodily bonds.

It allows him to feel free and calm, not to forget about his divine essence, the strengths that the human mind does not feel.

At this time magicians used this time for their rites and witchcraft. With a free spirit you can talk, convince.

If he fails, then he is simply forced to influence his body in the way the magician needs.

But this is all for professionals. Beginners wizards better not to engage in planting their own will.

Plot for the night ⇒ on the guy, love, weight loss

The ceremonies given below are based on conversations of your spirit with another that interests you. And the answer, most often in a dream comes.

You can take it as a free contract between souls. They solve their questions, and also those that you ask yourself.

Naturally, you will get an answer for everyone, if you can understand. Sometimes it is difficult, almost impossible.

The plot for the night is best to pronounce on the water. Then, they drink it.

So energy most quickly begins to work. Take it as a rule.

Water does not need much. A few sips.

Only their should be an odd number.

And also, if there is a lot of water, do not drink it all. Three sips is enough.

The rest — pour.

Conspiracy on guy

You need a cute photo. Looking into his eyes say the following words on the water:

“Night is coming. We are connected with you.

Under the wing of darkness, with me you dream to be! Close your eyes, go to the thin world!

There I am waiting for you. For your heart I go!

Night is coming, you (the name) takes possession of the dream! Amen!»

In the morning, remember what you dreamed. If something bright, then your wish is fulfilled.

Plot for the night ⇒ on the guy, love, weight loss

Especially good when you darling and dreamed. So, the plot is executed, the person suffers behind you.

It’s bad when the nightmare visited you that night. Your spirit has not reached the right place, nothing happened.

Then it is better to repeat everything again.

To have a dream who loves

This ritual should be remembered on a rising moon on Tuesday. At other times, it does not work very well. How are you going to sleep, then say the following words on the water:

“Holy friend Wednesday!

Lead me through villages and cities! Hold the hand, tell me the fate! ”

Drink water. Only after that you can not communicate with anyone, read, watch a movie and so on.

Consider, the right dream will come only to the one who immediately falls asleep. And on it, determine who is in love with you.

Not only can a person dream, but also an animal or a place. Then you have to decipher.

For example, if you saw an elephant, then consider which of your acquaintances you associate with this animal. It happens that a place where a person lives comes in a dream.

Still can be seen as a completely unfamiliar person. Know the spirit tells you that you need to wait.

To have a dream

But on Monday, another conspiracy for the night is also recommended on the growing moon.

Similarly, on the water, we say the words:

“Bartholomew wandered among the fields. Soul my paths of fate drove! Do not stop, fate is not caught.

You, Saint Bartholomew, for me do not regret happiness. Show your betroth, don’t refuse the request! ”

In a dream, you can clearly see the person who is in your life.

Only not always it turns out.

Plot for the night ⇒ on the guy, love, weight loss

Some higher power will not limit. They are free to choose with whom to associate life.

Another is still too early to know. All sorts of situations happen.

It happens that a person sees not a condemned man, but some kind of business.

In this way, the Higher Forces hint that it is not necessary to think about love, but talent that lies hidden in the depths of the personality. It is necessary to develop it, and everything else itself will appear.

Plot for the night to clean the belly

Night is also great for working with your body. The only condition: come to the rituals in a good mood.

If you become sorry for yourself or scold, then there will be little sense from your conspiracies to lose weight.

As you begin to speak water, tell yourself that you are anyway beautiful, but you will become much more beautiful without a belly. Let it be inside the conviction that you are not fighting with fat, but are fighting for the perfect harmony.

“Vodichka — water. You flow on the ground, bring happiness to me.

You drip through the granite, it keeps young power! Flowing through the sand, remove the fat now is the time! Leaking through the rock, gaining strength.

I will drink that water, I will become a beautiful face, I will clean my stomach, I will find a nice figure! Amen!»

The rite is held during the month. To stop means to spoil the whole process.

We’ll have to start again.

And the day on which this can be done is special. Only on the second day of the waning moon does the force open.

You will have time to catch it, you will quickly get a wasp waist yourself. And no, it will have to suffer for several months.

In principle, it is important for the result that the day began to pick up.

To see who has corrupted

Such an «order» can only be done after the damage has been removed. Preferably within three days after the ritual is performed.

Plot for the night ⇒ on the guy, love, weight loss

  1. In addition to water, it is necessary to find another rusty nail. New do not use. There will be no sense from him.
  2. Take a nail in your left hand.
  3. On the water at night, say such words:

“Whoever sent the devil to me, he sent a rusty nail to me to sleep. Do not hide, appear.

You want to live, do it! Whoever sent damage, he sent me the devil into a dream! Amen!»

In the morning, proceed to the analysis of the dream. Most often, it does not appear a specific person, although it happens.

And you will see a hint.

For example, if you have spoiled the food damage, then she would dream. If you get a negative energy through wine, you can see yourself in a state of intoxication.

And so on.

Everything depends on the circumstances. We need to think about the plot well.

Then you will understand who your enemy is.

That the future husband dreamed

For the ceremony used multicolored candles. It is necessary to take white and blue.

They are twisted into one and set on fire.

While they are burning, merging into one candle, you say three times such words (on a glass of water):

“My fate! Wherever you are.

Come to my dreams! Show me my husband!

Let my eyes come forth. May there be prophetic dreams! ”

How to burn out the lights, go to bed. Do not answer calls and questions.

Close the eyelids and fall asleep.

At night you should see a man. He is appointed by the Higher Forces to be your spouse.

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