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Plot from trouble ⇒ at work, in the family, read on Wednesday

We can plan and assume. But life is much wider and, unfortunately, more cunning.

She loves throwing something into a barrel of honey that turns bitter. We call such events troubles. No one loves them.

Everyone wants to get rid of them and never meet.

There are people who believe that problems are a stimulus for further growth.

They are enthusiastic about their resolution. Trying to overcome them with a plus for themselves.

Plot from trouble ⇒ at work, in the family, read on Wednesday

This approach can be called very sober, promising and … heroic. It is necessary to have strength for the feat inside, so it refers to all kinds of misfortunes.

This is not given to ordinary people. For them, magicians of all times invented a conspiracy against trouble.

How to conduct a ceremony

Let’s leave the heroes aside. They are our information is unlikely to be useful. Let us deal with the challenge of trouble from ordinary people who are afraid of this scourge and do not crave its appearance.

  • Unfortunately, it is necessary to warn: the eternal plot from troubles — a complete fiction. It is necessary to apply the rite from time to time.
  • Another tip, do not grab all the formulas at once. It is necessary to choose the area of ​​life where troubles are more often.

It is this conspiracy and read. He will gradually cover all aspects of your being.

That is, it will expand like circles on the water.

Only feed it with faith is necessary. And do not suppress fears and anxieties.

In general, when using a conspiracy against trouble, then forget about negative thoughts and expectations. They don’t need you.

They will only interfere and spoil the magic formula.

Take the conspiracy with confidence, be optimistic about the future. Any trouble not only passes, but may not appear at all.

Everything is in your head.

When you perform a ceremony, you create something like a transparent spacesuit for yourself. It is imperceptible, it can not be touched or removed (try on).

But its shell is sensitive to the surrounding space.

It acts in two directions. Inward and inward — to your personality.

When a threat appears, the shell either reflects it or prevents you from approaching it.

Plot from trouble ⇒ at work, in the family, read on Wednesday

What is not a computer? Maybe the idea of ​​an electronic brain of magicians is written off?

Unfortunately, this shell is destroyed over time. There are many reasons for this.

One of them is your own disbelief.

Any habitual fear or doubt gradually thinning the magical defense. This must be remembered.

Although, only saints are constantly able to control thoughts and feelings. And we just read the plot again and make the shell of the spacesuit tighter.

Strong conspiracy against trouble

In the new moon, go to the forest (park). Find a dry tree.

Tear off the branch from it, which corresponds to your ideas about your own adversities, real and contrived. One small twig is enough, others are trying to “attack” a fat bitch.

Co-measure your forces, of course.

Immediately break the twig (what you chose) in half. Throw on the ground and say this:

“To break a dead branch is not to know worries. There is no power in it, it is given to the whole world. In me the power is great.

Not to break me in any way. Everything bad is bitches, strength is my great friend! Amen!»

Now go home. Three days you can not give anything to anyone.

Unlucky people even go to the store is not recommended. With money or things, your defense may go over to another.

From trouble at work

This formula needs to be learned. It is recommended to apply, as you feel that things have gone awry.

For example, the chief painfully threateningly brows knotted, or the report does not converge. But you never know what happens in the service.

A conspiracy against unpleasantness will even protect against gossips. Know yourself, read it, as something wrong.

Plot from trouble ⇒ at work, in the family, read on Wednesday

There are people who, without this short formula, do not look into the leadership office. Why on yourself famously direct.

Better beware.

So this conspiracy for this and come up with. If a wave has gone bad, checks or other incomprehensible events, then write it down on a clean piece of paper and put it in your pocket.

The conspiracy words are:

“Whoever speaks against me in an evil word, that David, the king, will slough in shit. Saber break, blunt knife, evil words can not get to me.

The bureaucratic court is in the direction of pecking at the gray crow. The flames do not rage, the water does not flow, who think evil against me, that does not count. Amen!»

From the troubles in the family

At home, it is also recommended not to neglect the ancient rites.

For example, the grandmothers in the villages still “lure” the brownie to this day.

You can also put a candy and a glass with milk in a dark corner.

Speak with this:

“Taste, master, father. Do not disdain! «

In the morning should be «treat» to take. Give him a yard dog. Remember, not a cat.

Otherwise, the Master is angry.

And as you begin to wash the floors, then whisper these words:

“Dark evil, go away, get out. White good, changed into mansions. The tears are not for us salty, the crows have already drunk it.

In the wet land they rest, no longer worry. Evil gone through the sands, not touched whiskey.

The wind dissipated, turned to dust, we no longer returned. Amen!».

What a conspiracy from trouble to read on Wednesday

Some peoples believed that protection should be established in the middle of the week. On Wednesday, a lot of work has been redone, and more is ahead. Forces are not spent.

You can give a little magic.

Read the plot at dawn, the eldest woman of the family. He is:

“Mother, the land is native! Save the family from the adversary, from the alien soldier, from the black snake, from the wolves of the hungry pack!

Protect from misfortune, so that with luck and wealth get married.

Wednesday is crowning week, the world promises us. Feed her, mother earth.

So that the enemy does not rob you. Amen!»

Plot from trouble ⇒ at work, in the family, read on Wednesday

You need to read, looking at the rising sun. Be sure to stand on the ground barefoot.

Thrice to the floor bow as you finish.

Repeat two more times, not forgetting the bows.

Conspiracy on millet

For this rite will have to search for birds. And not all, but those that eat millet.

In the village, of course, there are chickens. And in the city — whether pigeons tits with sparrows.

They throw a handful of millet. Watch as they peck.

And repeat in a whisper the conspiracy:

“As the grains disappear in the goiter of the little birds of God, so I am freed from the tricks of the worthless, the trait of a cruel, devil treacherous. All peck, sent to hell.

I would never leave him. Amen!»

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