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Plot for the sale of an apartment: quickly and reliably

Despite the fact that technological progress is firmly entering all spheres of life of an ordinary person, people do not stop believing in the miraculous power of magic and resort to it in various situations requiring quick and concrete solutions. They are especially cautious when the question concerns the “sale and purchase”.

Plot for the sale of an apartment: quickly and reliably

Magic when selling an apartment

Theoretically, you can sell everything, even without having any abilities and special talents, in practice you have to face various kinds of difficulties and obstacles. Especially when it comes to selling real estate.

A plot to sell an apartment helps to successfully and profitably resolve this issue. After all, sometimes even legal knowledge can not speed up the process of a transaction.

Ways to deal with real estate

Plot for the sale of an apartment: quickly and reliably

Ways of selling an apartment

All real estate transactions are usually associated with a long procedure for collecting the necessary documents and high risks. Since housing prices, despite the economic crisis, continue to grow, apartments become a sighting target for fraudsters.

How to quickly sell an apartment at its real market value, while at the same time protect yourself from possible problems?

You can contact a reliable real estate office, which would be able to provide legal support of the transaction. You can try to spread information about the sale through your friends and acquaintances.

Or, at your own risk, place an advertisement for sale in the media.

How to speed up the sale process using conspiracy

Plot for the sale of an apartment: quickly and reliably

Sell ​​by conspiracy

All of the above methods, of course, are good in their own way, but they do not speed up the sale process, but are only a certain security guarantor. What to do if suddenly you need to sell housing urgently? Here in such a situation and conspiracy on the quick sale of the apartment.

Its distinctive feature is that there is no need to look for someone specifically. All actions are performed on their own.

Magic to help

First, in an apartment that is planned to be sold as soon as possible, you need to properly clean the floors in each room with water, which in the process does not change and does not merge.

Then the container is taken out onto the street, and the contents are poured out, while the plot itself is pronounced:

Four corners, my house and beloved brownie,
I renounce four corners, doors and locks,
He will take everything for himself,
Who will bring me money in advance.

The only drawback of this method is that if someone is encountered at this moment, it will not work. Therefore, the whole ceremony is best done at night.

Radical magical measures

Plot for the sale of an apartment: quickly and reliably

If not helped by another

Sometimes it happens that everything seems to be ready for sale and the buyer is found, but for some unknown reason the transaction is postponed. Knowledgeable people say that this is how a grudge shows itself, which does not want new owners.

In this case, the brownie needs to cajole a warm word, a saucer with a pap and a request that he accept the new owners. After that, you need to expand into all the available angles by the grain and read a strong conspiracy to sell the apartment. It is desirable that at this moment there were no outsiders around.

After reading the plot, the grain must be taken out of the house and planted away.

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