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Plot from evil, bad or noisy neighbors

Neighborhood relationships are very different and often not very friendly. Help in this situation can be, if you read the plot from the evil neighbors.

This will help to establish if not friendly, then certainly normal relations. At least, quarrels and unreasonable grievances can be stopped.

Plot from evil, bad or noisy neighbors

Respect and peace

Plot from evil, bad or noisy neighbors

How to achieve peace

If the neighbors have enough strained relations and constant scandals. If there is an instinctive feeling that the neighbors are gossiping and harming, you want to get rid of your neighbors, then you can use a special conspiracy that will allow you to restore peaceful and respectful relations with your neighbors.

Conspiracy words should be read in the morning, around noon, and also at sunset. At the same time, a magical ritual can be performed only during the waning moon.

Read the plot from the bad neighbors should be alternately: first, near the entrance doors of the neighbors, and then on its own doorstep. The plot words are:

“Creek and noise, go to the black water of the king of the marsh, the snake of the subworld. There they are free, and we are calmed down.


Thrice the cross with the sign of the cross is necessary after each reading of the text. Having crossed over, one must also bow three times.

Another nuance: to greet the neighbors should always try first.

No quarrels

Plot from evil, bad or noisy neighbors

No more arguing

You can defend yourself from the evil neighbors with whom quarrels constantly arise. To do this, it is necessary to put a saucepan with water at about midnight.

Three fish heads should be thrown into the heated water. Until the moment when the water does not boil, you need to say these words over the pan nine times:

On the sea — on the okeynaine.
Lives fish-mother,
I, the work of God (to pronounce my own name), do not take it,
And I will take three heads.
How are these fish dead?
And how are these fish mute,
How would the servants of God (pronounce the names of the neighbors)
My mouth didn’t open,
Language did not swear
Norov did not eat up.
My word is true and strong.
As it has been said so it will be, henceforth
and forever and ever.

Gas burner should be extinguished when water boils. Then a black cloth should cover the pot, then you can go to sleep.

In the morning, water from the pan should be poured at the neighbor’s door. A yard dogs and cats need to feed the fish heads.

After that, quarrels with the neighbors will not be.

Peace and quiet

Plot from evil, bad or noisy neighbors

Some neighbors are too noisy — they swear among themselves, they do everything too loudly, they constantly invite guests and organize parties. They say that there is no salvation. But somehow you need to live.

Because you can read the plot from noisy neighbors. It will help get rid of the noise, as well as temper the ardor of neighbors.

For reading, you will need a tablespoon of salt, three peppercorns each, a dill seed, bay leaf, garlic heads, and a glass bottle. All these ingredients will need to be alternately thrown into the bottle, over each sentencing plot from neighbors:

«Unite and guard me, my home and everything in it.»

Then you should shake the bottle three times and then speak it in such words:

“In the name of all the protective forces, calm down my neighbors, so that neither rain nor thunder would interfere, I bring silence to my house. Let it be so!».

This spell bottle will become a kind of amulet. It is only important to hide it in a secluded place.

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