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Plot on clothes ⇒ husband, lover, man, enemy

Clothes are constantly in contact with our body. It is widely used in magic to convey the intention of the wizard to the victim.

Nothing but strong protection or holiness can protect against this influence.

Only conspiracy on clothes has its flaws. Rather, he is one. The magic formula is washed with water.

That is, after the usual washing will have to perform the ceremony again.

Plot on clothes ⇒ husband, lover, man, enemy

Therefore, in the ceremonies they use toilet articles that do not change every day. Although it all depends on the goal.

The plot on her husband’s clothes

Most often, such a ritual is done in order to bind a person to him. For example, in the old days, when a husband cooled his wife, they conducted a special ceremony.

It was necessary:

  • Clean wash the shirt of the wrong spouse.
  • Give her one night to any pregnant woman. She had to sleep in her.
  • In the morning take a shirt (always before dawn).
  • Put it on the wretch, reading the words of the conspiracy.

“The pigeon cooing over the pigeons, the wolf over the wolf cubs. And your home is dear to you, with children and a faithful wife. Amen!»

You can, of course, do without a pregnant assistant. In order for a husband to love and respect his faithful, it is necessary to “sew” him on the full moon.

  1. Take your hair.
  2. Thread the needle.
  3. From the inside of any piece of toilet (sweater, jacket), make seven stitches, pronouncing on each plot.

“As this stitch doesn’t touch the eyes of a stranger, so let others do not endeavor to my husband, do not lead them away. Neither girls, nor women, nor the devil with horns. Amen!»

Just remember: after washing things will need to repeat everything.

Conspiracy to love

A very interesting ritual exists to bring love into your life. It is recommended to perform lonely people of both sexes.

You need to choose your favorite shoes. This is especially true for girls.

Prepare such shoes (sandals, boots) for the ritual, in which you can easily and comfortably.

Plot on clothes ⇒ husband, lover, man, enemy

They must be put under the moonlight in the growth phase. In the morning, get a shoe and say:

“Shoes are fine, legs are needed. Lead the paths of the unknown, where love with victories awaits me.

As you caress your feet, so darling will caress me, love and respect me.


It is clear that guys need to rephrase these words in accordance with gender.

On clothes favorite

Even before marriage, girls want to be sure that the chosen one will not refuse, will not betray. Take white in their tender hands.

It is necessary to “steal” any clothes from a guy. Just do not forget about the principle of washing. The rite is held in the moonlight. She has to grow.

  1. Undress naked. Put on the selected item.
  2. In the center of the room, light a thick candle by placing it on the floor.
  3. Walk around, repeating the words of the plot. Need to do twelve laps.
  4. Then go to bed. The item should be in contact with you all night. If you can not sleep right in this thing, then put it next.

“There was a road through the mountains and the seas. A lot of people walk around it.

All paths lead to luck. Only we will go with ours.

Arc ignited in the sky. Light feelings nourish, in heaven, we fly together.

We (the names) Angels flap their wings. As they see, so they dance. Our love is preserved, averted black look.

To be together to us forever!


Rite with clothes for good luck

There are completely different rites in which the subject of the toilet is used. So, before serious trials shirts or belts began to speak.

They had to save the life of a warrior, for example, to help him achieve victory.

To girls, sundresses and dresses were spoken before matchmaking, so that the bridegroom could be dignified and affectionate.

In principle, such a ritual can be used at least daily. And as there will be some kind of test, be sure to spend it.

Plot on clothes ⇒ husband, lover, man, enemy

Prepare yourself an outfit in which you will flaunt. Hang it on a hanger in front of the window.

Let his stars and moon light up. Tell yourself so:

“Not to the bars, but to the boyars, to be honored, not the floors of revenge. The kings bow down, the Lord to the chosen one.

How to dress outfit, so everyone looks at them tenderly, words catch, but they themselves say no evil. Amen!»

On the clothes of the enemy

You can also deal with evil people by using toilet articles. Only need to podgadat so that you had a few minutes to conduct the ceremony.

For example, take a glove of your enemy, his scarf. Such a subject, which he did not immediately miss.

Get alone.

Turn to face west. Clamp the enemy’s clothes between your palms, stretching out your arms.

“Among the black mountains, there is a temple — a mushroom. In it, the grandmother is sitting, looking with a black raven. She flies chasing how to cope, does not know.

I’m not bringing poison to her, I’ll give her the enemy a look. Let him confuse the network, so as not to linger on this world. Flies buzzing people will be nicer than Grandma’s confusion (the name of the enemy) sound speeches.

It is said, entangled, in (the name of the toilet item) is confused. As the grandmother disappears, so you (the name of the enemy) will leave the conspiracy! Amen!»

And here is another ritual.

If you know that there will be a meeting with people, to put it mildly, you are not located. Say so, stroking the clothes that you are wearing.

“My armor is taken from the hero. Muromsky Ilya gave me them for a reason.

They take away evil, but they put a wrath on the enemy. There will be any bit, then evil looks at me.

Ilya armor — not bad patches. Gold glisten, mist black look.

The language of the evil braided, do not allow deception. Amen!»

Such a ritual is carried out whenever they go to an unpleasant society.

Only he will have to learn.

Read it should be at least seven times. And about stroking.

During the ritual, you need to literally touch the entire surface of the clothes that enemies will see.

For example, a coat can be removed and stroked. It is also worth doing with other top things.

But they can not be removed in the presence of villains. Otherwise you will remain without protection.

Plot on clothes ⇒ husband, lover, man, enemy

There is another conspiracy against the evil eye and enemies. But it is read only for another.

Most often it is used by mothers to protect their children from bad influence.

Slandering is necessary on the hat, scarf in the evening:

“Mother of God! You nursed your son and mourned. You knew everything.

Protect the child my beloved, Lord preserved. Let the trouble pass, Angel will bring happiness! Amen!»

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