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Plot on Saturday: so that the day was the most successful!

Today I want to tell you a very strong Conspiracy on Saturday: for a good day!

“Jesus, the Son of Mary! Salvation of the world, Lord, be merciful and gracious to me, meek and merciful.

Grant me the grace of the Holy Spirit to give you your due honor and worship to you, the savior of the world. No one could lay a hand on him, because His hour had not come.

He who is, was and always will be, was a God-man, from beginning to end. May this prayer save me from my enemies forever.

Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews! Honorary title!

Son of the Virgin Mary, have mercy on me, poor sinner, and lead me by your meekness on the path of eternal salvation. Let it be so!

Knowing everything that was supposed to happen to Him, Jesus stepped forward and told them: “Who are you looking for?” They said to him: “Jesus of Nazareth!”.

Jesus said to them: «It is I.» Judah, who was to betray him, was with him.

As soon as He told them that it was He, they fell backwards on the ground.

Then Jesus asked them again: “Who are you looking for?” And they answered him again: “Jesus of Nazareth!” Jesus repeated to them: “I already told you that it was Me!

If you are looking for Me, let them go, talking about the disciples. The spear, nails, cross +, thorns and death, which I endured, prove that I destroyed and redeemed the crime of sinners. «

Read this prayer-conspiracy in the morning! And everything will be fine.

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